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Values in Workplace Essay

Values are worth holding to in the workplace as they are beneficial to the company. It is vital to define what work values are. To me, and to some researchers, work values are ideologies and beliefs about a career experience held by an individual and a measure of how far these people feel content with their current status. This almost entirely differs among individuals, mostly because of the gap that exists between people’s goals and objectives in life. However, there are some work values that get universal acceptance and are regarded as crucial and worth having despite the set goals and objectives. These include honesty, time consciousness, readiness to learn, accessibility, self-motivation and loyalty to the career for better performance. Some companies strive for setting universal values for the leaders and staff to follow if the company’s goals and objectives are to be met. This may not be such a good idea as just a small deviation from the values puts the company on a scale. The major focus of this is to maintain employees, focus and set a stress free working environment for them, improve relations and cooperation among departments and break excessive bureaucracies. It also instills positive working attitudes of the employees and gives them positive momentum to keep going. The spirit of teamwork is a very essential spirit in career exploration. This is so especially since it enables one to show compassion and respect to other team members and leaders. This extends to further respecting participation from other people hence appreciating their efforts. Such a spirit provokes unity and accountability. This attitude stems from the recognition and appreciation of individual ability and diversity as being so crucial in fostering synchronization and open-ended communication. With such a working environment, there is enhancement of productivity and customer satisfaction. Therefore, maintenance becomes a possibility. Good communication skill is another value that is essential, but employees often ignore it. It is a value that calls professionals to be open-minded in thinking and speaking, be honest in what they say and act in a supportive manner especially to customers. There has to be some sense of integrity in one’s speech to gain trust and entice others to listen to them. Such a value stems from an individual who has self-confidence and is sensitive to the company’s issues. This encourages creativity and innovation as the employees exchange thoughts and ideas. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Respect is also a desirable value for employees in a workplace to co-exist effectively. This concerns both the internal and external environments of the workplace, right of fellow employees to other stakeholders. This is encouraged by personal integrity values held by individuals and plays a major role in ensuring cooperation among employees. Also, this is determined by the existing code of ethics that seeks to achieve a free atmosphere for expression and easy existence. In a work environment, people need to be self-driven into doing what they know is right and not for any other reasons but to achieve the company’s goals. Such a value can be called honesty, and it encourages employees to act and think honestly with no hidden motives. This can be obtained at ease if the concerned employees have some sense of integrity and follow the code of ethics. This pushes the customers and other stakeholders into corresponding reliability and credibility of the concerned parties. Having such values in the workplace and also among employees, is extremely important. First of all, it helps staff make the right choices of jobs in which workers are expected to be very productive. Being aware of whether one holds such values or not helps them to obtain the right jobs in which they cope without straining.
OU Improving Global Health.

The goal of this assignment is to get your thinking about all the concepts and issues we have discussed in this course. This week is about thought – about figuring out what you think the biggest problems/issues are in global health, and being able to articulate that. Pretend that you are a multi-billionaire (like Bill and Melinda Gates) and you have a change to change the world. Bill and Melinda Gates have given this a lot of thought, as people in a position to make a difference, and they have had to come up with some conclusions about what their priorities will be. We are asking you to go through the same decision-making process. Each year, they put out an annual letter that reports on their progress but they also highlight what their priorities are. They use research and data to justify their use of funds. You can read through some of their letters here by clicking on this link: We are not asking that you copy exactly what they have done, rather that you use their letters as a way to decide where to start with your own essay and statement. If you had the resources, how would you decide where to start in improving global health? What principles would you apply? What data do you need to justify the use of your multi-billion dollar funds? For this assignment, you need to come up with a 5-paragraph essay that lays out, with thoughtful justification, what your top 3 global health priorities would be. Use the readings in class, but also use the library and web research to help you justify your position. You will be graded not on a right answer so much as a thoughtful and well presented one.To download the grading sheet that will be used for this assignment, click on the attachment link: Grading Rubric.docx
OU Improving Global Health

