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USCP 636 UMUC Trends in Information Technology Industry Paper

USCP 636 UMUC Trends in Information Technology Industry Paper.

For your reference, here is the full Project 2 assignment:Imagine that you recently began working in a department that supports your company’s strategic planning for growth in the industry. Your department head has asked you to do research from a newcomer’s perspective to inform future marketing directions for the company. He has asked you to write a detailed memo that identifies the three top trends in the industry. If he likes your work on this initial research, he will ask you to write a position paper on the most important issue related to these trends. (The position paper will be your assignment for project 3.) He is hoping to use your research to prepare your department to launch a new strategic plan. This is your first real task for your new job, and you are excited and a little nervous about the assignment. You think you have a sense of the industry but know you need to do more research to be accurate in your analysis. The ability to spot trends in your industry is an important skill, and your boss wants to spend energy and capital on new growth areas, products, and services. Writing for Inc., Hall (2016) offers ideas about how to identify and evolve with industry trends.As you begin your research, you will need to register for CareerQuest, review the available resources, and use Vault for some of your industry research. Please review this short video about the many services under CareerQuest. Career Insider by Vault is a set of career research tools. You can find the Vault tools under Tools>Career Tool Box>Career Search Tools. Career Search Tools should be the box in the lower right corner. While this assignment asks you to use the resource called Vault, the graded discussion in week 5 will ask you to discuss other CareerQuest resources you found helpful or interesting.Your assignment is to produce a well-researched and properly cited memo of approximately 500 words (about two pages in double-spaced Times New Roman font) in which you identify three trends in your industry and discuss each one briefly. You are to provide citations for at least THREE SOURCES. These sources should be a mix of journal articles from the UMGC library, information from Vault, and other pertinent and valid websites or online materials pertaining to your trends. Be sure to cite any words or ideas from your sources in correct APA format, and include a properly formatted list of references. For an example, please refer to theAPA formatted template for project 2.Check out these short videos from UMGC’s Library:How to set up your paper in APA style: to format a reference list in APA format: review these helpful resources from UMGC’s Effective Writing Center (EWC):Good strategies for thinking about assignments and preparing to write.Some good information from the EWC writing guide about the process of writing.Our own David Taylor with his video on writing the 5 paragraph essay.
USCP 636 UMUC Trends in Information Technology Industry Paper

Eastlake High School Elements of Contract Interpretation Discussion.

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Part 1Masha and Dasha are very good friends. Masha’s apartment needs decorating so she calls Dasha, who is unemployed at the moment, and asks her: “Will you decorate all three rooms in my apartment for USD 200?” Dasha agrees. On May 1 she spends 80 USD on materials and starts work. On 3 May Masha tells her that she needs the work to be finished by 12 May because her parents are coming to stay. Dasha agrees to finish the work by then. Unfortunately, Dasha is a bit lazy and the work is only half done by 14 May. She finally finishes on 20 May and asks Masha for her USD 200, plus USD 80 for the materials. Masha can’t believe this. She insists that the USD 200 included the cost of materials, and anyway Dasha finished late. She has also lost her job in the last few days and offers her USD 120. Dasha consults you for advice.Under law, four elements are needed to create a contract. They are: 1. intention to create a legal relationship 2. offer 3. acceptance 4. consideration Q: Please define each element and outline how they apply in this case
Eastlake High School Elements of Contract Interpretation Discussion

Colorado State University Transactions of the Electrochemical Society Discussion.

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Your flashlight is getting dimmer and dimmer, so you assume the batteries are nearly dead. They are “D” cells producing 1.5 volts. You take the batteries out and test them with a voltmeter. The meter reveals the batteries have nearly 1.5 volts of potential. Are the batteries dead or is something else going on? Discuss how you can tell whether the batteries are dead, and how you would test the flashlight to see whether there is some internal problem. Is it an either-or proposition? Explain.
Colorado State University Transactions of the Electrochemical Society Discussion

