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Using Simplex Algorithms to Solve Delivery Complexities of ABZ Manufacturing Company

The paper should be 5-8 and the power point should be around 12-15 slides and should be from the proposal and the chapters The proposal for the project: The corporate world of manufacturing is often faced with production challenges. One of

the major challenges of production is the transportation of products. In this case, I will use a

random company ABZ Manufacturing Company. It is a company with four outlets, and one pick-

up truck in each outlet. The delivery point is one collection center. To solve the problem of

logistics, there is a need for an approach to use Simplex Algorithms to ensure that all deliveries

are done on time, and no truck is free.
There are around eight variables to be studied in this case study. Because of the

complexity, there is a need to use the Simplex Algorithm to solve the variables. The challenge of

using LPs is the number of variables in the case study. The Big M Method will also be utilized

and provide a graph that shows a solution to the variables, to ensure proper coordination of

company logistics. From the study, I hope to gain more knowledge on linear solutions, and at the

same time solve a real-life problem using Simplex Algorithms.
Proposal – Submit a proposal to the instructor with the Problem Statement and Project proposal – upload to CANVAS – 5 points.
Deliverables and Evaluation – Students will deliver the following at the end of the project:
Written report (5-8 pages) with an overview of the problem, data collection, the application of optimization methods to solve the problem and results – 20 points.
Nominal five to eight page case report – 10 points
Organization and overall writing quality – 5 points
Use of either a “lessons learned” or “best practices” approach – 4 point
Assignment submitted on time – 1 point
A 10-15 minute in-class presentation of report– 20 points.
Presentation organization and a brief “executive summary” – 10 points
Effectiveness of presentation in “getting the information across” – 5 points
Responses to questions from instructor and peer students – 5 points