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Visual analysis of torso of Aphrodite

Please remember that a formal analysis is not an interpretation.  You should not concern yourself with the symbolism of the work, its meaning, or even its subject beyond noting what seems to be represented or depicted.  In this assignment you will be looking carefully at a single work of art and analyzing the ways in which its formal qualities (scale, composition, color, texture, shape, form, line, material, etc.) produce a certain effect, or convey a certain idea.This is not a research paper.  DO NOT CONSULT ANY BOOKS, ARTICLES, WEBSITES, OR OTHER WRITTEN SOURCES.  Your paper should be based entirely on what you can SEE.  Your essay should not include a discussion of the history or meaning of the work.

Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Answer the following questions with SHORT ANSWER responses. Use least words possible whilst still fully answering the questions. Can use dot points and don’t answer questions in essay format. Please use in-text referencing to show what source was used to answer which question. Thank you so much! Ultrasound: answer the following questions in SHORT ANSWER DOT POINTS 1) 3 advantages of transabdominal US for investigating uterine pathology 2) 3 disadvantages of transabdominal US for investigating uterine pathology 3) 3 advantages of transvaginal US for investigating uterine pathology 4) 3 disadvantages of transvaginal US for investigating uterine pathology MRI: 1) Describe the KEY IMAGE APPEARANCES for the following artefacts in DOT POINTS (not the definition, but explain the appearance): aliasing (wrap around), chemical shift and flow related enhancement. Do any of these artefacts change with different magnetic field strengths and BRIEFLY why do they change/why don’t they change? 2) Suggest typical TE, TR and TI for the sequence (when reducing fat intensity) at 1.5 Tesla. BRIEFLY explain if these parameters should change at 3 Tesla and why 3) Why is it an advantage to apply the Frequency encoding gradient along the longest dimension in the imaging plane? (1 sentence) 4) Find an image of the pulse sequence showing RF pulses and the time period TR, TE & TI 5) LIST 3 processes in MR image production or contrast that are impacted by the larmor frequency relationship 6) In which plane (axial, coronal or sagittal) will MRI resultant images be produced? 7) What image weightings would be suitable for the assessment of an acute ruptures posterior cruciate ligament and BRIEFLY why 8) Is gadolinium contrast indicated for the assessment of an acute ruptures posterior cruciate ligament. If so, why is it used/what does it show/how does it benefit compared to not using contrast? IN DOT POINTS 9) What coil or phased array is utilize for a MRI Shoulder scan and describe them in DOT POINTS. What are desirable physical characteristics of this coil in term of shape, signal performance and construction in DOT POINTS? What are the advantages of using this coil in terms of image optimization in DOT POINTS? 10) IN DOT POINTS, describe a general imaging protocol suitable for a MRI knee scan. What is the coil placement, FOV, scan planes, scan weightings & associated parameters. 11) 6 strategies to employ when imaging a claustrophobic patient in DOT POINTS.

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Discuss and assess three important facts about World War II

Visual analysis of torso of Aphrodite Discuss and assess three important facts about World War II.

Short Answer [Do One Only] Formal Format [Intro, Conclusion.. Just much shorter than Major Essay] 30 pts. 1. Discuss the three historical figures discussed in chapters 22-27 who impressed you most and the three historical figures [people] discussed in these chapters who repulsed you most (or to put it any way impressed you least!!!] Be sure to explain why these people impress or repulse you. In this exercise, you must use an introductory paragraph, developed paragraphs on each and a concluding paragraph. In other words, this must be a formal essay. 2. Discuss and assess the three events significantly impacting women in chapters 22 through 27. Explain how each of the three impacted them. 3. Discuss the plight of Africans in the U.S. between the 30s and the 60s, highlighting important people and events. 4. Discuss the three most important events of the 1960s. Be sure to explain the significance of each. 5. Discuss three reform movements discussed in the last six chapters of the book, highlighting the importance of each. 6. Discuss and assess three important facts about World War II. Be sure to explain the importance of these three. Be sure to use common sense!! While neither assignment has a page limit, it would not be sensible for your Short Answer which is worth only 30 points to be longer than your Major Essay which is worth 70 points.

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Hanan Al mamoori,Reading Responses about “healthy Growth for U.S. farms” Agriculture has fueled the eruption of human civilization. Efficiently raised, affordable crops and livestock feed our growing population, and hunger has largely been banished from t

Hanan Al mamoori,Reading Responses about “healthy Growth for U.S. farms” Agriculture has fueled the eruption of human civilization. Efficiently raised, affordable crops and livestock feed our growing population, and hunger has largely been banished from t.

