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Use SAS to solve Questions

Use SAS to solve Questions. I don’t understand this Computer Science question and need help to study.

Regression Analysis on House Price in Chicago
Basic concepts on regression analysis.
We have the following Chicago community data on SAS.
/* Chicago Community */
filename webdat url “” ;
/* Import Chicago Community data*/
PROC IMPORT OUT= chicago_cca
proc contents ; run ;
data community ; set chicago_cca ;
income = income/1000;
Black= Black*100;
Unemp= Unemp*100;
Hispanic = Hispanic*100 ;
label Black= “Black Population Ratio” ;
label Hispanic=”Hispanic Population Ratio” ;
label unemp=”Unemployment Rate” ;
label income=”Median Income in $1000″ ;
proc means ; run ;
1. Simple regression Model
Let’s investigate the relationship between income (Y) and unemployment rate (X) using SAS.
1) Find the correlation coefficient and covariance between X and Y.
2) Scatter plot between X and Y with regression line
3) Perform regression analysis using the following code:
proc reg data= community ;
Model income = unemp;
run ;
4) Using SAS code save the predicted value of income from above model and called “yhat1” and save the residuals called “res1”. Scatter plot themincome, yhat1, and res1 with unemp as the X variable.Explain what you found from the plots.
5) Carefully find or calculate the following statistics using the regression output and explain their meanings.

Total Sum of Square (SST)
Regression Sum of Square (SSR)
Error Sum of Square (SSE)
R square
Adjusted R square
Variance of Y
Variance of Error
Standard Error and variance of b1
Standard Error and variance of b2
T statistic and P-value of t statistic

6) Perform the following hypothesis tests using the output

Ho: B1 = 0,Ha: B1 ¹ 0
Ho: B2 = 0, Ha: B3 ¹ 0
Ho: B1 = B2 = 0 , Ha: Ho is not true

2. Multiple Regression Model
1) Estimate a multiple regression model using the following code:
proc reg data= community ;
Model income = unemp Hispanic black / VIF;
run ;
2) Carefully explain the difference between R square and Adjusted R square. Compare this model with the simple regression model, which one is better and why?
3) Perform the F test. Setup your hypothesis and perform the test.
4) Carefully explain the multicollinearity and what are the consequences of multicollinearity. From the output of the multiple regression model, do you find the multicollinearity?
Use SAS to solve Questions

In this assignment, you identify and describe a current social problem. You also identify a policy created and implemented to address the problem. This is the first part of your Social Change Project final assignment.. I need help with a Sociology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Complete Part 1 of your Social Change Project.
Address the following items in a 3-4 page paper:

Describe a current social problem. How might this problem be incongruent with social work values/ethics?
How/when has this problem been identified historically, and what were the actions taken to address this concern?
How have the groups affected by this concern changed over time?
Describe the policy area related to this social problem.
Is the policy identified by your group dictated by local, state, or federal statute—or a combination thereof?
What are the different aspects of the policy?
How long has the current policy been in place?
Who supports and who opposes the policy?
What changes/amendments have been made to the policy?
Explain how this policy affects clients you might see in a clinical setting and why, as a clinical social worker, it would be important to advocate for change.

In this assignment, you identify and describe a current social problem. You also identify a policy created and implemented to address the problem. This is the first part of your Social Change Project final assignment.

China. Abstract This paper dwells upon a trade theory that best explains the economic growth of China and India. It is stated that the Heckscher-Ohlin theory is the most applicable in this case. Thus, China and India have entered the global arena due to their competitive advantage, comparatively cheap labor force. Introduction China and India are seen as the most promising emerging markets. These countries managed to enter the global scene within decades. At present, these two states are leading exporters of apparel and textile (Kennedy, 2014). Notably, China is also becoming a serious competitor to the USA and Japan in such area as electronic products industry. Notably, the development of the countries cannot be explained by such theories as wealth accumulation or specialization as they are too broad. They do not explain the factors that contributed to the empowerment of China and India. This rapid rise can be explained with the help of the theory developed by Heckscher and Ohlin. Heckscher-Ohlin Theory The two Swedish economists developed the approach in the 1930s (Gaspar, Arreola-Risa, Bierman, HiseChina

Constructing a Computer System

Constructing a Computer System.

