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valuation mergers question

valuation mergers question.

Maytake is negotiating a merger with Magic Check. In the merger Magic Check stockholders will receive shares of Maytake in exchange for their Magic Check shares. Maytake currently has 175M shares outstanding with a market price of $25 each, while Magic Check has 60M shares outstanding with a market price of $40 each. These prices correctly reflect their standalone values. Neither company has any debt or cash.(20 points) Magic Check says they want an exchange ratio of 1.8 Maytake shares per Magic Check share. What would the present value of synergies from the merger have to be in order for Maytake to break even at this exchange ratio?(20 points) Maytake is arguing that both companies will benefit significantly if they agree to exchange shares at a ratio based on the current market prices, i.e., 40/25 = 1.6 Maytake shares per Magic Check share. If you believe the merger will actually create $1 billion in present value of synergies, how much value will be created for Maytake’s shareholders if Magic Check agrees to this exchange ratio? (Give your answer in dollar, not percentage, terms.)
valuation mergers question

Writer’s Choice. Paper details We have stated that our primary theoretical framework in this course in Intersectionality, which states that we should not view identity as ‘either/or’ but rather ‘both/and’ across different categories. From this point of view, we must work hard analytically to understand an individual’s ‘Standpoint’ on the basis of their relationship to categories of identity. Selecting at least two of the major categories of your own identity, discuss how those categories have intersected to shape your own life experiences, and how your experiences may be similar or different from others on the basis of one or both of those categories. A good example if Sojourner Truth’s speech “Ain’t I a Woman,” in which she points out that her status as a woman of color means she is not included in many of the conversations her fellow white feminists were having at the time.Writer’s Choice
Glasgow Caledonian Next Generation Air Transportation System Case Analysis.

Read the assigned topics, then conduct further research into Next
Generation ATC System and Impacts as you will use this knowledge in
writing your Case Analysis (CA).You will research the FAA: Next Generation (NextGen) (Links to an external site.) Air Traffic Control (ATC) system and its impacts (proposed and otherwise) and provide an assessment.
Consider accessing the FAA website and scholarly journals to perform this task………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Provide a summation of the major facets of the proposed system. Note
those portions that are in operation and those not. (in Summary)

Identify the current Air Traffic Control (ATC) technology in use today for commercial and general aviation pilots. (in Summary)

What are the major problems being addressed? (in Problem)
What is the significance to the airline industry? To general aviation? (in Significance)

Explain ATC safety issues for aircraft and give examples. (include airport issues such as runway incursions). (in Significance)
Discuss the future of ATC, the NextGen System, and its proposed impacts. (in Significance)

Based on a review of all major issues, choose two and expound on solutions provided and possible additions. (in Alternatives)
Make your recommendation going forward based on lessons learned. Could something else be added? (in Recommendations)
………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Make sure you review this page as you do your research: FAA: New Technology. Submission Criteria:Write a 2-3 page case analysis these are including the reference page

Properly cite your sources using the APA current edition
Provide a Reference page
Appendices, as needed
Use resources from the major agencies and resources to support your work. Include these elements:SummaryProblemSignificance of the ProblemTwo Alternative ActionsTwo advantages and disadvantages per alternative actionA RecommendationReference pageI have attached an example showing you. I want you to create the same shape as in the example. Three pages including the reference , please file Word.The paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin so make sure that every thing is good. Please answer all questions with absolute clarity. Please answer each section clearly, according to the questions asked.
Glasgow Caledonian Next Generation Air Transportation System Case Analysis

Engineering homework help

Engineering homework help. QUESTION 1In general, the best persuasive messages ________ the audience’s potential resistance.avoid mentioningÿdownplayanticipate and addressdismisslampoonQUESTION 2If a supervisor approaches a worker who consistently arrives late by saying, “I know you don’t want to have your pay docked,” the supervisor is addressing the worker’s need forsafety and security.acceptance.status and esteem.self-actualization.power and control.QUESTION 3The purpose of the interest section of a persuasive message is tocapture attention.explain the relevance of your message to your audience.increase the audience’s desire to take the action recommended in the message.get the reader to act immediately.coax the audience into thinking what you’re about to say is insignificant.QUESTION 4Using the AIDA approach with online social mediais no different than using the AIDA plan in traditional media.relies on a “We talk, you listen” model.requires a conversational, interactive way of operating.allows for carefully controlled conversations and interactions.depends on an all-or-nothing, hard-sell approach.QUESTION 5One way to overcome audience resistance to your message is touse the hard-sell approach.present all sides of the issue before making the case for your position.emphasize your impeccable logic.speak negatively about your all of the above.QUESTION 6The desire phase of a conventional marketing or sales message shouldcut through “the clutter” to get your audience’s interest in the product or service that the message is promoting.expand on your explanation of how what you’re selling will benefit the audience.include a persuasive and persistent call to action.oversell the benefits of your product or service.QUESTION 7Which of the following would not be an effective technique for gaining audience attention in sales messages?Stating your product’s strongest benefitEmphasizing how badly you need to make some salesExplaining how your product offers a solution to a problemPromising savingsGiving insider informationQUESTION 8An ethical persuasive argumentis a contradiction in terms.focuses on how the audience’s actions will benefit the sender.includes any evidence the sender can come up with, whether or not it’s relevant.influences audience members by providing information that gives them freedom to choose.requires admitting up front that you stand to gain a lot if the audience complies.QUESTION 9In persuasive messages, limiting your scopeis less important than in other types of messages.reduces the likelihood that your audience will be critical if your audience is to understand and accept your unnecessary, since audiences expect these messages to be long.can reduce the effectiveness of your argument.QUESTION 10Using simple language in persuasive messageshelps avoid suspicions of fantastic claims and emotional manipulation.reduces your credibility, since jargon and complex terminology are impressive.confuses the audience, since they expect you to show how much you harmful when addressing external fine as long as you overwhelm the audience with complicated charts and diagrams.QUESTION 11The primary difference between a marketing message and a sales message isso insignificant that the two can be used interchangeably.that a sales message asks potential buyers to make a purchase decision right away.that sales messages are longer.that marketing messages are more aggressive.that marketing messages are more difficult to compose.QUESTION 12Regarding persuasive messages in social media, the AIDA approach is limited because itcultivates long-term relationships.focuses on one-time events.lacks useful persuasive elements.uses a multidirectional, conversational approach.seeks input and feedback from customers.QUESTION 13When you’re writing promotional messages for social media, use ________ to initiate and facilitate discussions in your networked community.traditional promotionsbait-and-switch tacticsopt-in scenariosstealth marketingconversation marketingEngineering homework help

