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Vegetable Supply Chain in Sri Lanka essay help online Public Relations essay help

Main elements of food supply chain are production, supply, inventory, location, transportation & information. This report is based on the field visit to Nuwara Eliya and we visited farmers & cultivations at kandapola. In order to gathered information regarding to practical usage of vegetable supply chain & the issues they faced, we interviewed Mr. Hemasiri as for our famer. Among other vegetables we selected leek cultivation, as for our crop. This report identifies the supply chain of leek cultivation & the issues faced by famers in Kandapola area. Then we recommend some propose some suggestion as final part in this project.

Actually, our anticipation is thought this project, provide better conception about vegetable supply chain. Vegetable supply chain Vegetable supply chain is the process of moving vegetable from farmers to end customers. Here end customer means final consumer, restaurant or a hotel. It is shifting toward interconnected systems with a large variety of complex relationships. Changes in sourcing, producing and marketing as a result of the increased globalization of food trade, leads to exposure to new risks and greater potential consequences of food -borne illness outbreaks.

During the last decade, concerns about food quality and food safety have risen among consumers. Farmers in intensive vegetable cultivation regions of up country or central province know well the requirements for planting safe vegetables. But in order to apply strictly these requirements, they must be very confident of the outlets because they have to pay costs and investment (net house, fertilizer etc. ). So there for they should concern about supply chain management concepts for cultivation. A vegetable supply chain system comprises organizations that are responsible for the production and distribution of vegetable products.

In general, we distinguish two main Types: 1. ‘Vegetable supply chains for fresh agricultural products (such as fresh vegetables, fruit). In general, these chains may comprise growers, auctions, wholesalers, importers and exporters, retailers and specialty shops and their input and service suppliers. Basically, all of these stages leave the intrinsic characteristics of the product grown or produced untouched. The main processes are the handling, conditioned storing, packing, transportation and especially trading of these goods. 2. ‘Vegetable supply chains for processed food products’ (snacks, juices, desserts, canned food products).

In these chains, agricultural products are used as raw materials for producing consumer products with higher added value. In most cases, conservation and conditioning processes extend the shelf-life of the products. Participants in both types of chains, e. g. farmers, traders, processors, retailers, etc. Understand that original good quality products can be subject to quality decay because of an inadequate action of another participant. For example, when a farmer keeps their harvest for pick-up on a roadside, under the sun, without any cover, there will be a loss of quality that may even render the raw material unfit for processing.

Discussion Post on Death Penalty

Introduction To The Death Penalty:The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. The questions is whether the death penalty constitutes a cruel and unusual punishment.
Those who support the death penalty often argue that some crimes are so heinous and so cruel that the only way to get justice is through the death penalty. It is argued that the only way to give families of victims of these types of crimes closure is through the death penalty. Proponents also argue that some that some prisoners are so dangerous that the death penalty actually protects other prisoners and guards from these criminals. They are isolated in special wings of the prison away from the general prison population and eventually removed from the face of the earth. Lastly they argue that the death penalty works as a deterrent for future murders. Criminals may think twice before committing such terrible acts if they know they may be put to death if caught.
Those who are against the death penalty sometimes do so on moral and religious grounds. They believe that it is not the states place to take human life and that it is god alone who can make such judgement. Under this view they believe that all life is sacred and that by taking the life of a murderer you’ve only caused others to become murderers. The death penalty cannot change the number of murderers on the earth, in fact in some cases it will only in crease that number of murderers. They ask “do the 12 jury members and the executioner who put someone to death become murderers?” Opponents also argue that the system is imperfect and we will sentence and execute innocent people. They don’t believe there is any acceptable level of error. What is an acceptable margin or error 1% or 10%. Lastly they argue that the system itself is unfair and is biased against African Americans.
Instructions:Watch the video below. 100 word minimum response. 50 word minimum reply.
Answer the following two questions:Why do you think the United States still uses the death penalty when so many developed democratic nations have banned it?
Do you believe the Death Penalty brings closure to murder victims loved ones?
Do you think the U.S. should continue to use the Death Penalty or do you believe it should be abolished? Why?
Reply:Hi everyone!To begin with, based on the video, the US still allows the death penalty for the three reasons mentioned: cost, closure for the families and deterrent for other criminals, and for the fact that is not necessarily unconstitutional. For cost, the main argument is that it is more expensive to have someone in prison for life then it is for them to just put them on death row. Secondly, when, for instance, a murderer is executed, it provides the family closure to see that the murderer of their loved one received an equal punishment for his/her crime. Additionally, other people can see what the consequences were for a murderer and might think twice before committing a similar crime. Lastly, because the death penalty already existed when the 8th amendment was written and it was never directly called out, the death penalty is not considered illegal or unconstitutional, therefore the government has no issues with keeping it up. Personally, I don’t think the death penalty brings closure to the family. Like the video mentioned, executing the murderer doesn’t bring the victim back to life, so I don’t see a real purpose to it. I think that the death penalty should be abolished. I think that death is like an easy way out for those criminals that did something bad, like murder. I feel like it is better to let them reflect on what they did in prison for life, then just letting them escape everything through death. Additionally, I just don’t think that humans have the right to take away someone’s life. The idea of executing someone, regardless of how bad their crime was, doesn’t sit right with me and my way of thinking; I would prefer that the death penalty no longer existed.Reply: Hi everyone, I personally think that the video was talking about the United States are still allowing the death penalty. The reason why is because of the cost, closure for families, people who actually deserve death, and it’s not a necessary unconstitutional thing. The reason for cost is cause of the main argument is that it’s more expensive to have a person in prison for life them having them on death row. Also if a murderer is killed, it could help the family see what the murder has received and show their love ones the punishment’s he/she deserves. Plus, other people can also see the consequences that the murder could think twice before doing the same crime as the other murderer has done. And last, the death penalty has already been existed since the 8th amendment’s been written. It was never really called out though the death penalty wasn’t considered as a illegal thing thing so they just kept it. I really think that the death penalty brings families farther and closer way from each other. Even the video said something like killing the murderer, can’t make the victims come back to life. I think that there is no reason for having the death penalty. Death is one of things that once done, there is no going back. I mean it easy for people because if the murderer keeps on killing people, that the only way they can think of. Even if they put them in jail to reflect on their actions, some don’t reflect and once they get out the number of deaths will increase and more victims are being created. Killing a murderer is as bad as killing a victim. I think that they should get rid of the death penalty.