It is fair to say that internet has revolutionized the way we buy airline tickets or choose our holidays. The internet is responsible for a major shift in airline and travel industry. This was not the same some years before as when the internet was in its infancy, the main problem of booking airline ticket online was to find out what you are looking for and also having the confidence to buy it online due to the money involved in it. Booking tickets online is not something that is uncommon these days. But nowadays it has become like a second nature for large number of people to open up the search engines and purchase all kind of things from electronic items, foods to air tickets. “David J” The success of internet giants like Amazon and eBay with its secured payment systems like PayPal has given confidence to the buyers to purchase things online and today almost everyone knows the advantages and benefits of buying flight tickets online for the domestic as well as international travel. Although it’s not very easy task but the airline and travel agent websites has made internet travel booking so simple that even a person with little computer knowledge can purchase cheap tickets online and enjoy benefits. Quick booking facilities and best profitable bargains can be enjoyed at the ease of sitting at home rather than standing in queues for hours on airline ticket counters. The online buyer can easily compare the airfares of different airlines and can choose the best bargain and online booking is the best solution to get cheap flights tickets and also the best travel solution for those travelers who cannot afford to spend too much on traveling. “David J” And cheap tickets are not hard to find now, it’s easily available online through the convenience of doing it at home rather than visiting a travel agent or airline office to book it and within few clicks tickets can be booked using your credit or debit card and within few days the e-ticket is delivered in your mailbox and at your correspondence address. Today there are lots of other websites other than airline official websites where the travelers can book their tickets and these websites are designed in such a way that a traveler has to just specify the date of travel and destination and the search engine within that websites pick up the best deals and the discounted offers from any airline. In recent times there are lot many deals offered by airline companies and travel agents exclusively for online booking, which is one of the another reason to book tickets online. “” The advantages of online booking or the services which the airline websites offers for online booking are discussed below Convenience Booking tickets online removes a lot of direct or personal contact with the travel agents or airlines as booking the ticket on the window counter of airlines sometimes requires a long time waiting in queue and airline reservation over the telephone often requires dialing the customer care number of particular airline or travel agent and then selecting the complicated options and then waiting in queue to talk to the customer service representative of that company. Booking online eliminates all this layers of difficultly and provides ease to customers to book ticket their anytime whether day or night and online reservation also provides the convenience of electronically check in for the flight sitting at home and can choose their seats in accordance to their comfort. Security Booking online provides security as compared to traditional method of booking through call centre and when purchasing tickets through telephone, a customer has to provide the bank card or credit card details and other sensitive information to the person we don’t know but online booking is far more secure than it as when booking the ticket online, only information essential for the transaction is collected over a secure connection. Cost When the ticket is purchased online or a reservation is done online, the booking process is handled by automation services due to which travel companies can pass the savings to customers in the form of special discounted rates, coupons as there is no need to pay salary to employees. And many discount airlines provides special online fares which are available to customers who book their tickets online. Control One of the most compelling advantages of online booking is Control. A passenger can not only see the flight arrangements, but can also select his seat and choose his meal. As online booking doesn’t require any interactions with travel agent so the customer can search for more possible options and search different airlines fares at once for the specific destination. A traveler can also book his hotel online by seeing all the available rooms and can also check the rooms with its competitor for the best available option. “The Advantages of Online Booking |” Airlines offer a range of services to passengers who book their tickets online like: Airline credit cards: Many airlines offer airline credit cards like platinum and gold cards to their customers. These credit cards give additional services to the cardholders like excess baggage allowances, enrollment benefits and other privileges to cardholders. Mobile phone information services: Many airlines use mobile phone to keep their customers updated. They send instant flight status, flight alert and schedule on mobile phones. Thus this helps the customers to know instantly about the delays and cancellations of flights. Manage booking service: This online service enables the customers to provide their contact details and other information about their while booking their tickets online which can be later modified at any time, the modifications can be made as late as 24 hours before the departure date. Mobile Ticketing services: Now tickets can also be booked using mobile phone internet anytime and anywhere. Payments can be made, manage bookings, cancellation of bookings and refunds of payments. All this are possible using mobile internet services. Multi Journey: Some airlines also provide the option of breaking journey online. That means if a traveler is planning to tour another destination before reaching or returning to its destination, all the tickets can be booked at once. Hotel bookings: Some airlines also provides the facility of booking hotels on their websites which can help the traveler save time in searching for hotel booking and traveler can also rely on the hotel booking on the website of airline as that hotels are the airline trusted hotels. “” The process of online booking is quite simple but there few circumstances where the customers can gets frustrated while searching for the best deal. This can happen due to the lack of knowledge of right place where to search for cheap tickets and book tickets. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky as some people just end up with jumping from one website to other which consumes a lot of time and this make it hard to search the best deal available. One other problem which customer might face is as the transactions is carried online, the customer is not dealing with the real person so the customer might not get much help or assistance needed but if the customer is dealing with the travel agents, they might give suggestion regarding upcoming deals or cheaper deals in near future. To sum it up, the internet has completely changed the way the customers book their flights, buying tickets online has make life easier as the customer don’t have to go physically to the travel agent or airline office. Everything can be done at the comfort of the home and customers can also take advantage of the additional services offered by the airline companies exclusively for web. However searching for the ticket on the right website is of utmost important so that customer won’t end up in spending more time and still not getting the best deal available. Referencing “David J” “” “The Advantages of Online Booking |” “”

