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E-Learning can cover a spectrum of activities from supporting learning, to blended learning (the combination of traditional and e-learning practices), to learning that is delivered entirely online. Whatever the technology, however, learning is the vital element. E-Learning is no longer simply associated with distance or remote learning, but forms part of a conscious choice of the best and most appropriate ways of promoting effective learning. Therefore, the proponents decided to create an E-Learning System that will helped the School of Mount St.

Mary in providing a good and better education for their students. Where in the students can take online exams, quizzes and activities. The System will enhanced the old process of Learning making it more convenient and user-friendly rather than taking exams manually. Well, in some cased Time is highly essential in the lives of the students. Thus with an E-Learning System even when the student was feeling ill at the comfort of their home. Still, they can have the feeling of a relief upon taking the said exams through online. 1. 2 Business Opportunity

The proposed system (E-Learning) will fit in the market trends especially when a company or a school was having some changes in their traditional teaching or traditional approach. This system will be valuable to the project sponsors because it adds value to existing teaching method of SMSM and develop it in the most productive way of E-Learning. 1. 3 Business Objectives and Success Criteria The business objectives and success criteria has no exact measure, but the system software will give the SMSM a high emblem education for all their students 1. 4 Customer or Market Needs

Specifically, the completed system will satisfy the following requirements: 1. ) The software system will run as an online website for E-SMSM 2. ) The software system will have a log-in for the students and also to the administrator. 3. ) The software system will also provide a registration for the student who doesn’t have an account on E-SMSM 4. ) The software system will have the ability to handle a lot of registration submission. 5. ) The software system will not accept a duplicate account so (one student one account) . 6. ) The software system will give the full access to the administrator in managing the system.7. ) The software system will provide a well description about the School (About SMSM) 8. ) The software system will automatically check the student exam/quiz/activity. 9. ) The software system will also update the student on schedule of exam/quiz/activity through the reminders that was created by the admin. 1. 5 Business Risks No major business risk identified through out the development of the software system. 2. Vision of the Solution 2. 1 Vision Statement Students of School of Mount St. Mary are increasingly using ‘always-connected’ devices to surf the web, to download apps, read and interact with others.

Meanwhile Students must now also embrace personalized and collaborative learning. In that way the E-Learning System will provide an effective quality of education for all the students for them to become an efficient learner and more progressive. 2. 2 Major Features Functional requirements: 1. ) Student must Log-in 1. 1 The student should input his/her Student_ID and Password 1. 2 The system will have validation for login. 2. ) About SMSM 3. 1 The student can view all the details about SMSM 3. 2 The administrator can change some of the details 3. ) My Subject 4. 1 The student can take exam/quiz/activity4. 2 The student can also download the reviewer 4. 3 The administrator prepares exam/quiz/activity/reviewer for the student 4. ) My Profile 5. 1 The student can view and manage some information in his/her own account settings 5. 2 The student can also view his/her grades 5. ) Settings 6. 1 The administrator can Log-in 6. 1. 1 The administrator can view all the activities that goes around the system 6. 1. 2 The administrator can also manage the whole system 6. 2 The help will give some guide or more information about how to use the system Non-functional requirements 1. ) Design to be created in PHP.

2. ) Written as an online project using PHP scripting language. 3. ) It must support large amount of data 4. ) It must support ability to work with different data stores (e. g. Pdf, SQL DB or text file) 5. ) it must support the addition of new components (if needed) 6. ) it must support its end user 7. ) The approximately hardware is 2. 2 GHz of processor and RAM is 4GB 8. ) Code must be readable and understandable 2. 3 Assumptions and Dependencies The software must be compatible with the following MySQL SQL Server 2008 Any web browser (Chrome,Firefox,Internet Explorer) Scope and Limitations 3. 1 Scope of Initial Release An initial release was been planned to serve as a proof-of-concept for the final deliverable product. The initial release will consist of a working demonstration of the framework on which the remainder of the project will be build. This will include: Iteration 1: January 7th 2014 Complete system design for the system . Instructions for installation and integration was created Software Students can participate or take an exams, quizzes and activities online Works only when you’re online or connected to the Internet.

Database integration Testing 3. 2 Scope of Subsequent Releases Iteration 2: January 30th 2014 Suggest more evaluated question on exams Using multiple function on exams answering Unit Testing for all written code Iteration 3: February 15th 2014 Completing the system Supporting the Administrator settings Additional tools in the help or user guide GUI Configuration tool Iteration 4 (time permitting) Learning or exploring the finished system. (E-Learning for School of Mount St. Mary) 3. 3 Limitations and Exclusions The proponents will deliver a working website for (E-SMSM).

And also the Team E-Warriors will take care of everything around the system. 4 Business Context 4. 1 Stakeholder Profiles Stakeholder Major Value Attitudes Major Interests Constraints School Administrator Increased Revenue Influential, business minded see product as avenue to increase market shares richer feature set than competitors; time to market N/A IT Teacher Integration with existing software Desire a product that is intuitive, maintainable, and customizable Good documentation, no undue complexity, and reliability of services N/A Team E-Warriors Students

Educational Value comply to the subject on E-Learning Consider project an opportunity to apply academic and co-op expertise Maintain rules, Participate on the activities Completion of objectives using learned software engineering disciplines E-Learning System(software) must be simple or easy to use 4 months team E-Warriors project duration N/A 4. 2 Project Priorities Dimension Driver (state objective) Constraint (state limits) Degree of Freedom (state allowable range) Schedule Release 1 to be available by 1/7/14 Features 100% of base functionality must be implemented in R1;50 % of features must be included in release 1. 0 Adaptability E-SMSM must be compatible with any web browser and support the other database software system Maintainability E-SMSM must be developed to be easily modified and maintained by Admin Staff Performance E-SMSM must perform the features that needed by administrators and students Staff Team size is 3 Time 4 months 4. 3 Operating Environment The E-Learning System for School of Mount St. Mary will run on a Windows based Computer System and MySQL, it is also compatible with any web browser.

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1.Which of the two components, “Software Customization” or “Technical Infrastructure” is underperforming (i.e. per Schedule Impact)?
2.Are the individual components of the project within budget (i.e. per Cost Impact)? Explain.
3.What can you conclude about the overall project’s schedule and budget by looking at the combined earned value data for the project?
4.Why did Terry Baker think that the project was going according to plan the entire time?
5.Develop what you’d consider to be the top three (3) risks to a successful Ariba project roll-out at MED-X (include P*I = Score; include Proactive/Reactive Responses). Note: you’re not being asked to include risk “triggers” for this assignment.
If you have issues with the table’s formatting – feel free to enter the information in the blank space below the table.
Risk Description
Risk Score
Risk Response
(Include Proactive and Reactive Measures)
6.Name key milestone date(s) you would include in an Ariba WBS