In this activity, you will design a computer system for a specific user with a specified budget. To create the computer system, you will need to determine the hardware, software, and peripherals that meet the needs of the specific user. You will make a list of the components and provide an explanation of the function of each. You must support your decision for including each component in the system by describing how it will effectively meet the needs of the user profile you selected.PromptUse the System Specifications Template (SEE ATTACHMENTS) to complete this assignment. Remember to include links or appropriate citations for the resources you use to support your selections.Sites such as NewEgg, Micro Center, and Fry’s Electronics provide numerous options to consider when building a computer system. You may find it beneficial to use one of these sites, or you may choose to use other resources.As you begin to build your computer system, consider the following basic questions and make decisions about items such as the system unit, CD/DVD drive, printer, monitor, speakers, microphone, keyboard, mouse, flash memory card reader, and storage (e.g., hard drive or solid state drive):What input devices will the user need for the system?What output devices will the user need for the system?How important is processing speed?How much memory and storage does the user need?Choose one user profile from the following list and create a computer system that meets the needs of that specific user.Family (Budget: $800.00)The family computer must meet the needs of a variety of users. Family members plan to use it to search the internet, stream videos, create a family budget, and support basic word processing tasks. They expect easy usability, the ability to connect to fast internet, a clear picture, and the ability to print documents they create. In addition to the basic questions listed above, when building the computer system for this user, consider the following:How much RAM would be sufficient?What size hard drive would they need? What type of monitor do they need, and what resolution would you recommend?Connection to the internet is important, so what would you recommend to support the family’s needs?Which peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, and printer, would you recommend?What email program would you suggest and why?What budgeting programs should they use?What internet browser would you recommend and why?Remember to explain the function of each component you choose, and support your decision for including it in the system.
Constructing a Computer System

NURS 4210 WK 6 Walden University Health of Diabetic Patients Responses

professional essay writers NURS 4210 WK 6 Walden University Health of Diabetic Patients Responses.

Rozana KiRE: Group A Practicum Discussion – Week 6 COLLAPSEWK6 Practicum Discussion and PPTThe focus of this project is to provide insight to each one of us on the importance and the processes involved in Public Health. We journeyed together through the fundamentals and then embarked on our mission to identify a population, a need, current resources, and how we can help improve that population’s health through preventive interventions. My project focuses on the issue of type II diabetes in the Latino American population in my county.Type II diabetes has great potential to be prevented, and yet it has become more of a public health crisis at home and around the world. The purpose of this project is to make sure we are aware of it, and we are doing our part as healthcare providers and as patients to prevent a bigger crisis and to promote health at least locally. The huge inequalities in our societies contribute to the crisis by preventing access to resources and needed primary healthcare. There lies a social injustice. One of many, in fact.As healthcare providers, nurses know that the health of an individual is determined by his behavior, access to resources, but also by his environment and the people around him. With this in mind, nurses are charged with responsibility to continuously advocate for population and public health, to make sure people have access to health education, preventive services, and primary care that is affordable. We need healthy communities to have healthy individuals. So for that, we advocate. We advocate on an one to one base, to an audience, with patients, with businesses, with our governments. Through education, through raising awareness, through research, through policy writing, in whatever work environment we may be. And that is how a healthcare leader works to promote positive social change.Please see PPT Presentation attached NURS4210_WK6PracticumAssign_KIR.ppt (368 KB)done4 mins agoDeshawna FieldsRE: Group A Practicum Discussion – Week 6COLLAPSEThis project fulfills the mission of social justice by identifying an issue affecting a population that shows significant issues, and attempts to address how to improve the issues. If there is an impact on social change it will be for individuals to have safer health practices as it pertains to individual health and encourage others to be conscientious too. It is my role to make sure in providing the best evidence-based information to my patients that will impact them positively for the future. When nursing professionals take an initiative to address issues within the community, it impacts an entire population for the better. We have to advocate for change where health issues are affecting a community or population negatively. It ties into the ethical teaching of “do no harm,” so we must help the vulnerable populations become healthier by assisting them with the best interventions needed for social change.done
NURS 4210 WK 6 Walden University Health of Diabetic Patients Responses

Capella University Perspective of Approaches to Public Administration Discussion Response

Capella University Perspective of Approaches to Public Administration Discussion Response.

