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Using the information in the article provided about environmentally sustainable diet and food practices, describe the issue and pull

Using the information in the article provided about environmentally sustainable diet and food practices, describe the issue and pull out five key messages to inform your future clients by creating a one-page infographic. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your creativity (i.e., layout, color design) and critical thinking skills (appropriate messaging for your audience). Please include a cover sheet with a brief descriiption of your infographic (max. 200 words) and references.

Male bias in the development process

Male bias in the development process.

 Description article:*Elson D (1995) ‘Male bias in the development process: an overview’ in Male Bias in the Development Process. Manchester: MUP. Your first assessment for this module is a 1000-word critical review paper (exc. reference list). Your critical review paper will demonstrate your knowledge and ability to engage with key debates and trends in international development literature. How does this article enhance your knowledge and understanding about international development as an idea and as a practice? What new questions did it raise? What received wisdoms did it challenge? The aim of this assignment is to make a critical statement about how your chosen article contributes to our understanding of international development. This will be achieved by responding to and engaging with key ideas, concepts, and argument presented in the article, rather than by summerizing it.

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Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Using the information in the article provided about environmentally sustainable diet and food practices, describe the issue and pull Verbal and Nonverbal Communication.

 Follow intructions that are outlined in the attachment, 300 words minuim. Use the attachment for “Primary ” sources. Additional sources may be used.

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Business and Social Exclusion in the Global South

Business and Social Exclusion in the Global South.

Description THESE ARE THE ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. What is exclusion? (2 marks) 2. What are the pros and cons of exclusion? (mention at least 2 pros and 3 cons) (5 marks) 3. Mention at least 5 ways in which business practices are done differently in the Global South. (5 marks) 4. In what way does land exclusion in the Global South impede the development of socially responsible business? (3 marks) INSTRUCTIONS For each question, you are to answer each question with description and proof or reference to any of the articles below. you can use external references/sources as well just make sure it correlates with what you are explaining. BUT YOU NEED TO USE AT LEAST TWO OF THE SOURCES I LISTED BELOW. YOU ARE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS IN AN ESSAY FORMAT SOURCES Hall, D., Hirsch, P., & Li, T. M. (2011). Introduction to powers of exclusion: land dilemmas in Southeast Asia. Hossein, C. S. (2013). The Black social economy: Perseverance of banker ladies in the slums. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 84(4), 423-442. Meagher, K. (2009). Trading on faith: religious movements and informal economic governance in Nigeria. The Journal of Modern African Studies, 47(3), 397-423. Barnes, S. (2009). Religion, Social Capital and Development in the Sahel: The Niass Tijaniyya in Niger. Journal of International Affairs, 62(2), 209-221.

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Bible Essay

Bible Essay.

 Write a 1,000-1,250-word essay describing the nature of the Bible by answering the following questions: What kind of book is the Bible? What is the Bible about? Who are the main characters? What is the basic plotline? What are the key themes according to the assigned readings? (For example, identify the description of Scripture in the CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet textbook.) Next, determine the role the Bible has already played in your personal and professional life and the role it should play in your future personal and professional life. This may be the first time you have thought about this, so it is okay to think aloud as you write. Be aware that this is a developmental process. Utilize topic materials to support your responses. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Geological Time and Fossils – Earth Science

Geological Time and Fossils – Earth Science.

 Description Research different locations in the world that has record of fossils. What kind of fossils were found and what does it tell us about history, environment, climate, movement of plates, and other events? Write an essay of a minimum of 500 words, sources cited APA.

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The hunger games first season

The hunger games first season.

Analysis of the 2 main character including their interactions similarities and differences 1:analysis of the setting the capital district 12 the arena 2:an in-depth analysis of 2 themes include examples and discussions in both 3:brief analysis of the dystopian society in the film

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Analyze marketing environments and strategies used to strengthen product or service positioning

Analyze marketing environments and strategies used to strengthen product or service positioning.

Create the second part of your marketing plan: Describe or list the feedback you received on Part A of your marketing plan. Explain how you will use the feedback to improve your plan. Develop a branding strategy for your product / service that covers the brand name, logo, slogan, and at least one brand extension. Thoroughly analyze the primary and secondary markets that you want to target. Thoroughly include the demographic profile (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, etc.), psychographic profile, professional profile, geographic profile, and any other segmentation variable you deem necessary. Prepare a positioning statement. Include a perceptual map that shows your company’s position against its competitors. From this map, create a statement that depicts your position. Examine the relevant consumer behavior for your target market. Explain the main reasons why the brand name, logo, slogan, brand extension, as well as the positioning statement are right for the identified target market. Use at least three academic resources as quantitative marketing research to determine the feasibility of your product / service. These resources should be industry specific and relate to your chosen product / service. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double- spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

1. Analyze marketing environments and strategies used to strengthen product or service positioning. c. Examine the marketing science of customer behavior and products in the marketing exchange process.

