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use these list words in sentences

use these list words in sentences.

Use these list words in sentences. inventionhaughtymiraculousredemptionthroesforfeithigh school level writing
use these list words in sentences

American History Early Colonization to 1877

American History Early Colonization to 1877. Paper details   American Revolution: Write an essay on the origins of the American Revolution and its triumph over the British in the American colonies.  What historical and cultural developments account for the Revolutions extraordinary success? 
 American Civil War: What caused the American Civil War? What was each side fighting for? Write an essay on the origins and outcomes of what some have called the second war of Independence. Use historical information to support your answer. Discuss the origins and principles of manifest destiny. Discuss the importance of Andrew Jackson. Pick 3 individuals, ideas, or events that have been the most important in the first half of American History?  Give reasons for the three choices.American History Early Colonization to 1877

This project is connected with the Introduction to the Data part of the course, but depending on your background Essay

essay writer free This project is connected with the Introduction to the Data part of the course, but depending on your background knowledge, you may not need to take this module to complete this project. Introduction For the final project, you will conduct three tasks: 1) complete your own data analysis and create a presentation to share your findings, 2) develop a dashboard for a Profit and Loss Statement, and 3) create a Financial Forecasting Model using three scenarios. You should start by taking a look at your dataset and brainstorming which sub-category and company you want to focus your data analysis on – the questions leading to this page should have assisted in this process! Then you should use spreadsheets or another Excel-like software to conduct your analysis and choose a sub-category and company you are most interested in. This project is open-ended in that there is no one right answer. Project Goals: Here are the three tasks that you will complete in the final project. Task 1: a. Identify the question about the data that you will answer based on your data analysis, and include this in your slide presentation. Your question should include at least one categorical variable (GICS Sector or GICS Sub Industry) and one quantitative variable (one of the financial metrics) and require the use of at least one of the summary statistics. A tab within the Excel spreadsheet that you submit should include the summary statistics [measures of central tendency (e.g., mean, median) and measures of spread (standard deviation and range)] you used to answer your question. Deliverable: Slide presentation, Spreadsheet with tab for Summary statistics b. Your slide presentation should provide at least one visualization to help with your answer. This visualization might be a bar chart, histogram, scatterplot, box-plot or other visual that you learned to make. Include your insights from the measures of center and spread and at least one numeric summary statistic in the descriiption. Deliverable: Slide presentation (includes visualization) Task 2: Create a dashboard for a Profit and Loss Statement that calculates the Gross Profit, Operating Profit or EBIT for a company selected from a drop-down list. Your drop-down list should pull historical fundamentals data to create the P

Business Project Managing And Assignments Management Essay

Introduction Before one can tackle the question at hand, i.e. the decisions that a project manager has to make in order to create a cohesive and productive environment for his project team, one must first be familiar with the basics of project management. Project management is a wide area which has gained relatively greater importance in the last three decades. Managers began to realize that project management techniques and abilities were central to the success or failure of projects and thus a great deal of research and literature was published on the factors that affect and influence project management techniques (Maylor, 2005). Needless to say, project management is an area of study that requires a great deal of study because of the number of variables associated with it. This paper will thus start off by giving a brief overview of project management in a bid to first establish that the environment in which the project team feels motivated can in fact determine the success or failure of a project and then move on to critically analyze different ways in which a project manager can improve this environment per se. Business Project Management (1)Various texts have defined a project differently, one could informally see a project as a bid to accomplish a given objective through a set of interlinked tasks using a given amount of resources. It could be something as simple as planning a wedding or a more complex task like building a new house. More formally, a project can be defined as, “A complex, non-routine, one-time effort limited by time, budget, resources, and performance specifications designed to meet customer needs (Allan 2004, p.12).” From this formal definition we can deduce some main attributes of projects such as the fact that a project has an established objective, a defined life span, has specific time, cost and performance requirements and requires across-the-organization participation. The main attributes of a project are not only essential for planning and implementing the project but ultimately, the success or failure of a project is judged on how well it has adhered to these essential attributes. Basically one has to see how well a project meets customer requirements and whether it has been able to do it within the time, cost and performance requirements that had been initially established. As mentioned earlier, projects can comprise large complex assignments or small tasks spanning only a few days. For practical purposes, one must also be familiar with the prevailing types of organizational structures in order to better understand the various ways in which impending projects are tackled by various organizations. The first kind can be labeled as the functional organizational structure. Different segments of the project are delegated to respective functional units of the organization and coordination is maintained through normal communication channels. Such a structure allows for flexibility, in-depth expertise and easy post-project transition for team members. At the same time however, there is poor integration, a lack of focus and more importantly a lack of ownership for the success or failure of particular tasks. Then there is the dedicated project team structure. It is normally implemented by projectized organizations that are mainly dependent on one time projects to conduct the bulk of their business. In this system, each task or assignment is treated as a distinct project and a group of employees is put into a project team and handed the sole responsibility of completing that particular project (Burke 2003, p.89). The system is fast, simple, cohesive and allows for cross-functional integration from different departments. On the downside, it proves expensive, leads to internal strife between team members and there arises a problem of post-project transition for the employees. Thirdly, there is the matrix structure. It’s a hybrid organizational structure and seeks to combine the best attributes of the two structures formerly discussed. Basically, there are two chains of command and project participants report simultaneously to both functional and project managers. The matrix structure achieves a greater integration of expertise and project requirements. There are three sub-types of the matrix organizational structure. In the weak-form matrix, the authority of the functional manager predominates and the project manager only has indirect authority. In the balanced form matrix, the project manager sets the overall plan and the functional manager determines how work is to be done. In the strong form matrix structure, much like the dedicated project teams, the project manager has broader control and functional departments only act as subordinates in an advisory roll. (1)No matter the type of organizational structure in place, project management basically seeks to plan, organize and implement a project, large or small, using formal standardized procedures and practices which will ensure that the project meets is objectives as efficiently as possible. The project management process starts off by defining the project scope (Gray

