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User Side And Server Side Factor

In this report, I will describe and explain about user side and server side factor that can influence the performance of a website and state particular server side capabilities with consideration for limitation of equipment and software customer may be using to browse the website. User side factor: Hardware: The speed of computer system can influence the performance of the website. If the computer system is slow so the user will take a long time to load full website. The speed of computer depends on speed of RAM, ROM and CPU. Ram is plugged into RAM slots on the motherboard. It is used to storage data while Pc is on. It is volatile and temporary. There are many types of RAM kinds. Examples are: SDR RAM, DDR R AM, DDR2 RAM… Rom is different to Ram. It already is designed and connected with the motherboard. So the users don’t worry to connect the Rom. Rom is only enabled to read data. It is permanent and non volatile. CPU: is the most important component of computer system. It is located in CPU socket on the motherboard. It is used to processing data and programs. CPU read directives from RAM and realizes those directives. Computer’s processing speed depends on speed of CPU, but it also depends on other systems. CPU processes data and programs in 4 steps. There are: fetch, decode, execute, and write back. And one more important that the user must have to connect to internet is modem. Modem is the oldest interconnection devices. It is enabling communication over conventional telephone system. The term of modem is coming from modulator and demodulator. It uses a variety of technologies to assist and improve their communication. All modems can offer asynchronous communication (which don’t require a common timing to occur between two devices) and synchronous communication (which is a continuous timed transmission). Modem can not affect to computer speed but it affects to internet speed. Internet connection speed: It also is an important part that can influence the performance of website. Even the users have a good computer that has very fast speed but they have slow internet speed, they also must take long time to view and browse the website. The user also must to choose the ISP (internet service provider) that will provide the internet services for them. Broadband is a good idea for the users because it is faster than Dial-up connection. Modem: Modem is also important part of internet connection. The users need it to connect to internet. Modem is the oldest interconnection devices. It is enabling communication over conventional telephone system. The term of modem is coming from modulator and demodulator. It uses a variety of technologies to assist and improve their communication. All modems can offer asynchronous communication (which don’t require a common timing to occur between two devices) and synchronous communication (which is a continuous timed transmission) Virus: is software of computer. It occurs when rogue code has entered the computer system. Virus hides itself inside ordinary executable code and makes damage to data, computer system or services. Actually there are over 20000 viruses in the world. It affects the speed of computer’s operation and slows down the internet connection speed. Software: The users also need to install some software that can make the users easier and faster to connect to internet and browse the website. Examples are Firefox, internet explorer and flash player. Firefox and internet explorer are website browser that are used to browse the website. But I think the user should use Firefox because it is better than internet explorer. Firefox provides fast browsing speed, good security and many features. And flash player is application software that is necessary for browsing the website. It helps the web browser easier and faster loading video or flash on the website. Server side factor: Hardware: Like the user side factor, server side factor also require good speed of RAM and CPU. But server provides internet services to the users, so RAM and CPU of server should be very fast. They involve to the server speed. Server speed: Bandwidth: bandwidth is the capacity that a network connection can conduct at one time. It determines how much traffic can be handled by the web server and how much material is able to be downloaded at any one time. It can be thought of as a pipe from the web server to the users. Server operating systems: It is network operation system software that is used to run computer system. For example is window server 2003. It is the current server version of Windows and Window XP is the workstation version. Window server 2003 is similar in appearance to window NT4.0. There are many version of Window server 2003 which are Web edition, Standard edition, Enterprise edition, and Data centre edition. The different editions of window server 2003 support various hardware platforms and server role. They provide a variety of service which enables the users to interact with other users, system, and application. There are many services that are provided in window server 2003. But in this task I will explain typical services that provided by a window server 2003 directory service. Security: There are many risks for a website. They may be virus, Trojan, hacker, spyware. They can steals customers’ details and use them for fraud. The server should have security software to protect the system such as firewall, Norton internet security. Security also is the biggest worry for commercial website because they save all the details and information of customers that could be stolen. So the server should have a good security to protect them. Port available: it is device that is used to transfer data between a computer serial port and an Ethernet