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Using The Over Arching Theme for A life Even college admission essay help houston tx Python homework help

Psychology Final Life Event Using The Over Arching Theme I have decided to use the life event of “Being a Child of Drug Addicted Parents”. The Biological effects this could have on a young girl are that the child will not receive proper care or will lack in Nurture. This young girl will become more independent at an early age, and will have to let “Nature” be more of an influence. This girl will grow to believe that her parent’s behavior is acceptable or normal. This young girl may not be provided with some necessities that is needed for healthy development, such as food, or regular doctor check ups.

This child may also be subject to abuse and neglect. This girl may live in poverty or below poverty levels. She may go without certain needs at times such as heat or electricity or appropriate clothing and shoes. The Social and emotional effects of this situation can lead to the child seeking outside relationships. This girl will begin to seek for relationships with emotional and maybe even negative ties. The people she familiarizes herself with may have same situations in their households. This girl may look to negative role models to fulfill find acceptance and love. As she ages this girl will begin to act out in school also.

She may enjoy the attention she gets from negative behavior since that’s one of the only times she gets attention. Since this girl has been from poverty she may resort to stealing. Having less that all the kids that surround her make her feel inferior to them. Material things will give her more attention. She starts to make bad choices. Stealing gives this girl steals because it gives her a sense of worth and accomplishment. She pays no mind to school, and she decides to drop out at 16. As she grows to an adult she continues with her careless behavior that is no longer acceptable for someone her age.

Every relationship or friendship she forms becomes of such a strong bond to her. She wants to feel wanted. This girl may be promiscuous or may be experimenting with drugs herself. Trying to find happiness in things and people are not working for her. I believe this is where the Cognitive and Ecological stages come in because now this girl is thinking. She’s surrounded with people and material things and she knows she is not happy. Then, this girl becomes pregnant from her carelessness. How will she raise a child? Care for a child? Provide for a child? Nature has done more for her than nurture.

She realizes her surrounding and associates are not accepting of cramps in their lifestyle, so they distance themselves from her and now, she is alone. She focuses on her child and changing her life. She begins to look for work. She knows she cannot get a decent Job without her high school diploma, so she goes back to school for a GED. She is making positive accomplishments and she feels good about herself. Her main focus is never letting her child grow the way she did, or do the things she has done. This is her motivation. This young lady begins looking for positive enforcers.

She builds relationships with people who are able to help her and able to teach her how to prepare for her child. She becomes friends with girls at her Job who have mothers that want to help her. This is how The Social field affect her. She begins to know what a positive relationship is. She recognizes her worth through teaching and Nurturing ot other mothers and mentors. She is accepted by these people Just being herself. This young lady feels loved and wanted. And then, her child comes. A teen Unwed Mother, high school drop out, with crack head parents, gives birth to boy.

Ballad of birmingham dudley randall 1966

Ballad of birmingham dudley randall 1966.

ballad of birmingham dudley randall 1966

2 sources including the source itself resource page needs to be the last page last name and page # on top right header on the left date my name instructors name is julia reungert the class is Lit2090

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