Reading Responses about “healthy Growth for U.S. farms”
Agriculture has fueled the eruption of human civilization. Efficiently raised, affordable crops and livestock feed our growing population, and hunger has largely been banished from the developed world as a result. Yet there are reasons to believe that we are beginning to lose control of our great agricultural machine. The security of our food supply is at risk in ways more noxious than anyone had feared.
The trouble starts with crops. Orange groves in Florida and California are falling to fast-moving blights with no known cure. Cavendish-variety bananas the global standard, each genetically identical to the next will almost certainly be wiped out by emerging infectious disease, just as the Cavendish’s predecessor was six decades ago. And as entomologists Diana Cox-Foster and Dennis vanEngelsdorp describe in “Saving the Honey bee,” on page 40, a mysterious affliction has ravaged honeybee colonies around the U.S., jeopardizing an agricultural system that is utterly dependent on farmed, traveling hives to pollinate vast swaths of monoculture. The ailment may be in part the result of the stresses imposed on hives by this uniquely modern system.
Plants and animals are not the only ones getting sick, however. New evidence indicates that our agricultural practices are leading directly to the spread of human disease. Much has been made in recent years of MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant strain of Staphylococcus bacteria, and for good reason. In 2005, the most recent year for which figures are available, about 95,000 MRSA infections caused the deaths of nearly 19,000 Americans. The disease first incubated in hospitals the killer bacterium is an inevitable evolutionary response to the widespread use of antibiotics but has since found a home in locker rooms, prisons and child care facilities. Now the bacteria have spread to the farm.
Perhaps we should not be surprised. Modern factory farms keep so many animals in such a small space that the animals must be given low doses of antibiotics to shield them from the fetid conditions. The drug-resistant bacteria that emerge have now entered our food supply. The first study to investigate farm-bred MRSA in the U.S. amazingly, the Food and Drug Administration has shown little interest in testing the nation’s livestock for this disease recently found that 49 percent of pigs and 45 percent of pig workers in the survey harbored the bacteria. Unfortunately, these infections can spread. According to a report published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, MRSA from animals is now thought to be responsible for more than 20 percent of all human MRSA cases in the Netherlands.
In April 2008 a high-profile commission of scientists, farmers, doctors and veterinarians recommended that the FDA phase out the nontherapeutic use of antibiotics in farm animal production, to “preserve these drugs to treat sick animals, not healthy ones” in the words of former Kansas governor John Carlin, the commission’s chair. The FDA agreed and soon announced that it would ban the use of one widespread antibiotic except for strictly delineated medical purposes. But five days before the ban was set to take effect, the agency quietly reversed its position. Although no official reason was given, the opposition of the powerful farm lobby is widely thought to have played a role.
This is just one example of a food production system that protects a narrow set of interests over the nation’s public health. Simple measures such as the reinstatement of the FDA’s initial ruling are necessary and important steps. But Congress needs to take a far more comprehensive approach to realign the country’s agricultural priorities with its health priorities, to eliminate subsidies that encourage factory farming, and to encourage the growth of polyculture and good old-fashioned crop rotation in the U.S. As the world is quickly learning, a civilization can only be as healthy as its food supply.

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Nursing Epidemiology. Type 2 Diabetes Among African American In california

Nursing Epidemiology. Type 2 Diabetes Among African American In california.

One Page APA to complete Previous Order … Writer 18310 Describe and analyze the outcomes and results in the selected research topic. ..Type 2 Diabetes Among African American in California including interpreting epidemiological study findings, if reported in the case study.

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The English Mans Boy by Guy Vanderhaeghe.

The English Mans Boy by Guy Vanderhaeghe..

Description Analyse the novel The English Mans Boy by Guy Vanderhaeghe. Things to focus on : Charecter analysis Literary devices Conflict Theme And devices of style When viewing the file uploaded please complete the section under breakdown: write 8-10 pages analysing the book.

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The purpose of this assignment is to practice organizing data through ordering and grouping variables. Data often appear disordered and it is difficult to see any connections or relationships. Ordering the data by certain variables or grouping variables into specific categories, such as age or sex categories, can help bring clarity to the data. Knowing how to organize data is an important skill to initiate the analytical process. For this assignment, students will use Excel and SPSS Statistics to order variables. Using the “Example Dataset,” complete the steps below using both Excel and SPSS Statistics. View the Excel and SPSS tutorials for assistance in completing this assignment. Submit one Word document and include a screen shot of the data after completing the first two steps of Part 1 in Excel and SPSS to compare your results. Use a second Word document to complete Part 2 of the assignment. Part 1: Ordering and Grouping Data Using Excel and SPSS For Part 1, accomplish the following: — Order (sort) observations according to age. — Group observations by sex and investigate the age and income for males and females. — Create a new variable titled “Exercise Group” based on the variable “Minutes Exercise.” — Use the following categories to create your groups: 1 = 0-30 minutes; 2 = 31-60 minutes; 3 = 61-90 minutes; 4 = 91-120 minutes; and 5 = 120+ minutes. Part 2: Data Interpretation Study the results of the dataset grouping and ordering. Discuss the following in a 500-750 word summary: — Describe the measurement levels for each of the variables in the dataset. – Discuss what you learned from ordering the data by age and why this information is important. – Describe the process you used to group the data in Excel and SPSS. – Describe what you learned by grouping the variables by category of exercise. — Are these data from a correlational study, experimental study, or quasi-experimental (observational) study? Discuss your rationale and identify a study question appropriate for this dataset.

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