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This paper takes a look at the life and works of French writer Voltaire.

This is a study of French writer Voltaire – his life, works, ideas and thoughts. He is described as one of the most important writers in the French and Modern worlds. It provides an explanation of the historical context in which Voltaire lived and how this influenced the way he thought and wrote. Examples of his work are analyzed.
From the paper:

“Voltaire ? the nom de plume that Francois-Marie Arouet ? is one of the most important writers both of the French language and of the modern world, for in his works he helped to define the progressive humanism that is an essential underpinning of modern life. He was in his time known for his principled and courageous stands against tyranny, bigotry, and cruelty of those who held power in society, and he wrapped these liberal ideals in writing that was eloquent, intelligent and often funny. This ability to be both fiercely progressive and charming at the same time have ensured his enduring place in the history of the West. He demonstrated both to those of his own time and to all of us who have come after him a sense of grace under pressure and the conviction that we can each better not only the conditions of our own lives but the lives of others as well.”

AACN Competencies and the Walden Mission, Vision, and Outcomes

AACN Competencies and the Walden Mission, Vision, and Outcomes.

According to a Gallup poll completed in 2013, 82% of respondents indicated that they believe nurses have high to very high levels of honesty and ethical standards, and nursing has been rated as the most trusted profession for several years (Gallup, 2010). What other values and characteristics are associated with the nursing profession? Which ones are the most professionally, academically, and personally significant to you? For this Discussion, you will consider the alignment of qualities outlined by the AACN with those promoted by Walden University. You will examine the AACN document appropriate for your degree path and consider how you can incorporate either the Essentials or the Quality Indicators into your academic endeavors. To prepare: Consider the competencies presented in The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (for DNP students)or The Research-Focused Doctoral Program in Nursing: Pathways to Excellence (for PhD students)in this week’s Learning Resources. Examine Walden University’s mission, vision, and university outcomes. Review the media presentation Introduction: The Doctor of Nursing Practice, which includes Dr. Joan Stanley’s comments about the AACN’s vision for the DNP degree. Identify commonalities among the concepts presented in each of these items. Think about your professional and academic goals. Consider how Walden’s standpoint and the AACN’s perspective fit with your objectives. Based on this information, what ideas do you have for incorporating a commitment to social change into your academic and professional plans? By Day 5 Post a cohesive response that addresses the following: Describe one or more significant ways in which Walden’s standpoint (i.e., vision, mission, social change message, and outcomes) relates to the AACN competencies as well as to your professional and academic goals. Articulate a plan for incorporating social change into two of your professional and/or academic goals.

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