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Visual basic programming

Visual basic programming.

I want a lottery application project Create an application that stimulates a lottery. The application should have an array of five integers and should generate a random number in the range 0 through 9 for each element in the array. The array is permitted to contain duplicate values. The user should then inter five digits, which the application will compare to the numbers in the array. A form should be displayed showing how many of the digits matched. If all of the digits match, display a form proclaiming the user as a grand prize winner. Also, here is the video that you can use… want you please to name the project like this : LotteryApplication Thank you so much
Visual basic programming

Temple University Asian Doesn’t Start with A+ TedTalk Analysis Paper.

Hypothetical feedbacka dn future application 5 8 minute video you are classmates with this person, she has delivered this speech in your class, and you now need to give her feedback. What would you say to her? Type your response to her in the space provided. In your answer, make sure you touch on the following points:What was her thesis? (Paraphrasing it is fine.)What are TWO strengths she exhibited during her speech? Provide specific examples of where you saw this. What are TWO areas of improvement you can see? Provide specific examples of where you saw this. Finally, though you would not necessarily say this in feedback to a classmate, what can you take away from her speech that will help you with your speeches?Does she support her points well? Does she make the speech engaging?
Temple University Asian Doesn’t Start with A+ TedTalk Analysis Paper

Odessa College Nature Vs Nurture Journal Response Essay.

Nature vs. Nurture Journal ResponseNOTE: Please do NOT attach a word document. Use CTRL and C keys at the same time to copy and then use CTRL and V keys at the same time to paste onto the journals if you are typing a draft somewhere else and want to copy/paste.Please answer the following question:Which do you think played a more significant part in your development? The way you were raised or the genes your inherited from your parents? Give specific examples of your life relating to nature, nurture or both if that’s your answer!Further instructions:Be sure to use the AVID 3-2-1 format in 250 words (look at your syllabus for information). You may address the question first, and after you that can include the 3-2-1 format in another paragraph. Make sure to have a heading at the end of your assignment as “Reference” to list your sources. If you used the links, make sure to cite the authors within your text in parenthesis and then the links in APA format in your reference section. Refer to for more information. If you use your embedded readings, then you need to cite in-text at the end of each of your paragraphs as (Siegler, 2018). The reference for the bottom of your assignment is given further down below.
Odessa College Nature Vs Nurture Journal Response Essay

utilize your change model.

You will utilize your change model for this assignment. Review the feedback submitted by your instructor on your previous change model assignment. Make any changes or modifications necessary for the submission of this assignment. (The two documents will be attached below.)Evaluate the performance of your organization or department. Identify an area that would significantly benefit from initiating a change. Write a paper (1,500-1,750 words) in which you describe the particular area you propose to address through a change initiative. Include the following for your company:Discuss the issues in this area and the current outcomes as a result of the issues.Describe the external and/or internal driving forces, contributing issues, and the people affected.Evaluate the stakeholders involved and discuss how they will be affected by your change initiative.Clarify your role and responsibility as a change leader. Discuss the leadership theory (or theories) you will use to guide the change process.Discuss the change agents you need to recruit in order to successfully implement your change. Describe the roles of these change agents.Utilize your change model to develop strategies: (a) Explain the relevance of this model to your organization; and (b) Present the strategic aspects using your model. Be sure to clearly define the purpose of each aspect, the people involved, and the actions that need to be taken.Identify, or predict, the potential barriers to change. Discuss possible ways to overcome these obstacles, including methods for dealing with emerging or unforeseen circumstances that could impede implementation.Describe the evaluation methods you will use to determine the level of success of your change initiative. Discuss what metrics or measureable determinates you will use.Propose strategies to anchor change or support continuous change.Establish how your change plan supports the organizational mission/goal, genuinely addresses stakeholder concerns, and will serve as an equitable contribution for the community or society overall.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.change is teh paper to be paraphrasedATTACHMENTSwilburn_smith.pptx20171122203141strategic_mana
utilize your change model

One day Discussion Board post about Digital Natives, Immigrants, Orphans, Exiles, and Heirs

One day Discussion Board post about Digital Natives, Immigrants, Orphans, Exiles, and Heirs. I need an explanation for this Marketing question to help me study.