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Employ collaborative strategies in the design, coordination, and evaluation of patient-centered care.

Employ collaborative strategies in the design, coordination, and evaluation of patient-centered care..

Please respond to the following questions based upon these course objectives: 1Understand other health professions’ scopes of practice to maximize contributions within the healthcare team. (AACN VII.2) 2 Employ collaborative strategies in the design, coordination, and evaluation of patient-centered care. (AACN VII.3) 3 Use effective communication strategies to develop, participate, and lead interprofessional teams and partnerships. (AACN VII.4). 4Apply the best available evidence from nursing and other sciences as the foundation for practice.( AACN IX.2) 5Advocate for patients, families, caregivers, communities and members of the healthcare team. (AACN IX.3). 6Use epidemiological, social, and environmental data in drawing inferences regarding the health status of patient populations and interventions to promote and preserve health and healthy lifestyles. (AACN IX.6). 7Use knowledge of illness and disease management to provide evidence-based care to populations, perform risk assessments, and design plans or programs of care. (AACN IX.7). 8Incorporate core scientific and ethical principles in identifying potential and actual ethical issues arising from practice, including the use of technologies, and in assisting patients and other healthcare providers to address such issues. (AACN IX. 8). 9 Apply advanced knowledge of the effects of global environmental, individual and population characteristics to the design, implementation, and evaluation of care. (AACN IX. 9). 10 Establish therapeutic relationships to negotiate patient-centered, culturally appropriate, evidence-based goals and modalities of care. (AACN IX.13). Please answer the following questions with supporting examples and full explanations. For each of the learning objectives, provide an analysis of how the course supported each objective. Explain how the material learned in this course, based upon the objectives, will be applicable to professional application

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Factors affecting the business’s marketing performance.

Factors affecting the business’s marketing performance..




Students will study a well-known company of their choosing (approved by the instructor). They will research it, finding five important data points or statistics about five different areas of focus: 1) the company, 2) its customers, 3) its competitors, and 4) its community (market). Once the basic research is done, the student identifies and lists the five most pressing issues (“concerns”) from all these data points with a brief reason for each.


From this data they will identify, select and articulate the most significant marketing “decision problem” affecting the company. This should be in the form of question a marketing manager needs to answer. Once determined/stated, students will identify if it caused by a “planned change/event” or an “unplanned change/event”.  


Next, explain whether it is a “discovery-oriented decision problem” or a “strategy-oriented decision problem”. From the decision problem, students will choose one and then identify three research problems (things marketing research can help to drive a marketing action). And lastly, student will select one research problem and find primary or secondary research addressing the research problem.


Here is the project in a step-by-step format:


Step One – Select a major U.S. company and product or service. Post your selection on the class Facebook page. Once a company is selected, no one else may do the same company/product. The instructor will “Like” it as your signal to move forward. Write one paragraph of background information on the company (ex: when founded, where headquartered, mission and vision, etc.)


Step Two – Compile research on the a) company, b) its customers, c) its competitors, and the d) community (its market area). This should be at least five important marketing-related datapoints or statistics for each area. This research is to be “sourced” (who did the research and where you found it).


Step Three – Identify five of the most critical concerns from the research data about the company, customers, competitors, and community research.  This becomes your fifth list (hence the name “5×5”).


Step Four – From the list of concerns, formulate (write out) a Decision Problem. There could be many, but you are to choose the one you feel most important from a marketing perspective. Look for something a marketing action could affect.  This should be in the form of a question. Identify it as “discovery-oriented” decision problem or a “strategy-oriented decision problem”. The former asks questions beginning with “Why” or What” (See page 18 of the text), whereas the latter asks a “How” question.


Step Five – Once you have determined and written a manager’s Decision Problem, write three “Research Problems” that would include marketing research to help a manager take action. See Exhibit 2.3 in the text to see this process in action and examples. Research Problems are often written in the form of research actions.


Step Six – Selection one Research Problem, and finish by finding primary or secondary research that addresses the research problem and might drive action. This can be brief.



Suggested length: no less than 6 -7 pages (one page for each of the C’s, and approximately 2 pages of summarizing, analysis, and discovery)


Due: Printed copies are due Feb. 14.

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