local area network. It can be used with all types of serial devices and peripherals. It is possible to use Ethernet in place of serial cables, minimizing workstation clutter and also allowing serial devices to be placed far away from the computers with which they are used. The other factors that can influence the performance of website: Web browser compatibility: The website will be browsed by web browser so web browser can affect to the website. The web browse should have all features which help the users to loading the website easier and faster such as flash player. Also web browser should have all compatibility that is needed for a website. For examples are viewing the website with difference font size, colour, etc… Image: On the website, the image may be a graphic hyperlink that is used to link to other page of website. There are 2 types of image that can be used o website. They are bitmap image and vector image. Bitmap image is made up of pixels in a grid. Bitmap format is really easy to use for photos. It is fast to display because the monitor is already just a grid of colour dots, so to display them, the users are just changing the colour of the dots that are already there. But if the users want to stretch a bitmap, they just make all those dots in the photo bigger than the dots on their screen and the photos will be fuzzy. In general, bitmap format is ok for drawings, great for photos and best for the web. But it is hard to stretch, hard to convert to vector. Bitmap image is the file that has ending .bmp .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .psd, etc… And some software to edit bitmap image are Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc… Vector image is difference to bitmap image. It has a lot of virtues. It is made up of many individual, scalable objects. These objects are defined by mathematical equations rather than pixels, so it always render at the highest quality. These objects may consist of lines, curves, and shapes with editable attributes such as colour, fill, and outline. An object can be modified not only by changing its attributes. Vector image has many advantages such as be stretched to various sizes without losing quality. But it still has some disadvantage such as unsuitable for producing photo-realistic imagery. In general, vector format is great for drawings, easy to stretch, easy to convert to bitmap but it is bad for photos and the web. Vector image is the file that has ending .svg, .wmf, etc… And some software to edit Vector image are adobe Illustrator, Corel draw, Xara Xtreme, Serif DrawPlus, etc… Sound: Sound travels in waves. These are continuous and are called analogue. The digital sound wave samples at regular intervals with gaps so small the user’ ears can not perceive them. There are many types of sound file which are mp3 or wav. Mp3: It is the good sound file. It is a compressed file and is good for internet connection. It does not require much memory. It does take too long to download and retain good quality. Finally, the mp3 file has a low sample rate and therefore produces a smaller file size. It is better than other sound file such as wav. Wav: It has a high sample rate which means the sound quality is closest to that produced by the actual instruments but it is a relatively large file. Because it is a large file so it requires much memory and the user take too long to download it. It is not good for internet users. Video and animation files: Video and animation files produce very large file sizes which require much memory. So they can seriously affect the speed of website. It require long time to download and control a large proportion of bandwidth for duration download even the user use a high quality internet connection. It takes a large proportion of website space and make the website slower. There are many types of video and animation files which are following: Mp4: It is a container format which allows a combination of audio, video, subtitles and still images to be held in the one single file. It also allows for advanced content such as 3D graphics, menus and user interactivity. It can be use by many different multimedia. It has very good quality. It also allows for streaming via the internet which means the user can watch it online. AVI: It is audio video interleave file. It is a video file that conforms to the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) specification. It is a large file and takes memory native to Microsoft windows. It requires a special player that may be included with the Web browser but most of PCs can play it. WMV: It is window media video file which is preferred format for windows. It is originally designed for internet streaming applications. It can be streaming and possible to use less memory faster download. Internet connection speed: The speed of the user’s internet connection can decide how fast the web page is loaded. There are many types of internet connection which are: Broadband: It is a network that uses a medium that can carry multiple signals simultaneously using technique called multiplexing. The most common example for broadband communications is the typical cable television network which transmits the signals corresponding to dozen if TV channels over one cable. Finally, broadband network provide very fast internet speed. It is very good for internet users. Dial-up: It is the traditional method of connection and remained popular for many years. It has an average speed of 56 Kbps. It uses the existing analogue telephone lines. ISDN: It stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It is a dial-up communications services that uses standard telephone lines to provide high speed digital communication. The two most common ISDN services are Basic Rate Interface and Primary Rate Interface. It could reach speeds of 128 KBps.

