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1. 0 Export Container Loading Procedure The value chain is a business analysis that examines the development of competitive advantage. It contains a series of activities that create and build value in the business. Based on Value Chain analysis, managers can identify what activities would add value to the business and what activities are not efficient and effective, so that the company can improve those inefficient activities by investing integrated communication technologies.

According to Michael porter, the organisation is split into ‘primary activities’ and ‘support activities; the “primary activities” include: inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and services (maintenance). The “support activities” include: infrastructure management, human resource management, technology (R;D), and procurement (Porter, 1985). Before analyse the Linkage between these activities and the implementation of ICT in value chain, we need to briefly identify what activities Hilton hotel need to focus on. Here are the value chain activities that Hilton hotel focus on: Supportive activities ) Procurement. Hilton hotel have used IT technology to manage all purchasing of goods and services. The aim is to secure the lowest possible price for purchases of the highest possible quality. Normally the purchasing is done by either traditional way likes outsourcing or ePurchasing (using IT and web-based technologies to achieve procurement aims). In Hilton hotel purchasing department used a planning system such as ERP to manage its purchasing. The internet purchasing system makes Hilton can contact its suppliers immediately and the large database is always benefiting Hilton to reduce its suppliers bargaining power.

In recent, Hilton hotels agreed to purchased as much as ;1. 5 billions of bed sheets, pest control service and other items from an online suppliers “PurchasePro. com” (Weygand, Kimmel ; Kieso. 2010). 2) Technology Technology is an important source of competitive advantage. In hotel industry, the hotel always needs to make use of new technology to reduce costs and to protect and sustain competitive advantage. Hilton hotel spent huge money on Internet marketing activities and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Technology helped Hilton hotel to reduce the cost while maintain extreme high standard service. ) Human resource management Employees are an expensive and vital resource, especially in hotel industry, because hotel needed people to deliver its service. International organisation like Hilton hotel would used IT technology to manage recruitment and s election, training and development, and rewards and remuneration. Hilton hotel developed a system called Scorecard system. The Scorecard is the critical link in Hilton’s Value Chain, as it translates corporate strategic direction into property-level goals, thus linking long-term strategic objectives to short-term tactics (Hensdill, 2008).

It serves as a performance-reporting tool that combines financial and non-financial indicators to measure all staff performance. The Hilton Balanced Scorecard do the evaluation from top management to the front-line team members and all these measurement and score are linked to incentive bonuses, performance reviews, merit salary increases, and promotion, as a result, staff knows what the expectations are from Hilton hotel and how they are performing. This system created a hardworking and fair competition in company culture that can transfers to better overall company’s performance. ) Infrastructure Hilton hotel has more than 100 hotels facilities around the world, so that hilton hotel have a big company structures. Its general management, financial, accounting and planning management are essential to hotel business, because Hilton hotel must maintain a very high quality around the world. Therefore Hilton hotel used many ICT such as Database system, ERP system to maintain the infrastructure of the company. Primary activities: 1) Inbound and Outbound logistic

These activities are not the key activities that Hilton hotel focused on, because the hotel industry is focused on the services. Therefore, Hilton hotel put more focus on deliver excellent service and experience to customers. 2) Operation In hotel industry, operations means the whole process from customers enter the hotel to customers pay and exit the hotel. During this process, there are many Individual operations such as room service; the cleaning in hotel room or foods in restaurant is the whole operation to deliver excellent service to customers. 3) Marketing & Sales

Hilton hotel prepares the offering to meet the needs of targeted customers, thus marketing and sales focuses strongly upon marketing communications and the promotions mix. Hilton hotels had put huge resource on marketing and sales. Hilton hotel put a lot of advertisings on internet media and print magazine, because the brand image is very important to customers as the company have the ability to Hilton hotel understand that improve the perceived value of customer, then Hilton hotel can have 4) Service This includes all areas of service such as after-sales service, customer support, complaints handling, training and so on.

Hilton hotel also do very well in service area, for instance, Hilton hotel handles any complaints immediately, after handling, and then records complaints in database system as future reference which linked to Scorecard system. Reference 1) Hensdill, Cherie. May 2008. Hilton’s value -Creation Strategies Garner Real-World Results. Hotels Magazine 2) Porter, Michael. 1985. Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance. Free Press, New York 3) Weygandt, Jerry J. Kimmel, Paul D. Kieso Donald E. 2010. Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making. John Wiley &Sons 4)

Biomedical Ethics Reflection Essay 2

Biomedical Ethics Reflection Essay 2.

Beginning with the two opposing viewpoints on the topic of the moral permissibility of abortion explained in the text, complete and submit a short (750- to 1000-word) reflective research project in which you clearly state and defend a thesis on the topic. Your essay should make good use of the two articles from the text as well as two (2) of the assigned articles in the Abortion Review source linked in this module. The position you defend should be informed by a particular moral principle (moral principles were introduced in Module 1) and should make meaningful reference to the chapters from the textbook and the supplemental articles. You may also use additional academic resources. Be sure to cite all outside sources (including textbook readings, supplemental articles, and any additional research) used in developing your argument, using APA format. Your essay will be evaluated on your selection, interpretation, and application of the relevant moral principle (as well as the texts and articles that we have studied in this module) to support your argument. Evaluation of your word choice, spelling, and punctuation, as well as the organization of your essay, are included in the grade determination. Before you begin, please refer to the Reflection Essay rubric for comprehensive grading criteria. Finally, remember that while the empirical data and research are certainly relevant and important in this area, the thesis that you defend and the argument you submit are not empirical; you are developing and defending a normative argument about what is the morally correct position in this case. Caplan, A. & Arp, R. eds. (2014). Contemporary debates in bioethics. Wiley-Blackwell.

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