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Employees High Level Requirements 1 . Maintain route master in terms of origin, destination and in between stations. 2. Maintain bus types (e. g . express, deluxe, luxury, and premium etc) along with seating capacity. 3. Maintain a fleet database for each bus, its type, etc. 4. Maintain a service database that maps routes, buses, fare and schedule. 5. Allow traveler to register on the system by providing a login id, password and e-mail id.

The ystem is expected to maintain all his active and past bookings for easy reference. 6. Allow travelers to search available services on the basis of trip details (i. e. To/From, One/Two way, and preferred timings). The traveler should be able to book a trip for the selected service. The traveler should also be allowed to cancel the booking. In both of these events, an e-mail confirmation is sent to the traveler that also doubles up as eticket or proof of cancellation. Integration with a payment gateway is out of the scope of this project. Non Functional

Requirements 1 . Internet Explorer 7. 0 above browser compatibility PAGE 1 OF 2 RIDE SYNOPSIS 2. Proper user-id/password based user authentication to allow access to the system. Technical Requirements 1 . Create a detailed UML diagram (Component, Sequence, Class) for the OSMS and its sub-components using RSA7. 5. 2. Deploy the solution using Web-sphere Application Server tool-kit which serves dual purpose i. e as an IDE as well as an application server. 3. DB2 Database PAGE 2 OF 2 RIDE SYNOPSIS Use Cases View Bookings Use Case Element Description Number UC.

OI Application To view all bookings by different criteria like by route, by bus type, etc. Use Case Name View Bookings Primary Actor Administrator Secondary Actor None Pre-condition None Trigger Administrator clicks on the View Bookings link on the admin interface page Basic Flow System displays the criteria selection list box User selects the desired criteria and click go button The required view is displayed.

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In this 8-9 minute speech, you will be assigned a topic and persuade your audience to adopt your point of view on a current and controversial topic. You will need to do research in order to prepare and develop this speech. You should back up your thoughts with supporting material. Use the HCC Library resources to find credible sources for your speech. You should cite at least 8 sources using APA style both verbally in your speech and in your outline. Six sources should be academic and two can be non-academic. An outline is required for this speech. Must be the same outline format as attached below attached below.

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