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Visions of Practice Essay

In paper of 5-6 pages (APA-style paper), describe what you learned about teaching and learning in the course of your fieldwork experience and how you plan to implement it in your teaching practice.

Your paper must include the following sections:

State 3-5 major take-aways on teaching and learning and support them with the examples from the practice you analyzed and reflected on during the course.
Share 1-2 learning strategies and evidence-based practices that you observed/learned and plan to implement in your teaching. You may include their description in the attachment to the paper. In the paper describe them briefly and explain why you find them effective.
Reflect on Professional Responsibilities Activity you completed in Module 1 and design the next steps you want to develop your professionalism as defined in Danielson rubric .
Integrity and ethical conduct
Receptivity to feedback from colleagues
Relationship with colleagues
Involvement in culture of professional inquiry
Summarize what you plan to learn and implement in your teaching to support student learning.
APA citations and Reference list:

I have attached some of the assignments that I did throughout the course so you can have an idea of some of my work produced during the semester.