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Using the information in the article provided about environmentally sustainable diet and food practices, describe the issue and pull

Using the information in the article provided about environmentally sustainable diet and food practices, describe the issue and pull out five key messages to inform your future clients by creating a one-page infographic. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your creativity (i.e., layout, color design) and critical thinking skills (appropriate messaging for your audience). Please include a cover sheet with a brief descriiption of your infographic (max. 200 words) and references.
Capella Cultural Awareness Sexual Orientation Discrimination Discussion.

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Discussion 1Consider a time when you, someone you know, or someone with whom you have worked has felt discriminated against as a result of gender bias or sexual orientation. Were there other diverse issues present, such as religion or racial background that made the situation even more difficult, due to family traditions and culture or other related concerns? Describe a scenario, using appropriate citations, that demonstrates how a culturally sensitive human service worker would manage such a situation towards achieving a positive outcome in 250-300 words. Remember that discrimination and prejudice can have many looks and perspectives not just the obvious or publicized. Support your comments with two references. Discussion 2Watch the media segment on Teen girls open up about the ‘constant pressure’ of social media (Links to an external site.) and read the article about Melanie Benn, Social Worker Earns more than Medals at Athens Paralympics (Links to an external site.). In a 250-300 word post, consider the following questions:undefinedHow does the focus on beauty and youth affect us as we age or if we are disabled?How does it affect our ability to work with someone who does not share our perspective or condition relative to these terms?undefinedSupport your comments with two references
Capella Cultural Awareness Sexual Orientation Discrimination Discussion

Columbia Southern University Graphic Design of a Coffee Products Discussion

Columbia Southern University Graphic Design of a Coffee Products Discussion.

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InstructionsFor this assignment, select five objects from your home that have graphic design elements on them. For example, you could select five food products, five consumer product packages, or five articles of clothing with different branding on them. Take a photograph of the five objects, and answer the following questions. Please write in complete sentences.Insert the photograph of the five objects.How is the graphic design similar on the five objects?How is the graphic design different on the five objects?Select the object with your favorite design, and answer the following questions:
What draws your eye to this object?What symbols are used on the object? If symbols are not used, you can state that “No symbols are used.”What do you believe this object’s brand is trying to convey?Select the object with your least favorite design, and answer the following questions.
What do you like least about the design?Do you think a change in the typeface or layout would improve the design? If so, what would you change in the design to make it more visually appealing to you?Your response must be at least two pages in length. APA Style will not be required for this assignment.
Columbia Southern University Graphic Design of a Coffee Products Discussion

ACP OJ Simpson Murder Trial Case Findings and Conclusion Research Paper

online assignment help ACP OJ Simpson Murder Trial Case Findings and Conclusion Research Paper.

Now it is time to bring your research together. Please add all parts
from the previous weeks and create a final paper for submission.Write a one to two pages explaining the findings of your research
form the previous weeks. Repeat your selected research questions and
base your conclusion on your findings.My research questions were the following Should the investigation team, including the detectives and criminalists, be prosecuted for various mistakes during the case’s investigation process?Is there a way that the case can be reviewed to find the killer’s truth or the killing of Nicole? I consider that they should have been held accountable because the outcome of the case depended on the way of handling it and that resulted in a no guilty verdict as a result of their negligent work. After so many years and with all the advance technology and DNA I think that the case can be reviewed without admitting now new evidence and with a more open search for finding the truth. Due to spoliation ofthe evidence and a new outcome of the case that could be appealed after a different sentencing or adjudicationeven if the truth is discover. Just from a moral and justice to the victim’s family but legally the breach in the chain custody and the mishandling of the crime scene and investigation done I do not think the truth can be discovered.Please make sure the one paper comes all together makes sense and has all parts integrated properly and the findings and conclusion coincide with the whole project.Thank you!!!
ACP OJ Simpson Murder Trial Case Findings and Conclusion Research Paper

