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Virtue of humility

Some social commentators have said that many people these days lack the virtue of humility, and many even think that being humble is a sign of weakness. What do you think? Is humility lacking? Seen as weakness? Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

This project should focus on professional writing genres related to personal identity.

This major project of the course explore this broad category of business communication genre: (1) genres related to your personal identity (e.g. resumes, cover letters, other job materials), Rather than produce this genre, the major project should examine how this genre works and why it is the way its portrayed, using one of the following methods; YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE TOPIC BELOW( historical comparison, technology network, interview a practitioner, case study, propose a innovation)
( AND RELATE IT TO GENRES TO YOUR PERSONAL IDENTITY.) (e.g. resumes, cover letters, other job materials)

GROUP LEADERSHIP 5 Running Head: GROUP LEADERSHIP 1 Group Leadership Name Institutional

Virtue of humility GROUP LEADERSHIP 5


Group Leadership


Institutional Affiliation

A Reflection on Group Leadership

There are a lot of people living in this world and everyone possesses different personalities. Every person in the world is unique in his or her own ways. A person’s personality is something which cannot change and this makes every human being unique and special. As for me, I am a responsible, time conscious and sympathetic person. However, I am a pretty responsible person and I always make sure that I do what I am supposed to do.

Leadership has always been an ever-changing concept for me. The people I encounter in daily always have has a great influence in my leadership definition. I have seen my leadership paradigm evolve due to the people’s influences in my life.

Throughout my entire life, I have always encountered chances to experience position of being a leader. Having experienced democratic leadership through playing on a high school football club, being a part of college groups for class presentations, being part of a family and a youth leader in my church. I gained very essential qualities of becoming a good leader through constructive criticisms, being a problem solver and an outspoken person. Even though I have gained a lot through life experiences, I feel like I still have more to learn in becoming a better leader like becoming more disciplined, assertive, becoming a better public speaker, and learning how to be a realistic person but not too much optimistic (Kottler & Englar, 2014).

Being a football player in high school provided me with the opportunity to play on both winning and losing sides. This gave me a different perspective of how I should look at things; even if you lose or win, there is always no reason why giving up should be an option. One must always realize his errors or mistakes and prepare more on benefitting as a team. When you come back next time, be physically and mentally prepared; ready for the next challenge. When adults and youths face failure at some point of their life, automatically they think that they cannot do it and this makes them to finally give up. Through listening to my peers and by learning from the mistakes which I ever made, I always overcome my obstacles. This has built me to become a democratic leader.

In a class where I had to be part of a group in order to complete a project, I tried and took my initiatives and encouraged my team members to speak up and contribute their ideas to the group together with brainstorming to come up with solutions which assist the group in achieving its goals. In such situations, my skills and qualities as a charismatic leader applied to get things moving; most of the times I was the problem solver whenever arguments arose.

A source of leadership is that which our character as human beings brings out, the unabridged person who lay inside us. That is what my high school football coach and mentor taught me. His leadership was character based, true to himself and encouraged the team members to be true to them. Essentially he used to tell me that leadership undeniably begins with one’s character, my personal values and belief system, and it starts from birth, developed from heredity, teachings from educators together with the family, life experiences, traditions, and yes, even through reading materials.

The world of my football coach influenced and totally changed my life. His skills, teachings and mentorship expanded my thinking, sculptured my morality and evolved my beliefs; as a matter of fact, the man shaped the person I am today, he impassioned the love of leading from within me. His stimulating education and lessons on leadership brought boundless freedom, self determination to not only be who I am, but to belief in myself; thinking, imagining, live, wonder, dreaming, change and success; to be extra ordinary and the author of my future. Be myself, to be a leader (Benson, Eys & Irving, 2016).

To think outside the box through the captivating leadership through prolific characters and story lines was the power behind my motivation. He exhibited courage, communicated vision, and articulated the essentiality of self confidence in his leadership. All which exemplified the introspection which when it comes to the real world, putting my mind to it could give me the power to do anything and go anywhere. This created futuristic ideals in my head and heart searching concepts which encouraged me to always be true to myself.

Understanding Group dynamics together with developing skills which are required to become an effective leader are very essential to a person willing to become a successful leader. The professional practice of leading a group is always bound up with who the group counselor is as a person. The leader abilities on establishing a firm relationship with the other group members is probably the most significant tool in facilitating the group success. A group leader should apply his or her personal qualities, experiences and values in group leadership. He or she must understand that he is the catalyst for bringing out change in the group they lead. One needs to be committed to growth and reflection in his or her own life in order to promote growth in group member’s lives.

Group process goals apply to many of groups; like in men’s group, members may be encouraged to give out their thoughts and express their feelings directly. Generally, group process goals consist of: Challenging one another, taking healthy risks, using active listening, honest and specific responses and willingness to deal with conflicts.

During developmental stages and transition phase, groups face conflicts and this is inevitable. For the leaders, recognizing and openly discussing issues which are tied to control when they arise is best. Ignoring such behaviors may lead to further complications and thwart group cohesion. Task conflict is helpful in development and maintaining cohesion within a group; relationship conflicts are most detrimental to the group process as they resist persuasive reasoning.

The manner in which the group leader will handle the group members will undoubtedly set the tone on how the group members will see and handle their conflicts (Corey, Corey, Callanan & Russell, 2014).


Kottler, J. A., & Englar-Carlson, M. (2014). Learning group leadership. Sage.

Benson, A. J., Eys, M. A., & Irving, P. G. (2016). Great Expectations: How Role Expectations and Role Experiences Relate to Perceptions of Group Cohesion. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 38(2), 160-172.

Corey, G., Corey, M. S., Callanan, P., & Russell, J. M. (2014). Group techniques. Cengage Learning.

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Business Canvas Model and Narrative for Photography Studio.

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