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Video rental and sales system

A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the University of Greenwich’s Bsc (Hons) Software Engineering Abstract In the current business functions, an especially rental resource is on of the main challenging part. So that, utilising the resources that are implemented by the companies. The business processes are the major task according to the project budget as well as time limitation. So that software solutions those managing and controlling the functions has to be analysed in a proper way to obtain the successful use of them. The report illustrate about the project that analyse the problem of renting and how to gain the solution for those procedures. Video rental and sales is a complete software solution for controlling and managing rentals of customers. This research is all about controlling and managing resources for everyday rentals. Based on the client needs the resources could be rented. An excellent desktop application has been processed and implemented in order to manage that resource that is currently used by the video rental system. This system solution has been implemented using the technologies of front-end Microsoft Vb.Net and back end SQL Server. Preface This thesis is partial fulfilment of university of the Greenwich undergraduate programme, prepared and submitted by me. This software project helps me a lot to gain knowledge in different parts such as software design and development. During this project research and development period, I get the clear understanding, how these software engineering principals, technologies can be applied in real time projects. This project approach as a practical way in all stages of software development and make me clear in every stages that software engineering techniques could be applicable. I am a software engineering student. In this case, this project is closely related to my programme of study and other subjects. My current study is helps me each stage of this project such as system analysis, designing, coding, testing, implementing, Etc, to a develop a final solution for this business. I use MicrosoftVb.Net programming language in order to develop the proposed system. I implemented desktop application the help with framework based on the customer requests. Moreover this project gives some ideas to access the a range of software engineering techniques and tools for the successful project. Acknowledgements This work carried out for this project would not have been a success without the good guidance a given to me by various people and various time. There are many people helped me. First, special thanks to my project Supervisor Mr. Alexander M. Fedorec and Second Marker. Who helped me in the literature review part and guide me to get the Approval for the Ethical Research application. His comments and guidance helps me to make this report according to a professional standard. My thanks to all the lecturers and University staffs specially library staffs who guide me to get good online journals from the Student portal. In addition, thanks to the authors of articles and magazines which are really helps to my final Document. At last, I wish to thank my Colleagues, their reviews and proof reading about my project helps me to do more reliable and useful last time. 1 Introduction 1.1 Background Information At present world, widely the uses of software solutions for the companies are considerably increased. The reason is they might get whole solution for their entire services in a single software application rather than doing sub services. It will save lots of money, time and human resources, etc. Therefore most of companies are likes to computerize for their business operations. The melodius company Current situation is they do not have any improved technology. They are spending a lots money, time consuming, extra workers, etc to run their business operations. As a result of these the melodius company has decided to computerize their business. They are trying to make a new revolution in the video rental market. 1.2 Overview The melodius video rental (pvt) Ltd started its business operations as a small size in 2000.And gradually extend out their business to length and breath. Video rental main purpose is renting and selling Video DVDs, Audio CDs, etc. Purchase the products from the supplier and Allocates the products (CDs, DVDs) for sales and rental is the main area of concern for this company. Each staff of the company from top level to bottom level has a typical, free and unique role to play for their company needs. If we have a look in the project proposal ,the main aim of this project is carry out a deep investigation about rental, sales operations and resources allocation for an integrated Movie rental and sales system. The proposed software package gives some improved facilities to the Staffs and the users To run their business smoothly. This could be an entire solution for movie rental and sales functions problems. According the company needs operations are able to divide in to two main types. Such as Sales and Rental. At present the company keeps all the paperwork’s, documents in manual form. The Following modules are currently in process in the system, Member, Employee, Supplier, Sales, Rental, Payment, product. These existing operations are linked to each other of the modules. Due to these reasons, management faces lots of difficulty. Generally, the overall existing system is slow and unsystematic. The current system and those issues have driven to the top management (Owner of the business) in order to choose for an alternative option. That will enable the company to improve its operations and good progress. There for the management has decided to computerize their existing manual operations. Here my duties and responsibility was to develop a video rental system and sought out these kinds of administration problems, give freedom to the management level people and let them do their central part activities. Moreover, giving an excellent customer service and user friendly product. 1.3 Scope of the project At present in real world, the new technologies are developed in every field. According to these changes, we have to adjust our business activities. This project overall target was design an excellent desktop application and implement for the melodius video company. This helps a lot to the Management and the staff to work for this company freely and pleasurably. The main purpose of this project creates a user friendly, unique and modern software package. With higher security facility (User levels, Password encryption). Make easier to use the forms with navigate Buttons. User could feel free and comfortable when he uses the system. 1.4 Aims and Objectives When the project was begun its cover the whole business operations and benefits of the system. In order to achieve these benefits a few objectives were initialized. Such objectives are. A deep investigation about the existing manual system and their accessible process measurements. Write a system analysis report based on the system requirements Understand the requirements and the principles when developing a software application Design and develop a video rental system using software engineering techniques. Testing the video rental system using available accessible data. Evaluate the final product and think about new ideas to improve further development. 1.5 Project Management Methodology The successfulness of the project is depends on the selection of the technology, tools and how we are applied in the project. If we take our project, it was a long-term project and its takes more than six months time. The traditional waterfall model is most suitable for long time projects. According this project the waterfall model is most suitable. The following reasons are easy to identify the requirements that enable to develop the system is In. We require a life cycle system. That is before being the system; the requirements are studied through the interview. It is not need to make the changes in the system and it is not advisable while creating the system or modifies the system. Hence since the steps to create this system is in co-ordination with the waterfall model. Therefore I have chosen this waterfall model. Which is follows. The Waterfall Model Each stage related into the next Feedback in the Waterfall Model The Advantages of using waterfall model is By far the most commonly used approach up to now. The waterfall model underpins all the most widely used methods. The stages are clear-cut. The innovative ideas were behind that documents are produced at each stage Consequently preferred by managers as easy to manage. All research and design done before coding starts, it means better quality program design. Well suited for developing stable and well understood computer-based applications. Feasibility study This feasibility study main aim is depth analysis and decides the melodius video rental company and about its businesses operations whether it will be operationally, financially or technically feasible to develop the software product. These studies involve analysis of current issues and gather the relevant information’s. Here I have selected three important types of studies for measure the system success as the operational feasibility, technical feasibility, and economical feasibility. Operational feasibility The operational feasibility is discuses about the company performance, information, economy and control. 1. The management is not happy with existing the manual system. Because that is very slow and it is having many mistakes. So he doesn’t like to work with the manual system. 2. The manager is unable to produce the day to day transactions and other business information from the departments. 3. They have to spend more time consuming to send information and to get information from the other departments. 4. Receipts or invoices are not in a clear format, when giving after the business transaction to a customer or supplier. 5. The economy level is poor which means it’s hard to get good benefits from the system. Because of the resources (Rental, communication, and electricity bill) cost is very high now days. For these reasons they have to reduce the cost. In order to increase the benefits. 6. The business data’s handling is not a secure way. Anyone can handle the records. And higher possibility of data loses. 7. The management have to spend more time to search the information and produce the reports about their transactions. 8. The existing manual system is not flexible and more complicated there for they must have to computerize the existing system. Technical feasibility The technical feasibility analysis, what the technical resources are available in the system, and what are the technical resources are need for the new computerized the system. Available technical resource: Air conditions facilities, Fans, Tables, Chairs, Shelf’s They have limited technical resources. Earlier they have done all operations manually so they didn’t need any technical resources. When they have work with computerized system they must need some all the relevant technical resources and the trained staffs. Following resources are needed in order to develop the system. Computers Processor: Pentium 2.2GHz or more Hard drive: 40GB or More. RAM: 512MB or more. Network cables switches CD-ROM drive. Monitor 15′ colour colour printer
OPIM 3103 UCONN Winter Holiday Specials Worksheet.

