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Lemon Tea immediately comes to mind! Launched in 1979, VITA Lemon Tea – which blends red tea with a subtle lemon flavour – is extremely popular in Hong Kong and has secured a clear market leadership over the years, Positioning strategy based on Use or Application – Lets understand this with the help of an example like Nescafe Coffee for many years positioned it self as a winter product and advertised mainly in winter but the introduction of cold coffee has developed a positioning strategy for the summer months also.

Basically this type of ositioning-by-use represents a second or third position for the brand, such type of positioning is done deliberately to expand the brand’s market. If you are introducing new uses of the product that will automatically expand the brand’s market. After the organisation has selected its target market, the next stage is to decide how it wants to position itself within that chosen segment. Positioning refers to ‘how organisations want their consumers to see their product’. Market positioning is about effectively conveying messages about your product or services to your target market.

Market Positioning Examples Car manufacturer Daewoo in the I-JK, has successfully positioned themselves as the family value model. Before Volkswagen purchased Skoda it had a negative image and known as a cheap car make in the I-JK. However Volkswagen have successfully repositioned the brand so it is now known as a “good” make which regularly wins car of the year awards. Positive comments from the car industry combined with successful design changes has changed the perception of consumers about the Skoda brand. Developing a Positioning Strategy

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Paper is about Lean Six Sigma in Banking. Attached is the topic.
This term paper should be 15-20 pages, double-spaced, excluding cover page, table of contents, references, and appendix (if any). You should well-describe your selected topic and how it contributes to the concepts and practices of Lean Six Sigma. References must include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles, at least three textbooks, at least three web URL citations, and one interview from the professional in the Quality or Management field. Use the APA style, 6th edition for citations and references. The paper’s elements should include:
• Introduction. This should provide a brief overview of the paper, the significance of your selected topic, and the purpose of your paper. In general, it is a good idea to write the introduction at the end after you have finished the research and spelled out your findings and conclusions. This way, if the paper has a central theme, it is useful to point it out at the outset.• Principles and theory. This section lays out the theoretical framework or principles that relate to the topic. The discussion involves the relevant literature of the successful/failure business using the Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques• Example of the historical case/cases. Brief narrative of the facts and implementation process with the business results• Discussion and Conclusion. This section summarizes your findings and whatever other conclusions you derived from the research. You can also point out shortcomings or advantages in the tools and techniques on the basis of your study of the selected topic.