BUS 3750 UOM Business Case Food Alternatives Competitiveness Discussion

BUS 3750 UOM Business Case Food Alternatives Competitiveness Discussion.

CASE The case is “Impossible Foods” by Jose B Alvarez and Natalie Kindred, Harvard Business School, March 26, 2020, 36p. Item # 9-520-046.WHAT YOU NEED TO DOYou will see that I have started a new post and put in a question(s) to start off the conversation. The questions are noted below as well.Think through your response to the question. Use the details in the case as well as the concepts, tools and frameworks we are discussing in class to compose your response. Be sure that you are providing not only an answer to the question, but supporting that answer with details from the case, just as if I was to ask you “how did you get to that conclusion from the material in the case”.As a guideline on length:Your own post: No less than the equivalent of one single-spaced page, or four to five paragraphs. Word count at least 700. THIS WEEK’s QUESTION“Ping”. You glance at your inbox and see that it is from Pat Brown reminding you of the senior leadership team meeting this coming Friday afternoon. Brown has asked that you come prepared to talk about what direction(s) you think Impossible Foods should take of the options on the table – or to propose an alternative that has not yet been considered.Should the firm focus on scaling the organization with its current products? Build out its infrastructure and corporate resources? Diversify into new products and/or new geographic markets? (If so, which countries and which products? Do both simultaneously? Impossible Food’s commitment to market leadership and innovation meant that there are so many opportunities open to the company. Is the company headed in the right direction? Where is the most value creation likely to come from and in what form?Are there issues and risks not being addressed? What and where should Impossible Foods focus its investments? And how much should it let a possible IPO shape its decisions?PREPARATION QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU ANALYZE THE CASEIn case you are re-reading and reviewing the case before you compose your answer to the case question above, feel free to use these questions to help you unpack the various issues posed in the case. Do not write answers to these in your discussion board post, but instead to help you frame out your response.What are the growth prospects for this industry and these kinds of products?What kinds of value does Impossible Foods create for its customers and stakeholders?What are the sources of Impossible Foods’ competitive advantage and how does it show up in each of the different potential avenues of growth? How has Brown built the company’s social values into its business model? Do those translate to customer value?What acumen has the management team demonstrated so far as it built and adapted the Impossible Foods business model? In what areas has it appeared to be lagging?What are the changing patterns of competitive rivalry that need to shape the firm’s decisions?What are the capabilities not only of competitors currently in the market, but those that may be up and coming?How do the strategic options leverage Impossible Foods’ capabilities?How do these options strain capabilities?
BUS 3750 UOM Business Case Food Alternatives Competitiveness Discussion

English 2120: Survey of English Literature II: Critical response Paper 2 Due Jan. 31, 2020

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English 2120: Survey of English Literature II: Critical response Paper 2 Due Jan. 31, 2020

English 2120: Survey of English Literature II:
Critical response Paper 2 (MLA Format)
Due Jan. 31, 2020

English 2120: Survey of English Literature II
Required Texts: Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume 2 (Norton),
Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe (Penguin),
Mary Shelley Frankenstein (Dover),
Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol (Prestwick),
Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray (Modern Library), and also other selected poems, essays, and historical documents that will be handed out in class and/or posted on Blackboard.

Read Instructions here, Follow Rubric
Critical Response #2 MLA Format

Critical Response Paper #2:
Book: Mary Shelley Frankenstein (Dover), Thrift Editions.
After reading the “Letters” section of Frankenstein, why do you think that Mary Shelley started off Frankenstein the way that she did? Why did she frame her novel with the epistolary? What effect does that have on the rest of the novel? Also, why did she begin her “Letters” section in the specific setting that she did? Why is the setting of this “Letters” section of the novel important? Go beyond a discussion of just basic foreshadowing. Really think about what Shelley might be trying to accomplish by using an opening to the novel like these letters.

