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using entity relationship diagramming template in microsoft visio, develop an erd for the business described above.

Using Entity Relationship diagramming template in Microsoft Visio, develop an E-R diagram for the business described above. Save and upload your Visio file.Denton National Bank has a number of branch offices in several states. Attributes of branch offices include Branch ID and Location.Each branch office has one or more employees. Attributes of employee include Employee ID and Employee Name.While an employee can work for only one branch office at a time, the employee can be transferred to different offices.The bank wants to keep track of all branch offices an employee has worked along with the beginning date and the ending date of each assignment.For each branch office, there is always one employee assigned to manage that office.The managing employee may manage only the branch office to which she is assigned.The bank maintains account records including Account ID, Account Type and Balance.Each account is associated with the branch where the account was created.Each branch office may have any number of accounts.Each account belongs to one or more customers. Attributes of customer are Customer ID and Customer Name.While an account can be associated with multiple customers, one customer must be designated as the primary account holder.[Note] You will develop a database based on your ERD using Microsoft Access in the next assignment.