Please make your work opinion based, and based on your own thoughts.
Who are you? Does it matter?
Read the attached articles, watch the videos, and let’s discuss whether it is relevant. Do we really need labels? How can this help us understand consumers and their behaviors? Also check out the cartoon by Shel Silverst
Digital Natives v. Digital Immigrants? Digital Orphans, Exiles and Heirs?
Who are you? Does it matter? Read the attached articles, watch the videos, and let’s discuss whether it is relevant. Do we really need labels? How can this help us understand consumers and their behaviors?
In 2001 (yep, 20 years ago), Marc Prensky published the attached article dividing the world into digital immigrants and digital natives. Here is a video of Prensky talking about how we should teach digital natives: Here’s another video by Prensky on role of the teacher in today’s world:
Alexandra Samuel (article attached) has a very different take, dividing kids into three groups – Digital Orphans, Exiles and Heirs – based on how their parents raised them. Her article that says Prensky is outdated and passé. Is she right? Or are there other possibilities? Are digital natives born around 1995 the same as digital natives born twenty years after that – today’s six-year-olds?
Teachers are encouraged to educate students using ‘21st Century Learning.’ “The term “21st century learning” has been used to refer to abilities students must master, such as problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and digital literacy. Some refer to it as the ability to collaborate, communicate, and demonstrate skills that will ultimately help students navigate their way in the future.” (
Here’s another article on what teaching should be like in today’s classrooms:
“…the role of education is to prepare students to become active, successful, and contributing members of society. However, there has been an important change that must be considered. Society has changed. We cannot adequately prepare students for the society that exists today or will exist tomorrow if we continue to prepare them for the society that existed yesterday.” “
What would make this class more relevant to all of us, interesting to all of us, exciting for all of us? Use your imagination.
Now think about the variety of consumers businesses want to attract. How can marketers develop strategies when there are so many different mindsets? How can marketers develop strategies when there are so many different mindsets vis-à-vis technology?
I will join you and push you to think critically, practically, and creatively. If your post is not from your own brain’s ideas, I will make you re-submit the assignment.
This discussion forum lasts ONE DAY
One day Discussion Board post about Digital Natives, Immigrants, Orphans, Exiles, and Heirs

Identify a research topic related to mental health counseling / borderline personality disorder/ sleep issues

research paper help Identify a research topic related to mental health counseling / borderline personality disorder/ sleep issues. I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

Identify a research topic related to your specialization or area of interest (mental health counseling), and locate at least five recent (within the past five years) research articles on your selected topic.
How sleep is effected in those with borderline personality disorder and what research is found and could be used to help improve ways to better sleep
BPD and Sleep issues
In 6–8 pages, write an evaluation in which you complete the following:

Begin your paper with an introduction that explains the purpose of the paper and its contents.
Identify and describe your research topic.
Synthesize your professional experience and the articles you found on your topic to justify the importance of doing research on this topic.

Discuss some of the limitations in the findings of the research articles you identified and how future research could add meaningful information to the knowledge base.

Identify one or more theories used by researchers of your research topic.

Discuss how future research could help advance theories in your field of study.

Based on the designs used by researchers in the articles you found, discuss the research procedures that you think would be best in investigating the research topic.
Explain why each component of scientific merit is important in determining the quality of research.
End your paper with a summary and a conclusion.

Identify a research topic related to mental health counseling / borderline personality disorder/ sleep issues

summary, commentary, and questions

summary, commentary, and questions.

A QC is a 3-4 page (single spaced) summary, commentary, and question(s) of the assigned readings for the class period/topic. You should summarize each reading for that class period/topic (you do not need to summarize any popular press readings). Each article summary should be approximately 1 paragraph (be concise). This is your chance to demonstrate that not only did you do the readings, but you can cull out the major elements of the readings and make connections between readings. After the summaries, you should write a brief commentary that includes reactions to the readings, connections you see between the readings, and/or concerns you have about the readings (arguments against, etc.). This section will be 1-2 pages. Finally, you should pose questions—questions you still have after completing the readings, questions about connections, theoretical questions, etc. This section is incredibly important as I will use your comments to guide our discussions.Other important information for the assignment:4 points for summary5 points for commentary1 point for questions2. Each QC should be typed and proofread. Also, don’t forget to put your name and the class topic at the top of the QC (just to make sure that you didn’t post to the wrong assignment post).3. You do not need a title page or reference page (unless you are citing material not covered in class).4. Make sure to follow APA format rules—12 point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins on each pologarizm
summary, commentary, and questions

to will an interdisciplinary paper in which I identify, research, and analyze a problem or, issue related to the theme of social media, technology, and digital lives and tackle it from the perspectives of 2 disciplines. The paper will synthesize your findings and offer insight into possible solutions.

-10-12 pages -You need 6 sources total to support your arguments. (2 scholarly sources from 1 discipline, 2 scholarly sources from another discipline, and 2 other credible sources) (see guidelines for the research summary for further details on the sources: ) -MLA format: 1” margins; double-spaced; Times New Roman 12 pt; no cover page; first page has your name, my name, the course number, and the date in the left-hand corner -Microsoft Word or RTF format only (I cannot open .pages) -Proper grammar, spelling, and syntax are a must -Works Cited page in MLA format with proper citation throughout the paper. I use Turnitin and other tools to check for plagiarism.