Saint Thomas University Week 7 Rectal Bleeding Clinical Experience Discussion

Saint Thomas University Week 7 Rectal Bleeding Clinical Experience Discussion.

Weekly Clinical Experience 7Describe your clinical experience for this week. Woman with 46 years came to the office with rectal bleeding. Did you face any challenges, any success? If so, what were they?Describe the assessment of a patient, detailing the signs and symptoms (S&S), assessment, plan of care, and possible differential diagnosis.What did you learn from this week’s clinical experience that can beneficial for you as an advanced practice nurse?Support your plan of care with the current peer-reviewed research guideline.Submission Instructions:Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources
Saint Thomas University Week 7 Rectal Bleeding Clinical Experience Discussion

Rutgers University Personality Type Results Paper

custom writing service Rutgers University Personality Type Results Paper.

Assignment #1 – Interests, Personality and Job SatisfactionHow do people choose their careers? What predicts whether people will be satisfied with their career choices? This assignment uses an assessment- Traitify. Traitify is a resource within Rutgers Handshake which takes personality into consideration when deciding on a career path. Step 1: Complete Traitify Assessment:Log onto your individual Handshake account using your NetIDOn the top of your home screen you will see a drop-down button titled “Career Center”On the “Career Center” page, choose Resources from ‘What can we help you find’This will redirect you to a page showing career related resources including TRAITIFY.Click the TRAITIFY link on the page. This will redirect you to the assessmentClick on ‘Access TRAITIFY’ and read the instructions in the small box before taking the assessment.Without over thinking, select ‘Me or Not Me’ as image relate or appeal to you and your work life.Step 2: Career Personality Worksheet and Reflection Paper:Review your individual reportWrite a 1 – 2 page paper in MS Word that addresses the following:Record the percentage for the seven different personality types.Which characteristics of your personality blend sound like you?Which characteristics of your personality blend DO NOT sound like you?Rank your Best Work Environments in the order most important to you.Overall, what were the largest insights you got about yourself from this assessment?Taken as a whole, in what ways was the assessment an accurate reflection of you? In what ways, if at all, was it incomplete or inaccurate?Describe any additional insights you got about yourself from the assessment to explore your interests, values, and emerging purpose.Knowing what you know now, describe the next steps you plan to take to further explore your interests, values, and overall sense of purpose.Step 3: Submit assignment on CanvasThese pics are my results of step1
Rutgers University Personality Type Results Paper

