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Virtual Reality and Exposure

Before writing this papers take some time to do your own research in the application of virtual reality in exposure therapy. Make sure your paper covers the following points:Identify a case of a common phobia and design a virtual scenario as if they were going to produce a virtual film for therapeutic purposes.What seem to be the differences between the creation of this scenario and creating an anxiety hierarch for systematic desensitization or a script for imaged scenes in prolonged exposure?What are the apparent strengths of virtual therapy and when would it be preferable over other exposure therapies?Paper RequirementsThis paper should be 2-3 pages double spaced and written in proper APA format. In addition to the minimum page count (i.e. 2 pages and 1 line minimum) you should also include a cover page and a reference page in APA format. Additionally use a minimum of 1 additional source in addition to your textbook to support your points.Textbook: Systems of Psychotherapy, Prochaska, J. O.,

Learning & Motivation: Case Study

Learning & Motivation: Case Study.

 The case study assignment in this course consists of finding a case study of a psychological disorder (12pt. font, double spaced) describing how the patients symptoms can be described using one or more of the learning theory principles covered in class. The lecture slides will be provided. Please fell free to reach out for any clarification and confusion. Please also provide the document of the case study for this assignment as well.

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Gender effect on job classification and

Virtual Reality and Exposure Gender effect on job classification and.

Gender effect on job classification and Description Lab 7 Two Way ANOVA For this lab you will be comparing 2 factors, one is gender and one is job classification. The dependent variable is Salary. It is a Two-Way ANOVA because there are 2 factors. This is called a 2 x 3 factorial design because we have one factor with 2 groups (gender) and the other factor with 3 groups (job classification). Step 1: You must set up your variables: Make sure to put value labels for Gender and Job Classification. See Lab 8 One-Way ANOVA for screen shots on how to set up value labels if you can’t remember. Step 2: Enter the data Values Gender 1 = Male 2 = Female Job Classification 1 = Technical 2 = Clerical 3 = Professional Step 3: Analyze the data: Next click on Options: Now click continue and go back to the previous window and then click Post hoc test and click on the tukey HSD option then continue and back to OK to conduct the analysis. Step 4: Next write up the full APA paper including a title page, abstract, introduction/lit review (4 sources) purpose and hypothesis statement, Method section, Results section, Discussion section, reference section and Table. For the results you need to have a table with the means, sds and Ns for the combinations of gender and job classification. You also need to indicate if there was a gender effect, a job classification effect and/or an interaction effect.

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