Masculinity Concept Essay

Masculinity refers to the possession of characteristics or qualities that are typical of a man. The concept of masculinity has been given focus by various scholars. Being a man and possessing characteristics considered masculine may not be the same. There are specific ways in which men are expected to behave for them to be considered masculine. Although O’Brien (36) argues that boys are naturally masculine and have no desire to be something different, there are incidents where some male individuals have admitted that they would be happier if they were born otherwise. This necessitates the question, Is masculinity a natural phenomenon that comes automatically the moment an individual is born a male? It is true that when one is born a male, he will most certainly exhibit masculine characteristics. However, this is not always guaranteed. Some characteristics are considered more masculine than feminine. Courage is one such characteristic. The society expects men to be more courageous than women. Courage is therefore considered masculine. However, not all men are courageous enough. Does this make them lesser men? To answer this question, we may view it from the other side of the coin, should we consider courageous women as more masculine? What are the levels of courage that one would consider enough to make an individual a man? O’Brien answers these questions in parts in this book. As a child grows, the father is the figure of courage and a symbol of protection. As a boy child grows, he is expected to be a winner in the activities he undertakes. That is when he will be considered more masculine. Femininity as a characteristic is more submissive, less aggressive and the society has not put as much pressure on women as it has on men. Bowker feels the pressure of failing to save his friend Kiowa from death in the shift field (O’Brien 178).He feels that as a man, wining should be an embraced habit in the least, or just a natural phenomenon at best. Some men who lack courage would find mechanisms to counter this weakness. Azar strikes off as a very cruel man. He is able to perform many acts of courage. As the story continues, we realize that he is emotionally weak and uses cruelty as a defense mechanism to hide that weakness. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Courage and masculinity are concepts that are deeply intertwined in our culture. Courage is almost taken as the other definition for a man. A man without courage is taken to be non-consequential when it comes to handling matters that require men. On pages 20 and 21, the author uses two sentences that give the other side of courage, which is cowardice. He uses the statements, “cowardice barely contained” and “too frightened to be cowards” to show that even those we expect to be the most courageous in society (men in the armed forces), cowardice cannot be totally ruled out. There are instances where cowardice will overrule courage. This is a normal phenomenon, especially when someone is faced with a challenging situation that threatens life. Though courageous as soldiers in the battlefield, O’Brien admits that death of Kiowa was really shaking. When Ted Lavender dies of a gunshot in the battlefield, other platoon members were shaken, not knowing when and where the next attack would come from. Mary Anne Bell is a show of courage. This woman went to the war, courtesy of invitation by her boyfriend, Mark Fossie. She is drawn into the battlefield and forgets all dangers that lurk in every step the Green Berets take in their expeditions. From the book “Friends” and “Enemies”, acts of courage, associated with masculinity are also demonstrated. This story brings us back to the battlefield. Dave Jensen shows a great level of bravery in the battlefield. By joining forces with Lee Strunk and other members of the platoon, they show a great sense of courage, always ready to embrace death at any moment. When Dave and Lee get themselves into a fight over a stolen knife, the urge to emerge winner is very evident. Although the knife was the cause of disagreement, the whole issue was a show of strength, with none of the two willing to come out as loser. The battle seemed not to have ended according to both parties. They therefore signed a very strange and daring pact. They agree that anyone between the two, who will be incapacitated physically during the war, will be murdered. There is a sense of determination in both parties and each was waiting to see the other suffer any little blow in the field. We will write a custom Essay on Masculinity Concept specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This would make one of them wheel chaired. When at last Lee broke his leg, we see him filled with fear. All courage and his masculine demeanor are gone. He feels weak and fears for his life. He is very different from the soldier who was so assertive when the pact was signed. In society therefore, courage is closely related to masculinity. Works Cited O’Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried: A Work of Fiction. New York: Broadway Books, 1990. Print.

Chapter 25 Kansas City Airport Project Assignment

Chapter 25 Kansas City Airport Project Assignment.

Find a project (urban renewal/redevelopment) that is currently going in Kansas City that involves one of the laws/policies that in Chapter 25 (the article source must be within the past 6 months). Chapter 25 is attached In no more than 3 pages, (1) describe the project, (2) the law/policy it involves, and (3) how it impacts the community. You must include the website link or upload a scanned document containing the article/information. The built environment in urban areas is affected by a number of regulations designed to protect the quality of air, water and other environmental conditions. Important Federal Laws – listed on p. 512, sec. 4.6Most use mandates and prohibitions to regulate what can be built and where, though some rely on incentives. The Clear Air Act uses “stick” approach – regions that fail to achieve certain air quality standards may become ineligible for federal highway money
Chapter 25 Kansas City Airport Project Assignment