Glendale Community College College Should Be Free Discussion Paper

Glendale Community College College Should Be Free Discussion Paper.

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Essay #3 Assignment Overview: Lesson and DiscussionNo unread replies.No replies.Read the following information and post a response in the discussion board by hitting reply below. Your response can be a question, a summary of the assignment in your own words or something you noticed/thought.Writing Task: Take a position (for or against) on one of the two topics provided and write an argumentative essay that uses outside research to persuade your audience to understand the issue and your position on it. Instructions: Final draft must be at least 1000-1,500 words (not including the Works Cited page).Essay needs to be written in the 3rd person point of view. You will choose ONE of the two topics provided. Each topic will have five (5) potential sources for you to use. Your final draft must use a minimum of three (3) different resources from the five (5) provided. Drafts must specifically follow MLA guidelines to format the required in-text citations and Works Cited page. All drafts must specifically follow the “Essay Formatting Guidelines” page posted in the Resources module.Final draft must be uploaded and submitted as a .docx or .pdf file format.Topic Selection and Sources: Choose ONE of the following topics. All sources needed have been provided. You must select and cite AT LEAST three (3) sources in your essay. Topic:Should college be free?Topic: Should private citizens be allowed to have exotic animals as pets?Library DatabaseSource: “The Sweet Spot on Free College: Why 14 is the New 12.” downloadSource: “ExNOTic: Should We Be Keeping Exotic Pets?” downloadLibrary DatabaseSource: “Presidential Hopefuls Are Pushing Free College Back Into the Spotlight. But What Does ‘Free’ Mean, Anyway?” downloadSource: “Human Attacks by Large Feline Carnivores in Captivity and in the Wild.” downloadLibrary DatabaseSource: “Unlocking Access: Free Tuition Programs Are Opening Doors for Some Students–but Are They Making the Grade?” downloadSource: “Exotic Animals: Appropriately Owned Pets or Inappropriately Kept Problems?” downloadInternet (Video)Source: “Should College Be Free? (Links to an external site.)” Source: Exotic pets: A Growing American Fad (Links to an external site.)Internet (General)Source: “Free College for All is a Popular Rallying Cry, But is it Realistic?” downloadSource: “Wild Obsession” downloadHere are the Works Cited pages for each topic:Free Tuition Works Cited PageExotic Pets Works Cited PageYou can copy and paste without formatting the work cited page for your topic as the last page of your essay.Then you just need to delete any sources you have not cited in your paper. Essay Organization:Introduction (1 Paragraph)-Has an attention grabber/hook-Briefly describes the topic/problem.-Makes clear how the problem concerns the audience.-Emphasizes why the time to address the problem is now.-States an explicit claim in a thesis statement (Typically the LAST sentence of introduction).Body (Links to an external site.) (4-7 Paragraphs)-Outline the major reasons supporting the position (Topic Sentences).-Connect the reasons to the thesis statement via transition words and topic sentences.-Present illustrations, evidence, and examples in the form of summary and paraphrase with few quotes from provided sources.-Evidence is comprised of facts and figures, direct quotations, brief narratives, statistics, testimony and so on from the sources provided.-Includes a counter argument paragraph that acknowledges, rebuts, or refutes opposing viewpoints.-In other words, establish logos by supplying a well-reasoned, well-supported, well-organized argument via strong body paragraphs.Conclusion (1 Paragraph)-Reinforce for your audience the benefits of responding to your argument in the intended way.-Illustrate the negative situation that will result if your argument is ignored.-Work to connect the your claim with the interests and values of your audience.-Create a call to action by answering the question, “So what?” What should your audience care about your argument?
Glendale Community College College Should Be Free Discussion Paper