ENGL 2131 South Georgia College Story Written by Herman Melville Discussion

nursing essay writing service ENGL 2131 South Georgia College Story Written by Herman Melville Discussion.

I’m working on a literature writing question and need support to help me understand better.

1. Why did Bartleby “prefer not to?” This is both a philosophical and an economic concern; addressboth in your writing.2.What would you do if one of your employees “preferred not to?” This question shall not be answered with one sentence: “I’d fire him.” Maybe you would, but why? The answer to this question will explore your choice and your own psychology as to why you would take whatever action you describe.3.What was the main point Melville intended with this story? Again, must be a thoughtful answer.In your answer to this question you must use quotes from the text to set up your claim, and then you must write a clear and complete argument to justify your claim.
ENGL 2131 South Georgia College Story Written by Herman Melville Discussion

Negotiation Role in Communications Essay

Negotiation Role in Communications Essay. Negotiation is an important way of addressing different situations that we face in our daily lives. It is a skill that almost everybody uses in life. Negotiations range from negotiating on deals for products being purchased, family negotiations on different issues that arise and controversial matters that require consensus (Kopf, 2011). As a result, negotiation is important for everyone disregarding what they do in life since every aspect of life requires it. There are some situations that require us to make our own decisions while others involve several parties who deliberate to reach a common ground. However, negotiation processes are not always easy since they may be faced with difficult decisions that deter progress (Davis, 2007). This essay will describe a real-life situation where a deadlock may be reached and how a third party intervener can help to resolve the problem. Most real-life situations that lead to difficult negotiations are family matters. This is because any decision that is made in a family and especially between married couples must be agreed upon. Fathers or mothers cannot make major decisions touching on family matters without consulting each other to get their views and perspectives on the issues. One of the real-life situations where a deadlock could be hit is the decision to transfer children from day schools to boarding schools. Both parents have a responsibility to take care of their children hence taking them to either boarding or a day school is a decision that should be agreed upon by both parents. Consequently, negotiation plays an important role in such a scenario to reach an agreement. The negotiation process starts by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of boarding and day schools and how they affect the children. There are certain benefits that children who go to boarding schools reap as opposed to their colleagues who attend day schools. For instance, the father may argue that children get exposed at a young age and learn how to be independent and do things for themselves. On the other hand, the mother might argue that this denies children an opportunity to interact closely with their parents. Their view is that parental love and guidance is very important for children during their formative years since it instills the right values in them. In addition, fathers may raise another concern that, when children are taken to boarding schools, they allow parents to get involved in many other things that would not have been possible if the children were in day schools. On the contrary, mothers look at this argument as absconding parental duties because children are supposed to remain close to their parents during their formative years (Hall, 2003). This is a difficult negotiation process because both parents may have conflicting perspectives on boarding vs. day schools for their children. After discussing for a reasonable duration of time, it will emerge that they cannot agree on the best option to take hence, their negotiation process hits a deadlock. Deadlocks make the progress of negotiations impossible, and this may require the services of a third party intervener (Carter, 2003). In this situation, he/she will assume a neutral position and show both parents the negative and positive side of each available option. One of the factors that may lead to a deadlock as the parents negotiate is that they may be interested in the positive side of the option each of them supports without looking at the negatives. A third party intervener will help the negotiators to look at the negotiation process holistically. References Carter, J. (2003). Negotiation: The Alternative to Hostility. New York: Mercer University Press. Davis, J. (2007). Five Steps to Better Family Negotiations. Hall, L. (2003). Negotiation: strategies for mutual gain. New York: Sage. Kopf, E. (2011). Keeping Cool: The Art of Family Negotiations. Negotiation Role in Communications Essay

Art History

Please answer each question as a separate paper. Thank you.

#1. Discuss the development of Egyptian funerary practices and its related imagery.#2. Discuss some of the building innovations of the Romans.#3. How do representations of Buddha differ throughout South and Southeast Asia?#4. What was the impact of the Black Death on the arts in fourteenth-century Europe?

Book: Art History Vol. 1Marilyn Stokstad & Michael W. Cothren, 2018

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