A tort action is an act of commission or omission that results in a legal injury for which a remedy can be instituted. The case has a number of tort actions that include slander and negligence. Slander Actions Slander is defined as a written publication of an unjustified false statement against an individual. The statement must have a potential to lower the plaintiff’s reputation from a rational person’s perspective. For an act to be considered as slander, the statement must have been false, referred to the plaintiff, defamatory in nature, and published in a written form. In the case, Raul published a false statement on a sign. The statement claimed that SureCo Company was stealing from its customers, a statement that is not true and yet taints the company’s image (Miller and Jentz, 2010). Plaintiff and defendant The potential plaintiff in the tort case is the SureCo Company. This is because the company is the victim of the defamation. The defendant is Raul who published a defamatory statement (Miller and Jentz, 2010). Elements of slander that constitutes the plaintiff’s claim Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The actions of Raul satisfy the essential elements of a slander. The first element is the publication of a false statement. Raul published a claim that the company is stealing from its customers. This statement is false because the company did not engage in any of such activities. Actions of the agent that constituted misrepresentation of facts were illegal and did not bind the company. The written statement was further defamatory (Miller and Jentz, 2010). Possible defense The possible defense that Raul can use is justification of the statement or an offer of apology for the statement. Justification of the statement would involve proof that the company has been involved in an activity of stealing from its customers. Raul can similarly apologize to the company and use the apology as a defense (Miller and Jentz, 2010). Possible resolution The case is most likely to be resolved in favor of SureCo. This is because the circumstances of the case satisfy elements of a slander. The possible defenses are also not strong enough, based on the facts of the case. Negligence Another tort action in the case is negligence. Negligence is defined as a breach of duty of care that leads to legal injury (Miller and Hollwell, 2010). We will write a custom Essay on Synopsis of Tort Case specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Plaintiff and defendant The plaintiff in the case would be Raul who was shot in the eye. The defendants would be the boss and SureCO Inc. SureCo would be a possible defendant on the ground that the boss acted on her capacity as an agent for the interest of the company (Miller and Hollwell, 2010). Elements of negligence For a case to be considered as negligence, the defendant must have owed the duty of care to plaintiff. That duty of care must have been breached leading to damage. Generally, every person owes a duty of care to his or her neighbor. Consequently, the boss owed a duty of care to Raul who was in her environment. The duty of care was breached by shooting in the direction of the plaintiff. As a result, the plaintiff was shot in the eye leading to injury (Miller and Hollwell, 2010). Possible defense Possible defense in the case include the doctrines of contributory negligence and ‘volenti non fit injuria’. Under contributory negligence, the defendant can claim that the injury occurred only because the plaintiff demonstrated in front of the company’s premises. Similarly, arguments that the plaintiff should have been aware of against him would constitute ‘volenti non fit injuria’ (Miller and Hollwell, 2010). Possible resolution The case is likely to be resolved in favor of the plaintiff. This is because the defendant used excessive force apart from strong evidence for negligence. Not sure if you can write a paper on Synopsis of Tort Case by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Miller, R., and Hollwell, W. (2010). Business Law: Text

ENTR 29705 DePaul University The United Apparel Liquidators Case Study

ENTR 29705 DePaul University The United Apparel Liquidators Case Study.

After reading the case study please answer the following questions:Which of the three basic business strategies is U.A.L. using? Explain. How well are the Cohens executing their strategy?Develop an outline of a marketing strategy for U.A.L. How should the company promote itself? Brainstorm ideas for a unique selling proposition (USP) that Cohens could use to market their products effectively. How should U.A.L. incorporate social media into its marketing strategy? Which social media tools should the Cohens use? What steps should they take to build a social media following? The case analysis should be minimum two pages in length, double space, in 12-point font.
ENTR 29705 DePaul University The United Apparel Liquidators Case Study

HIST1700 Significance of World War One to America Development Discussion

essay help online free HIST1700 Significance of World War One to America Development Discussion.

PART FIVE: CH. 21-24Do you see parallels in the internal opposition to America’s involvement in worldwide conflicts such as the Spanish-American War and WWI and thew Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (War on Terror)? How so?Which World War (WWI or WWII) was more significant to America’s development? Why?If you had lived in the Great Depression, which New Deal program or agency would have been most important to you and why?In what ways was America “roaring” in the “Roaring Twenties”?What were three cultural rifts that emerged in American society during the 1920s?
HIST1700 Significance of World War One to America Development Discussion



M4 Discussion 2: Special SchoolsSpecial SchoolsIn Module 4, you read about the different types of disabilities: language and speech disorders, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and Megan’s story on dyslexia. (Text book chapters and Module 4’s e-book: Cognitive and Communicative Exceptionalities).Based on the types of disabilities as well as services and support needed by students with multiple disabilities, do you think special schools for students with disabilities can be justified? Why or why not? Please pick one of the disabilities discussed in the Module 4’s e-book: Cognitive and Communicative Exceptionalities, and provide an example of why or why not, a special school can be justified.

A Strategic Human Resource Mangement Business Essay

In todays dynamic and high tech environment it is very important for a business or an organisation to keep up with the pace and manage its resources in the most effective and efficient manner. It is not one man’s job to run the show but requires a workforce and to utilise this resource in the most successful manner, some sort of management is required. This defines the need of Human Resource Management in any organisation. Further to manage the workforce well derives the need of thinking and planning. This essay discusses Human resource management, its importance, defines strategic thinking, examines the need of strategic thinking in human resource management and also discusses the key aspects of strategic Human Resource management. Also, through a case study on IKEA, to analyse how strategic human resource management can be a competitive advantage. Firstly analysing what is human resource management and its need in an organisation. (Byars and Rue, 2006) defined human resource management as a system of activities and strategies that focus on successfully managing employees at all levels of organisation to achieve organisational goals. Managing people is an important task and is of great strategic relevance as employees are the most valuable asset of an organisation. The goal of any organisation is to achieve success through its employees by developing good relations with them and working towards common goals. This is where thinking and planning to effectively manage human resource comes into the picture. (Therith, C.T , 2009) states ‘HRM is the main department which push the organization to meet the goal because it work with line manager, have a good communication with all department in organization, know clear about organization’s goal and objective. So HRM is very important to gain success and can be making Human Resource a competitive advantage.’ It includes tasks like keeping the right employees in the organisation, increase productivity by training and development programmes, improving job satisfaction, creating employment opportunities etc. Thus, this implies to have a win win situation for any organisation it is important to have a well-built human resource management and to do so a strategic approach is most needed. Further, for Human resource management to administer a large workforce need to think strategically. This brings in the need of Strategic Thinking in Human Resource Management. Wotton S.

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