Gender-Based Principles of Economic Essay

The selected video is a news report called Car Shopping Secrets − Do Men or Women Pay More? It is about gender-based price discrimination in the automobile industry. According to researchers from Yale University, women are usually charged more than men when making car deals (Fix, 2015). This type of pricing disparity may be a manifestation of the social inequality in a broader sense. Since the given phenomenon has multiple implications including the economic and social ones, its investigation is of great interest. However, it is important to understand all pros and contras of the issue because the rates of unequal pricing incidence could have changed over time. By comprehending multiple facets of the problem, it will be possible to undertake appropriate actions to make favorable changes. In the video, a female and a male reporter visited ten same car dealers under disguise to identify if women are indeed charged more. The results were surprising as the findings obtained by researchers from Yale were not confirmed through this experiment. Four dealerships provided equal prices for both reporters, three dealers gave the female reporter a higher price, and three others gave a higher price to the male reporter. What is more important is that the prices for the man were on average $3,100 higher than for the woman. It means that car dealers may now have a different perception of female purchasers and acknowledge the significance of their role in making buying decisions. At the same time, the reverse gender-based discrimination can be observed as men can be charged more than women. A few of Mankiw’s economic principles can be applied to the case. The first one is that people face trade-offs. The video shows that there is a trade-off between the fair prices for females and discriminatory pricing for males. While for a long time, the attainment of equal pricing for people from different demographic backgrounds could be regarded as a goal, the reduction of female price discrimination could have led to an increase in the discriminatory pricing for other demographic groups as car dealers still want to increase profits. The second applicable principle is as follows: markets are a good way to organize economic activity. The principle suggests that resources can be distributed through prices, which, in their turn, are determined through buyer-seller interactions. Based on this, the fairer car prices for women may indicate a greater accessibility of the given population group to this type of resources, as well as their greater involvement in the economic activity within the market. As stated by D’Haultfoeuille, Durrmeyer, and Février (2014), gender is not the only characteristic upon which car retailers may discriminate prices nowadays: age, general appearance, car model, etc. can motivate dealers to give higher/lower prices to individuals as these features help guess the overall level of income. Pricing discrimination can benefit large car manufacturers and even some consumer groups that have higher welfare surplus gain because of it (middle-age, higher-income individuals). Nevertheless, pricing disparities inevitably induce financial losses to other consumers, e.g., lower-income, older adults (D’Haultfoeuille et al., 2014). According to Chandra, Gulati, and Sallee (2013), women’s bargaining power has increased along with the improvement in their educational and professional statuses. As a result of the changes, individual characteristics and negotiation abilities started to play a decisive role in determining the final price of a deal. These findings are consistent with the observations made in the video. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is possible to say that the situation with gender-based pricing discrimination is gradually improving. The change can be defined by the overall developmental trends in social, economic, and political environments. It is apparent that the situation in the macro-environment is interdependent with the way dealers set prices. Either way, the example of the automobile market shows that as pricing strategies become modified, more diverse individuals start to participate in economic activities. In this situation, individual characteristics of consumers obtain greater significance as retailers now pay more attention to a perceived level of income than gender when selecting a price. Thus, the ability to negotiate and the level of knowledge about the object of purchase can help win a good deal in the present-day market. References Chandra, A., Gulati, S.,

MAT 101 Excelsior College Percentage Calculation Number of Registered Nurses Problems

MAT 101 Excelsior College Percentage Calculation Number of Registered Nurses Problems.

Please see attachment for question. The report should be no more than 3 pages.Keep the following in mind to maximize credit for your write-up:Answer all parts of the problem.Write your solution in your own words. Show your justification for every step in your solution, using clear, mathematically accurate language. You can use phrases to explain your reasoning from step to step, but clearly state your final conclusions using complete English sentences (for example, “Jill needs to add 43 gallons of water to her pool”).Label all numbers with the units they represent (e.g., 0.3048 ft/meter).Type your write-up in MS Word and try to use the Equation Editor so that your equations are clear.
MAT 101 Excelsior College Percentage Calculation Number of Registered Nurses Problems

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