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Different crimes against women have been mentioned in this piece of research work with specific data relating to the district of Balasore. The researcher has narrated several case studies from his own experience and this makes the article very much relevant for grappling with the problems faced by the women inhabiting the district of Balasore . Several causes for the increasing rate of crime against the women have been analysed. Suggestions to check the deterioration in the violation of women’s rights have been recommended .

Police officials can not absolve themselves of responsibility of the failure to control the crime rate. It is important to implement the existing laws properly for the protection of human rights of women. However only the laws are not enough. The moral rules which are on the wane need to be restored . The civil society has major role to play in this regard. ) (Key words:- violation, indoctrination, trafficking, exploitation, sexual harassment) Human rights are not merely ideals and aspirations or they are some rights granted to us by the existence of particular set of laws .

They are claims made by virtue of the fact that we are human beings with inalienable right to human dignity. Plano and Olton have stated that “human rights are those rights , which are considered to be absolutely essential for the survival, existence and personality development of a human being” . (Biswal,2006). But these rights are threatened from all corners of the world today. Violation of human rights are not simple act of violence by individuals or groups. Human rights are violated even by unlawful acts. Nations can also be the party to violation of human rights by spreading cross border terrorism.

These violations also can take place in different developmental models whether capitalist, socialist or democratic . Violation of human rights of women can take specific forms . Entrenched structures and practices such as caste, customary laws , the family, religion etc , continue to discriminate against women. Economic institutions which are exploitative of women, social institutions which oppress them or legal institutions which pride themselves on equal justice are gender biased and clearly distort gender notions of law. Presently the research scholar is working under the guidance of Prof. Dr. )

Shyam Sundar Acharya , Professor of political Science, Post Graduation Department of Social Science, Fakir Mohan University, Balasore for his Doctoral Degree . The gender violence is a universal phenomenon which takes many forms across culture , race and class. Violence against women can be viewed as any action , policy or attitude which any way is a violation of their personhood or which dehumanize them. Woman is considered only as the symbol of tolerance, patience and sacrifice . They have been subjected to exploitation through centuries. Exploitation can be both a fact and value.

Our traditional scriptures are such that women are socialized not to object to the exploitation by the male counterparts. Thus the exploitation of women goes on smoothly. Because of their lack of awareness, economic deprivation, cultural indoctrination and political subordination women continue to languish in misery.  Against this background of exploitation and violation of human rights of women in general the objective of this research paper is to find out the forces and factors responsible for exploitation of women in a place like Balasore .

The district of Balasore is characterized as a place marked by high literacy rate and the coastal district is also not considered socially and economically backward yet crime rate continues to increase. Hence, the researcher wants to present in the form of statistics the cases of violations of rights of women registered or otherwise in the police stations . The researcher in due course has tried to highlight not only the social, economic and political factors which are responsible for the violations of women’s right but also the cultural reasons which account for the problem.

The researcher has also thrown light on the delinquent behavior of the youth which leads to the outraging the modesty of women. Some suggestions are to be offered in the form of conclusion to stem the rot. METHODOLOGY:- The study the partly the result of data collected from 16 police stations and 12 blocks of the district . The researcher is at present engaged in the doctoral work on “violation of human rights of women: A case study of the district of Balasore”. In the process of data collection the researcher has conducted the interview of the victims .

The victims have been identified on the basis of the report collected from the police stations. Along with report from police the mass media reporting has been made use of in this work. The victims have been interviewed with the help of structure of schedule. Purposive multistage sampling has been followed in this research work. The researcher himself is a practising lawyer and takes interest in settling the cases outside the premises of the court between the parties amicably. The personal experience which he has gained during this process has also been utilized in writing this particular article.

Balasore is one of the coastal districts of Odisha which lies on the Northern most part of the state having 21 degree 03’ to 21 degree 59’ North Latitude and 86 degree 20’ to 87 degree 29’ East Longitude. Medinapore district of West Bengal is in its North, the Bay of Bengal on the East , Bhadrak district lies on the South where as Mayurbhanj and keonjhar districts are on its Western side. The district of Balasore is of 38,065sqr k. m. area divided into 7 tahasils for effective revenue administration. For the purpose of developmental administration the district has been divided into 12 blocks,289 grampanchayats and 3,037 villages.

The entire district has been divided into 8 legislative assembly constituencies and it has only one parliamentary constituency. Again , the district has 22 police stations for smooth running of criminal administration. The office of D. I. G, Eastern Range has started since 2005. The district has good percentage of of fertile soil areas i. e. Bhograi, Baliapal, Jaleswar,Basta , sadar and Bahanaga. In these areas two main rivers Budhabalanga and Subarnarekha flow down into Bay of Bengal effecting a good livelihood earning from the paddy, betel, oconut, other rabi crops ,fishing and pisci culture. In these areas literacy rate is also satisfactory.

But , on the other hand areas like Nilagiri, Oupada and Remuna are distanced from sea coast. So people of these areas are dependant on the industrial sectors as workers, daily labours and others are minor agriculturists. Nilagiri is the only hilly area having highest Scheduled Tribe population i. e. 56. 16%in the block. The people of this area mainly depend upon forest product or stone crushers as daily wagers for their livelihood. So the living standard of the people is very low.

The people of this area have been continuing their own tribal culture with some superstitions and dogmas . The Bahanaga block is the highest Scheduled Caste dominated having 29. 68% of S. C. people in the block. And people of this block mainly depend upon the fishing profession. So, their condition is not so good in comparison to people of other parts of the district. As per census 2001,the population in the district is 20,24,508 comprising 10,36,511 males and 9, 87,997 females . It has 59. 57% and 81. 75% of female and male literacy respectively.

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