Please write a critical response based on this question. Your paper should be 2-3 pages long (meaning at least 2 full pages), double-spaced, with 1” margins using Times New Roman 12 point font, and it should conform to the Critical Response Papers Rubric handed out in class and also available on Blackboard. You must also use at least 4 direct quotations from the novel to support the claims that you make in your paper, cited with parenthetical references in correct MLA format “like this” (Shelley 17).

This paper is due Friday, January 31st. 2020
Here is a picture of the Cover of one of the book we are using for this class!

Critical Response Papers Rubric
Critical response papers will be graded on a scale of 0 to 10. My comments on those papers will often be minimal. The main reason for this is the fact that these shorter papers are mainly for the purpose of helping you, as a reader of each reading assignment, to materialize your thoughts and opinions concerning the readings for the purpose of discussion. These shorter papers are graded mainly on your ability to effectively articulate your opinions, ideas, and arguments concerning each reading. In that respect, they are practice papers for the larger papers where your ability to formulate an effective written argument is of extremely high importance. Therefore, my comments on those papers will almost always pertain to technical aspects, such as the effective incorporation of quotations and evidence into your discussion, as well as formatting and documentation issues.The actual content of the papers will be discussed in small-group and full-class discussions, almost always during the class when the paper is due.So basically, the comments on the content of these critical response papers will be almost exclusively verbal, and in the form of class discussion.In terms of the grading of these papers, basic formatting expectations (i.e. stapled document, correct font/margins, etc.; basically worth 1 point each) still apply, but here are some specific aspects of critical response papers that will negatively affect your grade, and their general corresponding point values, broken down into 5 basic categories of criteria:

Not answering the prompt or questions assigned in class and/or listed on-line sufficiently enough could negatively affect your grade by as much as 10 points, so this is obviously the most important aspect.Just be sure to answer any and all assigned questions/prompts for each critical response paper.
Also, be sure to answer those questions/prompts effectively.A critical response paper that displays a shallow reading of the material or a mediocre discussion of the questions at hand could lose as many as 5 points or just one point in terms of its grade, depending on the quality of the answer.
Not reaching the minimum page length could also greatly affect the grade of a critical response paper in a negative way.Generally, a paper that is short of the minimum requirement will lose points in relation to the total points possible and its ratio to the minimum number of pages required.Basically, for a 3-4 page critical response paper, the number of points per page would be around 3-4 each, or 5 points each for a 2-3 page paper, depending also upon the quality of the writing and the extent to which the paper is successful or unsuccessful in relation to the other criteria discussed on this rubric that you are currently reading.
Making sure that you are using the minimum number of quotations required for each paper is also an important part of the critical response grade, and it is also important to cite the quotations in correct MLA format (meaning that there needs to be quotation marks around each quotation, and there needs to be a corresponding parenthetical reference for each quotation in correct MLA format).The rest of the paper also needs to be in correct MLA format (1” margins, double-spaced, and no extra spaces between paragraphs).Generally, a point will be deducted for the lack of each quotation under the minimum, and a point will be deducted for each parenthetical reference that either does not appear or is not in the correct format (and that means that all necessary information must appear in the reference and it all must be presented with correct punctuation).A point or more will be deducted due to not being in correct MLA format, overall.

