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The most toxic metals were silver, lead and iron, all killing the eels in under four minutes, with silver taking only 1 minute and 40 seconds to kill the eels, and only 13 seconds to make the eels stop forward motion. Strontium wasn’t effective as after 5 minutes of exposure to it, the eels hadn’t died or stopped forward motion. 2) a) The accepted toxicity varies from metal to metal. The accepted toxic level of lead is 0. 0012 parts per million, however it is not considered safe at any level.

The environmental protection agency says that the maximum contaminant level for cadmium In drinking eater is 0. 05 MGM/L. In soil it is said that the highest amount of cadmium that can be accepted in land is 85 MGM/keg. For Mercury the accepted toxic level in aquatic systems in IPPP b) Heavy metal pollution is a problem usually associated with areas of Intensive Industry. However, roadways and automobiles now are considered to be one of the largest sources of heavy metals. Zinc, copper, and lead are three of the most common heavy metals released from road travel, accounting for at least 90 of the total metals in road runoff. Lead concentrations, however, consistently have been decreasing since leaded gasoline as discontinued.

Smaller amounts of many other metals, such as nickel and cadmium, are also found in road runoff and exhaust. About half of the zinc and copper contribution to the environment from arbitration is from automobiles. Brakes release copper, while tire wear releases zinc. Motor oil also tends to accumulate metals as It comes Into contact with surrounding parts as the engine runs, so oil leaks become another pathway by which metals enter the environment. C) Yes, these heavy metals can fasciculate in organisms in our food chain, especially fish. This is because heavy metals are part of Earth’s crust; they can be worn away by the action of weather.When they are worn off of rock, they can collect In surface or groundwater.

Humans can sometimes eat these fish, which isn’t good because heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, and mercury can affect blood cells. The build-up of heavy metals can cause harm to the liver, kidneys, the circulatory system and the movement of nerve signals. Some of these metals can also contribute to the development of different types of cancers. D) As stated above, these heavy metals can cause harm to the liver, kidneys, regulatory system, and nerve signals, as well as the formation of blood cells.Again, they can also contribute to the development of different types of cancers. E) A portion of harmful chemical pollutants can be removed by a process known as premeditation, a process involving microorganisms or plants that help clean up the pollutants. Reacting contaminants with certain chemicals can also make them less harmful.

Conclusion: they affect most organisms the same way they affected the vinegar eels. And because there aren’t very many ways to clean up the metals, we need to change our actions.

Please follow this Guideline and Rubric closely while you write your 10-page

Please follow this Guideline and Rubric closely while you write your 10-page research paper. Dr. Sam Ngovo

Your paper should have a clear introduction, stating a clearTHESIS/THEME of your research in the first paragraph.

Also state in the first paragraph the significant of your study.Why is the study important in African History or History of Black people globally? What NEW INFORMATION your research reveals in relation to what other writers have said about the topic or similar topic?

AVOID THE USE OF THE PERSONAL PRONOUN “I” IN THE PAPER. For example “I plan to write about…” Simply say, “This paper is about or this paper examines or explores…”

The body of the paper should read smoothly and clearly. It should be edited for wrong grammar and sentences. Try to use short sentences and not long sentences that will confuse the idea you want to convey or put forward. Proof read your paper for wrong spellings.

Write or type paper one-sided. Each page be separated into paragraphs.

Your conclusion should be the last paragraph and should highlights or clearly states/provide summary ofthe main points or themes your paper examined, including new information or idea yourresearch revealed. Remember that the paper is a research paper.

You MUST use FOOTNOTES citations, NOT APA or MLA citations.

Footnote citation format: There should be NO URL or www., www.,

The War of 1812 is rightly called the American second war of independence because the war finally led to the British removing all of their troops from the soil of the United States. The removal of the troops represented the British acknowledgement of the victory and sovereignty of the United States.

The last page of the paper should have the list of books, articles and any sources you used to write the paper.

Names in bibliography should be written in alphabetical order: a,b,c, etc.

Example of footnotesand Bibliographical format citations of books and articles:

Bibliographical Format of a book: Doe, John. The History of the American Revolution.New York: New York University Press, 1978.

Book citation for footnote: John Doe.The History of the American Revolution. (New York: New York University Press, 1978), p. 20.

Article format in Bibliography: Doe, John. “The Federalists Interpretation of the American Constitution.” Journal of American History, vol. 6, no. 23 (1964), p. 16.

Article citation for footnote: John Doe. “The Federalists Interpretation of the American Constitution.” Journal of American History, vol. 6, no. 23 (1964), p. 16.


Bibliography: Peters, Linda. Interviewed May 7, 2018. Baltimore, Maryland.

Footnote citation: Linda Peters. Interviewed May 7, 2018. Baltimore, Maryland.

Rubric for Paper

Paper without clear Title, introduction, a clear Thesis/theme, research significance, and new info/idea explored in the paper. (-10 points).

Paper with a very broad or vague title, without names, course section, not related to Africa or Black people (-20points).

Paper not staple before submission (-25points).

Use of personal Pronoun “I”: (-3 points for each use).

Lack of paragraphs and indentions on pages of the paper: (-5points each page).

Lack of double-spacing or typing on both sides of the paper: (-10points each page).

Paper with disjointed and repeated sentences and ideas,wrong spellings, very long sentence(s) (-10 points every paragraph).

Paper without clarity in Conclusion and failed to highlights NEW info/ideas the research revealed. (-10 points).

The use of any websites such as, or Wikipedia or any www.comas sources on any page: (-5 points for each citation).

Sources should include published books and journal articles and newspapers. Footnote citations without names of authors, titles of sources cited, andcitation pages: (-5points each page).

Bibliographical sources not arrange alphabetically and/orless than five: (-15 points).

After the first citation of a book, article or any source, the citation of the same source and page should cited as “Ibid,” the same source but different page should be “Ibid,” page #. (-5 each page for not doing so).

The use of one source for more than three pages (-5points every time)

The use of APA or MLA on any page: (-5points each page).

Paper less than 10 pages (-25 points).

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