There are three major approaches to public administration: legal, political, and managerial approaches (Friedrich, 1958; Hijal-Moghrabi & Sabharwal, 2018). The managerial approach tries to mimic a business-like structure to the public administration. The take or perspective of the managerial approach on the public administration is that administration is similar and should be run like a big business operation and its nature including philosophies, ethics, and procedures. A bureaucratic or administrative structure is promoted by those who believe in the traditional managerial approach. Bureaucratic is similar to running of operation or activities by government or organization, and there is usually a concern with procedures over common sense or efficiency (Plant, 2018). In an administrative structure, there is a division of labor among employees. The motive or rationale behind supporting division of labor is to get maximum output to input in the business. A critical evaluation from the biblical or Christian worldview, working individually or as a group, is an act of worship to God because God made people in God’s image (Fischer, 2010). As we discovered in A Brief Overview of Worldview Ideas: From the Middle Ages to the Postmodern Era, religion played a significant role in our worldview and public administration approach. Our world view is shaped by epistemology – the study of how we determine our truth; ontology – the study of who we are as human beings; and axiology – the study of how we decide or arrive at values (Fischer, 2004). 
          The traditional managerial approach also discusses the scientific ways of developing knowledge. The managerial approach treated public administration as a science as it allows ideas and data gathered in public administration to be tested. Like the political approach, the managerial approach also fosters administrative effectiveness and promotes economic values and efficiency (Bowman, Berman, and West, 2001). In the political process, the system consists of the state or provincial government and the central government. The states or provinces are still subordinates in certain legal or constitutional respects, although they have been accorded a substantial measure of legal sovereignty or constitutional. This relationship is a form of federalism whereby all members are bound together with covenant/law/legal constitution. The approach is similar to public administration because it promotes economic development, political values of military strength, representation, and union. Based on the legal approach, the constitutional law integrates the entire nation despite administrative authority’s decentralization. The decentralization allows various states to enact different laws.
          There are some areas in the public administration system that are also similar to some biblical worldviews. For instance, a covenant is a form of agreement. The scripture established that God had series of covenants with man, which were honored. In a public administration, the covenant is a form of agreement that helps foster mutual affirmation and accountability. Motivating employees is another emphasis in a public organization to increase job productivity. Motivational theories support this aspect. The covenantal behavior (from biblical view) or agreement (managerial/legal/political stance) can be used to achieve intrinsic motivation. The happiness of employees often leads to high productivity due to job satisfaction (Two Factor theory). In a public administration system under the managerial approach, the leader or manager must emphasize intrinsic motivators such as rewarding employees, empowering, etc. Supporting this argument using a biblical worldview, God motivates us with living for eternity ideology. It was shown in Roman 2:6-8 about God promising to reward us according to our works by giving us eternal life (Fischer, 2010). Therefore it is essential to demonstrate ethical behavior when serving the public and in every aspect of life (Callendar, 1998). 
Bowman, J., Berman E., and West, J. (2001). The profession of public administration:  An ethics edge in introductory textbooks. Source: Public Administration Review, Vol. 61, No. 2, pp. 194-205 Published by: Wiley on behalf of the American Society for Public Administration.
Callender, Guy, 1998. Professionalism in International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration. Boulder, CO: Westview.
Fischer, K. (2004). Worldview analysis, humanities, braces for the kids, and the meaning of life: Why thinking from a worldview perspective is important for every area of our lives. ©
Fischer, K. (2010). A biblical-covenantal perspective on organizational behavior & leadership. Faculty Publications and Presentations. 523. 
Friedrich, C. J. (1958). Authority. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
Hijal-Moghrabi, I. & Sabharwal, M. (2018). Ethics in American public administration: A response to a changing reality. Public Integrity, 20:5, 459-477. 
Plant, J. (2018) Responsibility in public administration ethics. Public Integrity, 20:sup1, S33-S45.
Capella University Perspective of Approaches to Public Administration Discussion Response

Answering two questions related to financial markets and regulations of the financial markets

Answering two questions related to financial markets and regulations of the financial markets. I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

Each question one page
First Question:
Where should I invest equity market or debt market?
Second Question:
What is the regulations of the financial markets and why?
in the second question use the case study of (Enron Company) or by watching this movie (Torres in Suits)
A.Write the answers in your own words. It’s an online submission that detects the plagiarism automatically and generate a report. A plagiarized work will get a zero grade.
b. Write in detail and explain your answer clearly, each question one page.
d. Writing Guidelines: Paper size: A4, Line Spacing:1.15, Margins: 1” (inch) or 3 cm all sides, Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 for text and 14 for heading.
Answering two questions related to financial markets and regulations of the financial markets