Also, each quotation that is not introduced and connected to your own language within the sentence that the quotation appears will lose a point (meaning, no “floating quotations”).Basically, don’t just have your quotations exist as their own independent

English 2120: Survey of English Literature II: Critical response Paper 2 Due Jan. 31, 2020

Idioms Translation And Cultural Difference English Language Essay

Abstract: As we know, language is bearer of culture and idioms are heavily culturally loaded phrases and sentences. To translate English idioms involves obstacles for Chinese features. When an idiom is being translated, we will find it often hard to be translated. While the key to translate is that its figurative meaning should be remained. In this paper, it is from living conditions, customs, religions belief and historical allusions to describe cultural differences between English and Chinese idioms, and detailed description of methods in English and Chinese idioms translation. Key words: Language , Cultural differences , Idioms , Translation methods 1. Introduction Language is the carrier of culture. Both English and Chinese language has a long history.They have a large number of idioms, they are implicitly, humor, serious and elegant. While idioms are a very important part of any language, and idiom translation plays an important role in translation. Idiom is a speech form or an expression of a given language that is peculiar to itself grammatically or cannot be understood from the individual meanings of its elements. Idioms include colloquialisms, proverbs,slangs and so on. When we translate idioms from Chinese into English or English into Chinese, we should know the cultural differences between English and Chinese idioms, and we can find the right translation methods. the Cultural Differences between Chinese and English Idioms Idioms translation is an intercultural activity, therefore, we should take cultural differences into consideration when we translate them. And the cultural differences between English and Chinese idioms can be classified into four types. 2.1. From living conditions The natural environment is the basis of human living and development. China is a country with continental climate, Chinese people live in the continent of Asia. Since ancient times, China is a large agricultural country, the land is important to people’s life. Therefore, there are many idioms related to wind, agriculture and land-related. Such as “æ-©è‰é™¤æ ¹” ( stamp out the root of trouble ), “风调雨顺” ( seasonable weather for crop raising ), “挥土如金”( spend money like water ) “ä¸‡äº‹ä¿±å¤‡åªæ¬ ä¸œé£Ž” ( Everything is ready except the east wind ), “东风报春”( )Chinese people can understand its meaning, for British people it is difficult. Because in Chinese ” east wind” symbolizes “spring” and ” warmth “, and The United Kingdom is located in the western hemisphere north temperate zone, with marine climate. In England, ” east wind “comes from the northern part of the European continent, and it symbolizes ” chilly ” and ” unpleasant “,while ” west wind ” symbolizes ” spring ” in England, so they can not understand the real meaning of Chinese idiom. In English there are many idioms related to water, fish, boat and so on, such as ” as weak as water ” (弱不禁风), ” in deep water ” (陷入严重困境)” to keep one’s head above water “(奋力图强)”,” water under the bridge ” (æ- 法挽回的过去)drink like a fish ” (豪饮), ” to miss the boat “(错失良机), ” all at sea “(不知所措). 