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VIT University Performance, Productivity and Rewarding Teamwork Questions

VIT University Performance, Productivity and Rewarding Teamwork Questions.


Topics : performance, productivity, and rewarding teamwork. Based on your understanding, discuss the following.
1. How to achieve team productivity:
2. What conditions need to be in place for teams to excel and why?
3. Suggest ways to design teamwork so that threats to performance are minimized.
4. As a manager, how would you reward teamwork?
Need 300-350 words for the above question with all references in APA Format.

Give a real life example of how rewarding teamwork helped in performance and productivity.
Need 150 words with all references in APA Format.
VIT University Performance, Productivity and Rewarding Teamwork Questions

AJS 584 Baylor University Criminal Justice Program Proposal Paper.

Assignment ContentContinue working on the Criminal Justice Program Proposal for the problem selected in Week One.Write a 1.050 to 1,450-word proposal that describes the development and design process for your program.Include the following in Part III of your proposal:Identify the target population and describe how you identified it.Locate similar programs and analyze their policies, procedures, and job descriptions.Identify three of the most pertinent policies, procedures, and job descriptions necessary to use in your program.Explain how you will address the need for interagency collaboration.Develop an implementation plan and timeframe for your program.Describe training requirements and materials needed for key personnel.Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelinesinclude proper grammar, title page, headings, in text citations, page headers and numbers, reference page, and NO PLAGIARISM!attached are my week one and week two proposal to reference this assignment
AJS 584 Baylor University Criminal Justice Program Proposal Paper

Background According to Stanworth (1991), a small business enterprise is a small business entity of the market operated by the owner or young small firms that are free from outside influence in decision-making. The European Commission defines micro-enterprises as firms that have less than 10 employees. Financing is important in the establishment or expansion of a small business enterprise. In small businesses, financing sets the foundation for either success or failure in the operation of the business. Reports by the Global Entrepreneurship monitor indicate that in the United States, starting and growing businesses receive funds from informal sectors totaling to about $129 billion in any given financial year. Informal sources of funds include private parties, families and friends. Small businesses face difficulties in getting an approval to receive loans and grants from established financial institutions because their credit portfolio does not meet the expected requirements. Financing is thus acquired through relationships and thus borrowers are expected to establish the financial stability of their business (Fielden, Davidson

UC Performance Management and Its Influence on Teams Discussion

UC Performance Management and Its Influence on Teams Discussion.

After completing the reading this week, we reflect on a few key concepts this week: Discuss what performance management is and how it influences effective teams. Review table 11.1, define leadership behaviors (in your own words) and note which behaviors are beneficial at specific organizational activities (example: project planning, leading coworkers, etc…). Please note at least five organizational activities and be specific when responding. Note at least two organizational capabilities and compare and contrast each.At least one scholarly (peer-reviewed) resource should be used in the initial discussion thread. Please ensure to use information from your readings and other sources from the UC Library. Use APA references and in-text citations.
UC Performance Management and Its Influence on Teams Discussion

Waukesha County Technical College The Second Amendment Research Paper

python assignment help Waukesha County Technical College The Second Amendment Research Paper.