a. (5 points) Download the homework Excel data file and save the downloaded file as fac18002HW1.xlsx. The Excel file contains three worksheets, “Name and ID”, “Stacy’s Travel”, and “Salary”. b. (5 points) Enter your name and NetID in the “Name and ID” sheet;For sheet “Stacy’s Travel”, you are required to track all of the winter holiday specials that you sell as an agent at Stacy’s Travel Agency. Customers can purchase a package with or without airfare (flight). You are required to collect from each customer a down payment which is based on 15% of his/her total purchase amount. All customers are required to pay his/her balance after down payment on a monthly payment plan for one year, which you calculate based on a standard interest rate (shown in cell B3).c. (5 points) Assign the name “Specials” to range A16:C20;d. (5 points) Insert a function to display the current date in cell B2;e. (5 points) Use VLOOKUP function in column E for all customers to display the package cost for eachcustomer, based on their selected package (inside your VLOOKUP function, use range name“Specials” you defined in c. above);f. (10 points) In column F, use a combination of IF and VLOOKUP function to decide whether acustomer’s flight cost should be 0 (if the customer does not need a flight) or find and display the corresponding flight cost for the customer based on his/her selected package, again, use range name “Specials” you defined in c. above;g. (5 points) In column G, for each customer, calculate the total cost of the purchase;h. (5 points) In column H, for each customer, create a function to show the amount of down payment;i. (5 points) In column I, for each customer, create a function to display the balance, which is thedifference between the total purchase cost and the down payment;j. (5 points) In column J, for each customer, create a function to calculate the customer’s monthlypayment, using appropriate relative and absolute cell references. Monthly payments are based on 12 months and the standard interest rate displayed in cell B3 (use cell address, do not directly type this interest rate in your formula);k. (5 points) In cell J16, use COUNIF function to display the total number of customers who need flight;l. (5 points) In cell J17, use a combination of the functions MAX, INDEX, and MATCH to display thecustomer name with the highest total purchase cost;m. (5 points) Format all monetary values to be currency (USD) with 2 decimal digits (if you chooseaccounting format, the cells with 0 flight cost will automatically change to “$ -“, which is ok);n. (5 points) Create a 3-D Pie Chart (position it anywhere on the sheet) to display the Total Purchase Cost (in terms of %) for each customer. The chart looks similar to the following. Use Chart Style 4.The sheet “Salary” stores employee information for a company. Your job is to help the company achieve the following tasks:o. (5 points) Insert a “Pay Grade” column between Salary and Performance. Create a formula for the Pay Grade column to decide whether an employee’s salary is either “High” or “Low”. If an employee’s salary is greater than or equal to the average salary of all employees, the pay grade is “High”, otherwise it’s “Low”. Use a formula to do this, do not manually enter “High” or “Low” for each employee;p. (10 points) Design a mechanism for the user to find a particular employee by enter her ID. See the screenshot below.The user enters an employee ID into cell L2, then cells L4, L5, L6, L7, and L8 should display the employee’s first name, last name, gender, pay grade, and performance. Note: you can decide to use either Vlookup or a combination of Index and Match to design this search mechanism;q. (10 points) Continue from p above, in cell L10 create a function to decide whether the found employee deserves a raise. The criteria is, if the employee’s Pay Grade is “Low”, and the Performance is “Excellent”, then the employee deserves a raise (put a “Yes” here). Otherwise, no raise (put a “No” here).
OPIM 3103 UCONN Winter Holiday Specials Worksheet