2.2. From customs There are many differences between English and Chinese customs. In China, people think themselves are descendant of the Dragon, the dragon is a symbol of auspicious animals. Thus, we have dragon-related idioms contain complimentary sense. Such as “望子成龙”(To expect one’s son to become an outstanding personage), “龙凤呈祥”(Harmony reigns) and so on. In western countries, they think dragon is a fire-breathing animal and it is terrifying. In addition, people’s attitude toward the dog is different. In English-speaking countries, people think the dog is a faithful animal to human, such as “You’re a lucky dog”(ä½ æ˜¯ä¸€ä¸ªå¹¸è¿å„¿),”Every dog has his day”(凡人都有å¾-意æ-¥).On the contrary, the dog is a lowly animal in China. Such as “狼心ç‹-肺” ( brutal and cold-blooded ),”ç‹-眼看人低”( the damned snobbish ),”ç‹-嘴里吐不出象牙”( a dog’s mouth emits no ivory ),etc. There is another example, in Chinese culture, ox is the symbol of diligence. From ancient times, Chinese farmers went in for farming with the help of ox. So Chinese give love and praise to ox. Then in Chinese we have “力å¤å¦‚牛” when it is translated into English, it should be “as strong as a horse”, Chinese people say “åƒç‰›ä¸€æ ·å‹¤åŠ³”, in English, people say ” work like a horse “. We use different animal to express the same meaning. In Chinese, there are some idioms related to “eat “, for example “吃不了兜着走”means find oneself in serious trouble,”吃软不吃硬”means can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. Some idioms because of their distinctive national features, can not found in English corresponding expression. 2.3. From religions belief Religious belief is an important part in culture. Different religious beliefs had different reflections in different idioms. Chinese people believe in Buddhism and Taoism, therefore there are many Chinese idioms are related to Buddhism. Such as “借花献佛”( borrowing the opportunity ),”普度ä¼-生”( salvation of all sentient beings ),”å¹³æ-¶ä¸çƒé¦™¼Œæ€¥æ¥æŠ±ä½›è„š”( when the devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ),”道高一尺¼Œé­”高一丈”( While the priest climb a post, the devil climb ten )etc. While in English-speaking countries, people believe in Christianity. So they have many idioms related to Christianity. Such as ” as poor as a church mouse “(一贫如æ´-)” God help those who help themselves “(上帝帮助自助的人), ” God sends fortune to fools “(傻人有傻福),” Go to hell “(下地狱去),” God’s mill goes slowly, but it grind well “(天网恢恢ç-è€Œä¸æ¼),” wash one’s hands off “(æ´-手不干),” the Day of Judgement “(末æ-¥å®¡åˆ¤) and so on. 2.4. From historical allusions An important part of historical culture is historical allusion, and England and China have a large number of idioms originated from historical allusion. These idioms are simple but far-reaching, and we often can not be understood from the literal meaning. In Chinese we have “å®ˆæ ªå¾…å…””( wait for windfalls ),”亡羊补牢”( better late than never ),”æ‹”è‹-助长”( spoil things by excessive enthusiasm )¼Œ”螳螂捕蝉¼Œé»„雀在后”( Mantis catch a cicada, siskin is hind.),”四面楚歌”( be pounded on all sides )etc. Most English allusive idioms come from the Bible and Greek and Roman mythology. Such as ” Achilles’ heel “(唯一致命的弱点),” Penelope’s web “(永远完不成的工作),” The Trojan Horse “(木马计¼›æš-è-çš„危险),” Meet one’s Waterloo “(一败涂地),” swan song “(绝唱),” arrow of Cupid “(丘比特之箭),” A Pandora’s box “(潘多拉之盒¼Œå³ç¾éš¾ã€éº»çƒ¦ã€ç¥¸å®³çš„æ ¹æº),” The apple of discord “(祸患¼›äº‰ç«¯)and so on. Principle and methods of idiom translation Idioms are usually short in form but profound in sense. Each idiom bears an image and a figurative meaning. Idioms translation should be faithful. ” Faithful ” means the Chinese version must be faithful to the English idiom at least in figurative sense, and English idioms are not exactly equal to the Chinese idioms in figurative sense though they appear to be. For example,” pull one’s leg ” is not equal to “拉后腿”, ” move heaven and earth ” is not equal to “翻天覆地” and ” child’s play ” is not equal to “儿戏”. In order to be faithful in translation ,we should convey the original figurative meanings and sacrifice the images. Therefore, ” pull one’s leg ” can be rendered into Chinese as “å-笑某人”,” move heaven and earth ” can be rendered into “尽力” and ” child’s play ” can be rendered into Chinese as “易如反掌”. All these renditions are faithful to the original figurative meanings. So each idiom bears an image and a figurative meaning. An