Paper #1 Title: The Second Amendment – SUPPORT or ABOLISH
In this paper I want you to explore the pros and the cons to supporting or rescinding the
Second Amendment.
ARGUMENT: When it was created, there was widespread agreement that the federal
government should not have the power to infringe the right of the people to keep and
bear arms. Today, some people feel the government has become too powerful and that
individuals need to reclaim that power with firearms. Others think the mass shootings
across the United States over the last few decades is reason enough to abolish the 2nd
The 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution repealed the 18th Amendment,
which had mandated nationwide Prohibition on alcohol. The 21st Amendment did not
work, so Congress rescinded it. Gun control as we know it today does not work within
the framework of the Second Amendment; with dozens of mass shootings every year, is
hardly comparable to the circumstances of 1789. Many think we should start anew:
Rescind or abolish the Second Amendment and pass meaningful gun legislation
unbridled by constitutional restraints to safeguard our citizens. There are two opposing
legal interpretations of the 2nd Amendment, individual right vs a States right.
In your paper, you should answer the following questions:
 What was our founding father’s purpose in creating the 2nd Amendment?
 It was of such importance to the framers of our Constitution, that it was placed as
the number two amendment, second only to the freedom of press, religion,
speech. Why did the writers of the Bill of Rights do that?
 Does the amendment guarantee individual’s right to keep and bear arms?
 Does it guarantee the states freedom from federal government infringement on
this right?
 What has the US Supreme Court ruled in the last 20 years concerning the
application of the Second Amendment?
 What is the cause of the hundreds of mass shootings over the last 20 years?
 Would the senseless violence created through the use of firearms stop if we
abolished the Second Amendment?
 If the 2nd Amendment was rescinded, how would the 393 million civilian-owned
firearms in the United States be confiscated?
 Do you think we still need the Second Amendment?
 Wouldn’t our country see less violence if we just prohibited the ownership or
possession of any firearms? Wouldn’t we be safer without guns?
Go in depth in your research and give a clear understanding of the topic. Term Paper Instructions:
The purpose of this paper is to help you to gain a deeper understanding:
 You must read the entire description of the paper assignment before writing.
 The paper you do will be graded on the depth of the research, rationality of your
thought process and validity of the conclusions.
 I don’t have to agree with your deductions or conclusions for you to get a good
grade but you will have to have a sound footing for your reasoning.
 The length should be at least five pages – spelling and grammar does count, so
have someone proof read it before I see it.
 You MUST properly cite all of your sources: APA 6 style
 Distinctive style and creative presentation are encouraged.
 This is a deadline-oriented industry, and it is critical that you complete projects on
time, and according to specifications.
 Term Papers may NOT be e-mailed to the Instructor, they must be submitted in
the course in CanvasI need references for the citations and need the paper to be cited as well.
Waukesha County Technical College The Second Amendment Research Paper

Sustainable Marketing Approaches by Tesla

About Tesla Tesla Motor, head office located at Palo Alto, in the Silicon Valley, was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning to solve a real problem i.e. dependence on oil. The company led the first round of investments in 2004 where 3 investors joined in namely Ian Wright, JB Straubel and Elon Musk (who is the CEO and principal investor in the company). The company was named in honor of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian inventor and engineer who developed the first alternating current (AC) motor. It is the main anchor of the electric car industry and not only builds all electric vehicles but also focuses on infinitely scalable and clean energy generation and storage products. The company has its manufacturing and assembling operations at facility located at Fermont, California; Lathrop, California; and Tilburg, Netherlands. The company has also built a cell and battery manufacturing facility, Gigafactory 1, outside of Reno, Nevada. As per the present plans of the company it continues to expand its product line along with production plan at a rate of 500,000 vehicles a year by 2018. Marketing Local marketing strategies of Tesla As one of its strategies to attract customers in the foreign market, Tesla customizes its cars to meet local needs and to satisfy the tastes and preferences of its customers. For example, in response to customer feedback, Tesla made some modifications to its Tesla Model S in China, including an ‘executive rear seat’ option, which costs $2000 over the standard model and aims to make the rear seat experience more comfortable (O’Hara 2015). Excerpts from Tesla 10K: “Historically, we have been able to generate significant media coverage of our company and our vehicles, and we believe we will continue to do so. To date, for vehicle sales, media coverage and word of mouth have been the primary drivers of our sales leads and have helped us achieve sales without traditional advertising and at relatively low marketing costs.” International marketing strategies of Tesla: Direct Selling: Tesla sells its cars directly to its consumers through an international network of company-owned stores

DeVry University The Characteristics of Money Market Instruments Discussion

DeVry University The Characteristics of Money Market Instruments Discussion.

Question 1 You are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. You have two objectives.1. Invest $5 million cash on hand short term (overnight to one month).2. Borrow $100 million for your firm’s working capital needs.How would you achieve both objectives using the money markets? Describe your alternatives in terms of the characteristics of money market instruments. Which of the money market instruments would you choose in each case? Why?Question 2 What are repos? How popular are they as a money market instrument compared to other money market options? Under what circumstances does engaging in a repo transaction makes sense? How important are expectations to the repo transaction?
DeVry University The Characteristics of Money Market Instruments Discussion