FPSY 6101 Walden University Week 6 California Juvenile Justice Codes Case Study.

States’ Juvenile Justice Codes

Most states’ juvenile justice codes are similar. However, there are some differences in legal requirements and sentencing for persons under the age of 18. For example, a state’s Three Strikes law may or may not take into account felonies committed while still a juvenile. Other states may require psychological evaluations prior to sentencing. Often the services that are offered to an offending juvenile depend on the city’s, county’s, or state’s resources (which include money). In this Discussion, you become familiar with your state’s juvenile justice code and apply specific rules and regulations to a specific case study.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the selected pages in Chapter 13 in Introduction to Forensic Psychology. Pay attention to the history and role of the Juvenile Court.
Consider the process of juvenile assessment engaged in by the forensic psychology professional.
Review Chapter 7 in Introduction to Forensic Psychology. Consider the definition of juvenile delinquency and the nature and extent of juvenile offending.
Review Chapter 13 in Introduction to Forensic Psychology and consider the approaches to rehabilitating juvenile criminals.
Review this week’s case study.
Do an Internet search for your state’s juvenile justice code. (Note: It may be helpful to search first for the justice code of your state. Then within that code, search more specifically for “Juvenile.”)
Review your state’s juvenile justice code and find out how it might handle the alleged perpetrator in the case study.
Identify two specific rules or regulations from your state’s juvenile justice code that would address the situation in the case study. (Examples might include the age limits in your state for transfer to adult court, how your state’s juvenile justice code handles questioned competency to stand trial, who can request an evaluation of competency to stand trial for a juvenile, the limits of incarceration of a juvenile, etc.)


Post by Day 4 two specific rules or regulations from you state’s juvenile justice code that relate to the alleged perpetrator in the case study. Explain how the rules or regulations relate to and would address the situation in the case study.

