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Virgin Atlantic SWOT, PESTLE and BCG Analysis

Jump to: BCG Matrix | PESTLE Analysis of Virgin Atlantic | Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis | Ansoff Matrix | SWOT Analysis of Virgin Atlantic The Virgin Atlantic Airways is a UK-based private international airline that started operation in 1984. Flying up to 35 destinations in North America, Asia and Africa, it is 51% owned by Virgin Group and 49% owned by Singapore Airlines (Wikipedia). Its fleet size is 37 (31 in order) It competes with other local and international airlines including British Airways, the biggest and leading in UK. In the year to February 2009, Virgin Atlantic carried 5.77 million passengers and made an annual profit of £68.4 million on turnover of £2,580 million.[2]). With this information, it suggests firm’s bright future and industry fair share of the market. However, external and industry environment analysis is a continuous process (Hitt, Hoskisson
Introduction More than any other form of communication tool internet advertising is one of the most precise and effective marketing tool in the modern world. Essentially, internet advertising are distinct from each other but used as a combination to bring out the meaning of internet advertising as a tool for marketing communication. Internet is an amalgamation of networks operating on a laid down technical protocol that make users all over the world to have an access to as well as exchange information. The information exchange and access is usually achieved through the use of tools such as emails, World Wide Web and chart rooms. In contrast, advertising is the paid reconciled form of communication whose source is known and intended to convince the recipient or the target to take the future or an immediate action (Richards

TTU Difference Between a Monopoly and A Monopolistic Competitive Market Discussion

TTU Difference Between a Monopoly and A Monopolistic Competitive Market Discussion.

Problem I.Is there any difference between monopoly and monopolistically competitive markets? ExplainProblem II.Suppose the inverse demand function for a monopolistically competitive firm’s product is given by and the cost function is given by 1. Determine the profit-maximizing price and quantity2. Determine the maximum profits.3. Can we say that this firm is operating in the long-run or short-run equilibrium at the equilibrium price and quantity?Problem III.Suppose the inverse demand for a monopolist’s product is given by The monopolist can produce output in two plants. The marginal cost of producing in plant 1 is , and the marginal cost of producing in plant 2 is . 1. How much output should be produced in each plant to maximize profits?2. What price should be charged for the product?
TTU Difference Between a Monopoly and A Monopolistic Competitive Market Discussion

the introduction to ADA Accessibility Standards

custom writing service the introduction to ADA Accessibility Standards.

I’m working on a engineering case study and need a sample draft to help me study.

.The assignment includes a presentation and case study for each section of this chapter. Your case study MUST HAVE the following -1- Image of an example for section 402 – 4102- Hand-drawn diagrams/ sketches for section 402-4103- The floor plan/ sections of your case study buildings. You will mark each section’s requirements in the case study building you are studying.Here is a youtube video that can be helpful for this week’s content – Chapter 4:
the introduction to ADA Accessibility Standards

UC Value of Information Governance Knowledge to a Programmer Analyst Discussion

UC Value of Information Governance Knowledge to a Programmer Analyst Discussion.

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I am working as a Programmer AnalystAt, write in a realistic way how the course knolwedge ( Information Governance) is useful or helpful to a programamer analyst. UC, it is a priority that students are provided with strong educational programs and courses that allow them to be servant-leaders in their disciplines and communities, linking research with practice and knowledge with ethical decision-making. This assignment is a written assignment where students will demonstrate how this course research has connected and put into practice within their own career. Assignment:Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are not currently working, share times when you have or could observe these theories and knowledge could be applied to an employment opportunity in your field of study. Requirements:Provide a 500 word (or 2 pages double spaced) minimum reflection.Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited.Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course.Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment. If you are not employed, demonstrate a connection to your desired work environment. You should not provide an overview of the assignments assigned in the course. The assignment asks that you reflect how the knowledge and skills obtained through meeting course objectives were applied or could be applied in the workplace. *Note: This is due Friday!
UC Value of Information Governance Knowledge to a Programmer Analyst Discussion

NGR 6172 Miami Dade College Symptoms and Signs of Onychomycosis Case Study

NGR 6172 Miami Dade College Symptoms and Signs of Onychomycosis Case Study.

