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Victimization in the Criminal Justice System college essay help service Psychology online class help

The information is analyzed thoroughly because this survey is a sample of the victimization throughout the nation as a whole. This helps give us a look at the “dark corner or crime” and gain a better knowledge on how to recognize crime victims. The data collected from the NCVS shows that there are nearly 23 million victimizations each year. It also helps us understand the social and demographic characteristics of crime victims. There are many characteristics of victims that contribute to the cause of victimization and the likelihood that it will occur.

These factors are; gender, age, race, income, marital status, and ecological factors. Victimization affects a person physically, emotionally, and financially. Physically, it may result in injury to the victim, causing hospitalization, or death. Emotionally, it can cause serious trauma to the victim. Financially, a victim may suffer from lost wages due to injuries, making them suffer from the cost of medical bills too, and property damage will also drag a victim down financially.

For ages the Criminal Justice System has been attacked for its lack or empathy and treatment for a victim, this is known as being twice victimized, and because a victim plays an important role in convicting the offender, and the horrible aftermath of victimization the Criminal Justice System is attempting to help crime victims. Several steps have been set up to help crime victims. The first is mandated sensitivity training for law enforcement, to help eliminate the heat for twice victimized members of ociety. Personnel changes also take place; advocates are brought in to help the victims. Victims Compensation Programs were set up; this allows a victim to obtain money for any lost or stolen property, as well as medical bills. Son of Sam Laws were put in place so that an offender may not profit from their crimes by selling their story. These laws allow states to take away any money earned from a deal to help the criminal’s victim.

The last step in place to help aid a victim is known as victims impact statements are written or oral statements which allow a victim or a crime, or their family members to speak at the sentencing of or parole hearing of their attackers. New and improved technologies are constantly being developed to help aid the Criminal Justice System daily, and more knowledge of victimization is developed through this. These new discoveries will only help improve these programs by the masses. Until then the Criminal Justice System must continue to help aid these victims to the best of their abilities.

Accident Report for Human Factors

Accident Report for Human Factors.


Select an aircraft accident from or another source.

The accident should have human factors as a causal or contributing factor. It can be a commercial airline, corporate or private aircraft accident. As long as there is enough supporting data to write a thorough report.

You may choose the accident you want to study from any source, but there must be NTSB evidence cited in your report.


Present the following in your paper:

Sequence of events

Describe the role human factors or physiology as a causal or contributing factor to the accident. Use what you’ve learned in the course such as hypoxia and apply it to the accident you’re researching.

I don’t want a simple regurgitation of the facts of the accident. What I am looking for, and the bulk of what your paper will be evaluated on, is what YOU think about the accident from a human factors standpoint and what could be done to prevent a similar accident from recurring. I can read someone else’s ideas on the internet. I want YOUR thoughts, even if they don’t agree with the accident findings.

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