FPSY 6101 Walden University Week 6 California Juvenile Justice Codes Case Study

Economic Conditions And Effect To Airlines Industry Tourism Essay

Economic Conditions And Effect To Airlines Industry Tourism Essay. Airlines industry is a huge and growing industry. It is known as a services provider industry. Airline is not just only the airplane; it includes many elements like business aircraft, military program, and recreational aircraft and it provides services to passenger or cargos. The outcome of growing and the working of airlines industry are always unexpected because it is full of challenge and variables conditions. Air travel industry is a special industry to the global, because it is always grow along with the economics. Somebody describes the importance of airlines industry as “no airlines, no globalization, and no new era”, this has showed how much is the importance airline industry to us. Airlines industry is a complicated industry; we briefly say that airlines industry is under an oligopoly market structure. The explanation of oligopoly is an economic condition that only few service or product suppliers in the market and one of the supplier actions can perceive significant impact from its competitor in the same market. Thus, since a firm of carriers provides a new action and it will always taken by competitors, and soon affect the outcomes of whole market, therefore, firms in this industry are interdependent and airlines industry is a high competition market. It is also one of the most fragile industry, many things can affect their performance from SARS, 911, economic crisis and even weather conditions. The airlines industry has seen some positive effect currently which resulted in them forecasting a better forecast. Many factors could have affected the changes; we will discuss some of it below Changes in economic conditions and effect to airlines industry. As the world pick up from the economic crisis the traffic increases significantly. The demands for business travelers to individual travelers went up. During the economic crisis most carriers gone through restructuring and implement cost cutting measures so when the business pick up they will see that their profit margin is better than what they use to have before the crisis. Currently, the economy is expected to post up a profit of 2.5 billion for 2010 as it is recovering from the two years of ailing business. This is due to the increase of passengers, increase of cargo trade and effective cost measures taken my responsible parties to encounter the problem. Which means there is an increase in people’s standard of living as they can afford to travel; therefore there is a tremendous increase in the tourism industry which positively affects the air travel demand. Previously, industry prediction predicted that the economy would encounter a loss of 2.8 billion because assumption made that in 2009 and 2008 which was during the year of economic downturn, there was a loss of 9.9 billion and 16 billion respectively. However, the result was a positive one in 2010 for the airline industry. Passengers traffic has actually increased up to 7.1 % when it was predicted only an increase of 5.6% and that the demand grew twice as the supply. For example, a venture of C$1,805 million at Vancouver airport was approximate to have led to a 5.4% boost in connection with Canada as a whole. Therefore, airline deregulation can help sustain an increase in air transport connectivity as it is spread to industrialize world affecting domestic air travel. The increase in airline operation and services provides a growth of 5 % per year and also an increase of GDP twice as much. Moreover, it’s also expected to grow for the next ten to fifteen years. It also provides the flexibility for airlines to adjust capacity properly to meet changes in the market demand. By way of example, the expansion in air services between Poland and the UK since 2003 has increased connectivity as a percentage of GDP by 27% for Poland, whereas the increase in the UK was a much smaller 0.5%. This shows that there is a long term boost of 634 billion and 45 billion for both countries respectively. Another positive factor which affected the changes in airline industry is the price of fuel. Although there is an increase in fuel price, several airlines such as the southern west airline company does not seem to allow this worldwide issue to affect its company profit and revenue. As the tourism industry is starting to boom and growing faster, travelers and passengers are using flight services very often and if they raise the price of the air ticket, passengers will have to look for another cheaper transportation mode. Therefore, the airline company choose to dissolve their problem by minify the loss through management reinforcement, cost lowering and efficiency improving, but not simply raise the price. Airlines also took the approach differently by looking at similar measures to solve the problem of the increase of price fuel. Today’s collection of aircraft is nearly three times more fuel-efficient than the olden day’s aircraft we were operating at the time of the first OPEC fuel crisis. In fact, our fuel conservation efforts have resulted in most fuel-efficient automobiles. Therefore, there were changes in cruise speed, use of flight simulators, complicated flight planning systems, increasing load factors and the introduction of newer, more aerodynamic aircraft designs combined with modern engine technology as alternative measurements. With the high technology the world has created, this problem could be solved in different ways and means. Another good example is China encounter the problem of increase of fuel price by reducing domestic fuel price as 80% of their flights are domestic flying. This results in a lower profit and also a lower operating cost and also helps boost the nation airlines. Changes in Government Policies and effect to Airlines Industry Worldwide deregulations and liberalization In the past of the era, air travel industry is strictly controlled by government. No matters what the country is, government always involved in this industry, airlines almost operates and owns by government.Government used to decide how much is the airfares, control the route networks, and other requirements for each airlines company in the country. Now the time goes by, JAPAN, UK, US government start to deregulation their airlines to make the airlines market negotiate the price of ticket and operational requirements as a large free and manage these according to the demand of market. For example, united stated of American has hundred new airline firms enter the market due to result of deregulation. Hawaiian airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska airlines and Frontier airlines are the airlines available in American State of America. The global deregulation policy to the airlines industry has because the barriers to this industry become lower and make more qualified air travel company to enter the market. The competition in this market has increased and pricing freedom. Therefore, the supply has increase, will cause the price decrease and demand will increase, because the firms in airlines industry provide better service and incentive to attract the consumer choose airlines service to increase their profit. Despite the deregulation, global government has a trend to [open skies] agreement. These agreement is talking about between the country has a concord that air travel has the rights to fly over the country intermediate and beyond point. From the 1990’s, this agreement has become more common. At the April of 2007, United State of American has open skies agreement with European Union and this agreement have provided the right to transport passengers to a foreign country or international, under USA and EU open skies agreement, any airlines from EU and USA will be allow to fly from any city point within the European to any city in United State of American. This agreement has grounds the maximum flying flexibility to the airlines firm that has relevant and alliances because they can cut down their flying cost that include fuel fare, service cost and other opportunity cost. Demand and Supply curveUntitled.png Changes in technology and effects to airlines industry. The changes in technology are provides a obvious effect in airlines industry, the common of internet use has help the airlines company to promote their service and make their air ticket selling become easier to air travelers. In the 80s till 90s, the revenue of Airlines Company was depending on travel agent. Consumers no need to go to airlines company agent to buy ticket, in the past, customers are expected to wait at least three days to get the proceed of air ticket. In this era, they can make the booking on airlines company internet, the only they need to do is print out a page and pass to counter at airport. The buying processes can be done in an hour. Airlines Company can save the operation cost in selling ticket. Despite the internet convenience, the technology in design and aero plane engineering has been improved, more safety in flying. To this result, air travelers do prefer to take a fly as because it is more safety than past. Due to the convenience and safety in flying, consumers has bigger willing to choose air travel as their transport. Demand and Supply curve: show the improvement in technology has increase the demand for airlines service. Untitled.png Economic Conditions And Effect To Airlines Industry Tourism Essay