I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

DERMATOLOGY CASE STUDYChief complaint: “ My right great toe has been hurting for about 2 months and now it’s itchy, swollen and yellow. I can’t wear closed shoes and I was fine until I started going to the gym”.HPI: E.D a 38 -year-old Caucasian female presents to the clinic with complaint of pain, itching, inflammation, and “yellow” right great toe. She noticed that the toe was moderately itching after she took a shower at the gym. She did not pay much attention. About two weeks after the itching became intense and she applied Benadryl cream with only some relief. She continued going to the gym and noticed that the itching got worse and her toe nail started to change color. She also indicated that the toe got swollen, painful and turned completely yellow 2 weeks ago. She applied lotrimin AF cream and it did not help relief her symptoms. She has not tried other remedies.Denies associated symptoms of fever and chills. PMH: Diabetes Mellitus, type 2.Surgeries: NoneAllergies: AugmentinMedication: Metformin 500mg PO BID.Vaccination History: Immunization is up to date and she received her flu shot this year.Social history: College graduate married and no children. She drinks 1 glass of red wine every night with dinner. She is a former smoker and quit 6 years ago.Family history:Both parents are alive. Father has history of DM type 2, Tinea Pedis. mother alive and has history of atopic dermatitis, HTN.ROS:Constitutional: Negative for fever. Negative for chills.Respiratory: No Shortness of breath. No OrthopneaCardiovascular: Regular rhythm.Skin: Right great toe swollen, itchy, painful and discolored.Psychiatric: No anxiety. No depression.Physical examination:Vital SignsHeight: 5 feet 5 inches Weight: 140 pounds BMI: 31 obesity, BP 130/70 T 98.0, P 88 R 22, non-laboredHEENT: Normocephalic/Atraumatic, Bilateral cataracts; PERRL, EOMI; No teeth loss seen. Gums no redness.NECK: Neck supple, no palpable masses, no lymphadenopathy, no thyroid enlargement.LUNGS: No Crackles. Lungs clear bilaterally. Equal breath sounds. Symmetrical respiration. No respiratory distress.HEART: Normal S1 with S2 during expiration. Pulses are 2+ in upper extremities. 1+ pitting edema ankle bilaterally.ABDOMEN: No abdominal distention. Nontender. Bowel sounds + x 4 quadrants. No organomegaly. Normal contour; No palpable masses.GENITOURINARY: No CVA tenderness bilaterally. GU exam deferred.MUSCULOSKELETAL: Slow gait but steady. No Kyphosis.SKIN: Right great toe with yellow-brown discoloration in the proximal nail plate. Marked periungual inflammation. + dryness. No pus. No neuro deficit.PSYCH: Normal affect. Cooperative.Labs: Hgb 13.2, Hct 38%, K+ 4.2, Na+138, Cholesterol 225, Triglycerides 187, HDL 37, LDL 190, TSH 3.7, glucose 98.Assessment:Primary Diagnosis: Proximal subungual onychomycosisDifferential Diagnosis: Irritant Contact Dermatitis, Lichen Planus, Nail PsoriasisSpecial Lab:Fungal culture confirms fungal infection.As an NP student, you need to determine the medications for onychomycosis.1. According to the AAFP/CDC Guidelines, what antifungal medication(s) should this patient be prescribed, and for how long? Write her complete prescriptions using the prescription writing format in your textbook.2. What labs for baseline and follow up of therapy would you order for this patient? Give rationale.You need 1 initial post and 1 reply for this DB. Total of 2 posts supported by peer-reviewed references, and in APA 6th ed format. Thanks!
NGR 6172 Miami Dade College Symptoms and Signs of Onychomycosis Case Study

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