English idiom and a Chinese idiom which are same in image maybe different in figurative meaning. If we can transfer both the image and the figurative meaning by literal translation, we should use literal translation. If we can not, we should better keep the figurative meaning and sacrifice the image. Then, we should use free translation. Generally speaking, the common methods of translating idioms are the following types: 1. Literal translation 2. Free translation 3. Literal translation Free translation 4. Adapted translation 3.1. Literal translation A literal translation is a translation that follows closely the form of the source language. If the image and the figurative meaning are not contradictory to each other, then both of them can be retained in the translation, we should make efforts to reduce the loss in translation and use literal translation method as much as possible. For instance, ” time is money “is translated into “æ-¶é-´å°±æ˜¯é‡‘é’±”, which preserves its original image and figurative meaning. There are many idioms of this kind: In English, 1) Forbidden fruit is sweet. 禁果分å¤-甜。 2) In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king. 盲人国中¼Œç‹¬çœ¼ç°é›„。 3) If you run after two hares, you will catch neither. 同æ-¶è¿½ä¸¤å…”¼Œå…¨éƒ½æŠ“不到。 4) Half a loaf is better than no bread. 有半å-面包总比没有好。 5) The Trojan horse. 特洛伊木马。 6) Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。 7) Misfortunes never come singly. 祸不单行。 8) An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. 以眼还眼¼Œä»¥ç‰™è¿˜ç‰™ã€‚ In Chinese, 1)明枪易躲¼Œæš-箭难防。It is easy to dodge a spear in the open, but hard to guard against an arrow shot from hiding. 2)城é-¨å¤±ç«¼Œæ®ƒåŠæ± 鱼。A fire on the city wall brings disaster to the fish in the moat. 3)路遥知马力¼Œæ-¥ä¹…èäººå¿ƒã€‚As a long road tests a horse’s strength, so a long task proves a person’s heart. 4)初生牛犊不怕虎。New-born calves make little of tigers. 5)远水不è£è¿‘渴。Distant water can’t quench present. As the language roots of the cultural is different, literal translation is likely to be ambiguous and vague. In this case, we should add annotation. Such as: “ä¸‰ä¸ªè‡­çš®åŒ ¼Œèµ›è¿‡è¯¸è‘›äº®” We know “Chukeh Liang” was a famous person in Chinese history, but maybe some western people have nothing about him. We can translate it into ” Three cobblers withe their wits combined equal Chukeh Liang, the master mind ” . “班é-¨å¼„æ-” ( show off one’s proficiency with axe before Lu Ban, the master carpenter ) And in English, ” to carry coals to New Castle ” (运煤到纽卡æ-¯å°”¼›æŒ‡å¤šæ­¤ä¸€ä¸¾¼Œçº½å¡æ-¯å°”是英国的äºç…¤ä¸­å¿ƒ) 3.2. Free translation Free translation means transmitting the figurative meaning in the original English idiom by means of free translation. And it usually loses the original image, like the translation of the English idiom ” Call a spade a spade “, whose image and figurative meaning can not be accepted by the Chinese readers at the same time if they are literally rendered into Chinese as “把铲子叫铲子”. So the translator can put it into Chinese as “直言不讳”, which is readily accepted by the Chinese readers. There are many idioms of this kind: In Chinese, 1)打开天çª-说亮话。Frankly speaking. 2)”东æ-½æ•ˆé¢¦” is a Chinese idiom, for Chinese people, it is easy to understand, and if we translate it into ” Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi “, it will very difficult for western people to understand. Because they maybe don’t know Dong Shi and Xi Shi. So we can translate it into ” crude imitation with ludicrous effect “ 3)失之东隅¼Œæ”¶ä¹‹æ¡‘榆。What one loses on the swings one gets back on the roundabouts. ( If we use method of lateral translation,” lose where the sun rises and gain where the sun set”, the readers will can not understand it. ) 4)塞翁失马¼Œç„‰çŸ¥éžç¦¼ŸA loss may turn out to be a gain. ( Due to the readers don’t know the background of this idiom, we can not translate into ” When the old man on the frontier lost his mare, who could have guessed it was a blessing it was a blessing in disguise?” ) 5)庆父不死¼Œé²éš¾æœªå·²ã€‚There will always be trouble until the trouble-maker is removed. ( If we translate it into ” Until Qing Fu is done away with, the crisis in the state of Lu will not be over “, the readers will not understand a person’s name and country name. ) 6)此地æ- 银三百两。