NUR 3643 Rasmussen University Theory Development in Nursing Discussion

assignment writer NUR 3643 Rasmussen University Theory Development in Nursing Discussion.

Areas for reflection:

Describe how you achieved each course competency including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to that competency
Describe how you achieved the transferable skill, Information Literacy, including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to the transferable skill
Describe how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.

Course Competencies

Describe theory development in nursing.
Identify the major concepts of selected nursing theories.
Differentiate the components of the research process.
Compare research methodologies.
Explain the relationship between research, theory, and evidence based practice.
Propose an evidence-based solution aligned with an evidence-based practice question.

NUR 3643 Rasmussen University Theory Development in Nursing Discussion

LBS 3468 Miami Dade College Power Based Resolution in Mediation Discussion

LBS 3468 Miami Dade College Power Based Resolution in Mediation Discussion.

I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

First, watch the following video to see how a mediation session is conducted. What are your thoughts or impressions about mediation as a means of resolving disputes? What resonated with you?Next , now that you have read chapter 1, answer the following questions: What types of disputes would be inappropriate for power-based resolution? What can happen to the parties afterwards?What is your own experience about being in a dispute “solved” using power against your rights?What do you need to evaluate before engaging in an interest-based negotiation as a party? How this analysis can affect your results?If you are watching a mediation and see power over used against one party, which one of the principles of mediation do you see violated? a: self-determination b: voluntariness c: confidentiality
LBS 3468 Miami Dade College Power Based Resolution in Mediation Discussion

DS 612 SFSU Prediction of Heart Disease Paper

DS 612 SFSU Prediction of Heart Disease Paper.

I’m working on a r project and need support to help me understand better.

Project Deliverables:1. Proposal (30%): Each Person is expected to come up with his/her research question, identify their data source, and a summary of their variables in this stage. You can use up to 500 words for your proposal. 2. Final Report (70%): The main body of your report should be word-processed and should not be written using statistical terminology. The first page should be an executive summary. The page limit for the report (main body, technical appendix, graphs) is 10 pages. You must submit the original data set and your R code alongside your final report. You can use any source of data as long as they are free and publicly available. For instance, you can try: http://lib.stat.cmu.edu may also use datasets available on R. You cannot use datasets that are used during the class (i.e. in lectures and/or assignments).
DS 612 SFSU Prediction of Heart Disease Paper