A guilty person gives himself away by conspicuously protesting his innocence. ( We can not translate it into ” No 300 taels of silver buried here. “) In English, 1) a skeleton in the cupboard (家丑) 2) It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. 对人人都有害的事¼Œå¤©ä¸‹å°‘有。( It can not be translated into “不给任何人带来好处的风的确是恶风。”) 3) Every man has a fool in his sleeve. 人人都有糊涂的æ-¶å€™ã€‚( It can not be translated into “人人è¢-子里都装着个傻瓜。”) 4) When Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war. 两雄相争¼Œå…¶æ–必烈。( It can not be translated into “希腊人遇上希腊人¼Œå®šæœ‰ä¸€åœºå¥½æ–。”) Some idioms from the religious literature, usually we need to use free translation. Such as: “å››å¤çš†ç©º”( All physical existence is vanity),”å…­æ ¹æ¸…å‡€”( free from human desires and passions ),”å› ç¼˜”( principal and subsidiary causes ),”红尘”( human society ) and so on. 3.3. Literal translation and Free translation This method means to transfer both the figurative meaning and image of source language idiom into target language with the help of free translation. This translation method can help retain the original figurative meaning and image, which can be accepted by the target language readers. In Chinese: 火çƒçœ‰æ¯› the fire is singeing the eyebrows — a desperate situation 负荆请罪 proffer a birch and ask for a flogging — offer a humble apology 班é-¨å¼„æ- show off one’s skill with the axe before Lu Ban the master carpenter — display one’s slight skill before an expert In English: A bull in a china shop 公牛é-¯è¿›ç“·å™¨åº—- 肆意捣乱 The cat weeps over the mouse. çŒ«å“­è€é¼ —假慈悲 There is no rose without a thorn.玫瑰皆有刺—乐中比有苦 Every flow has its ebb.潮有涨落æ-¥—人又盛衰æ-¶ 3.4. Adapted translation Some English idioms are found exact counterparts in Chinese which are dissimilar to them in images. In this case we can use these idiomatic Chinese expressions to replace the English idioms. For examples: In English, 1) He that sows the wind will reap the whirlwind. 玩火者必自焚。 2) Like begets like. 龙生龙¼Œå‡¤ç”Ÿå‡¤ã€‚ 3) Many straws may bind an elephant. 烂麻搓成绳¼Œä¹Ÿèƒ½æ‹‰åƒæ-¤ã€‚ 4) When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game. 鹬蚌相争¼Œæ¸”翁å¾-利。 In Chinese, 1) 半瓶醋¼Œå‡ºäº‹æ•…。A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 2) å°‘èå¤šæ€ªã€‚Wonder is the daughter of ignorance. 3) 三思而后行。Look before you leap. 4) 如鱼å¾-水。Like a duck to water. 5) 有其父必有其子。Like father like son. Conclusion: Idioms are a very important part of any language. So necessary knowledge of cultural differences is indispensable to the translation of idioms. Each idiom bears an image and a figurative meaning. When we are translating an idiom, it’s a basic requirement that we should remain its figurative meaning. For the translator, he must have a good command of English and Chinese language and cultures.

Smart Goals Nursing

Smart Goals Nursing.

1.Answer discussion questions 1-4 and 2.Answer questions on the document IN3006_ASSESSMENT TEMPLATE (2-3 PARAGRAPHS EACH). Resources are attached. Working in Cardiac ICU currently for the last 2 years. Current member of ANA and AANC. CCRN certified. Let me know if u need any additional information.DISCUSSION: 1.Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years? (1-2 paragraphworking in CARDIAC icu right now for 2 yearsCRNA SCHOOL 2. What skills, experiences, or education do you need to get there? BSN,MORE EXPERIENCE, SHADOWING, IMPROVE INTERVIEW SKILLS.(10-12 SENTENCES 3. What are your current short- and long-term goals?BSN AND CRNA OR NP (1 PARAGRAPH)4.What does it mean to leave a legacy? Is a legacy different in your personal life and your professional life? 1-2 PARAGRAPH.
Smart Goals Nursing