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USA Export Imports

USA Export Imports. Paper details Identify 10 products/services to be imported or exported to/from the USA, with its justification. For each product/service, you need to identify the need in terms of demand, the degree of competitiveness, and how you are going to go about it. Submit your project as a PowerPoint presentation into Canvas. Due during the 5th week. Last page should be bibliography.USA Export Imports
Oakland University Organizational Behaviors Discussion.

Thoughtful management of these factors can result in very desirable outcomes. A foundational step to managing ethics and diversity is to ingrain these items into corporate policy(ies).
For this assignment:

Select two behaviors that you feel should be part of a Standard of Behaviors/Code of Conduct policy. Ensure that one of these standards is diversity-related and that the other standard is ethics-focused.
Explain the expected keyword and phrases that are associated with each behavior.
Explain the expected actions associated with each of these behaviors.
Explain the expected attitudes associated with each of these behaviors.
Provide an explanation of how these standards could be used to promote ethics and diversity in day-to-day operations and the role leaders play in promoting ethical/inclusive behaviors.

Here is an example of how your content might look:
Standard of Behavior – Integrity
I will do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. My conduct will be ethical and professional.
What I say is what I’ll do.Be courteous in verbal, non-verbal, and written communications.
Follow departmental policies and procedures.Protect privacy and confidentiality.Demonstrate empathy and compassion in all that I do.
Do what is in the best interest of the customer at all times.Help others do the right thing.
Oakland University Organizational Behaviors Discussion

University of Wisconsin Psychological Impact of Workplace Discrimination Essay.

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsRevised Argumentative Research Paper – Submit your assignment through the Turn-it-in Link “Essay 6” below.Based upon feedback received from your peers on the research presentation and from me on your presentation and draft, edit, revise and extend your research paper so that it adheres to the following guidelines:General Items1.Effective and academic word choice, grammar, usage and punctuation.2.Sentences that communicate both simple and complex ideas clearly without fragments and subject/verb confusion.3.Evidence of proofreading, e.g., non-existent to minimal misspellings and odd errors.4.Multiple paragraphs of varying lengths, from three to nine sentences.5.Avoidance of personal pronouns, e.g., I, you, us, we, our, with the exception of the conclusion in which you may share a personal testimony or anecdote.6.All quotes are introduced, presented in quotation marks and explained as well as cited in-text and in the Works Cited or References page.7.All paraphrases are cited in-text and in the Works Cited or References page.8.Transitions between paragraphs and among required sections of the paper.9.At least two images with appropriate captions and relevance to the topic.10.MLA or APA document style, i.e., all elements should be presented consistently.11.Compelling and informative title in appropriate title case capitalization.Introduction1.One, clear paragraph containing:a.Compelling quote, statistics, story and/or a combination of the aforementioned to capture the attention of your reader.b.Discussion of the significance of the topic and your paper’s approach to the topic, which may include questions, statements of strategy, and/or quotes/statistics.c.Complete, clear and compelling thesis statement.Background Information 1.Multiple paragraphs (typically between five and eight) of varying lengths in which you provide fact-based information necessary for your audience to understand your topic, such as:a.Definitions of all key terms from the thesis.b.Statistics, graphs and charts.c.Historical context, events and chronology.d.Legal decisions and political movements.e.Important people/groups and places.f.Geographical and demographic data/maps.Note: All of the information must be cited from credible sources.Argument1.Multiple paragraphs (typically between eight and twelve) of varying lengths in which you present evidence, counterarguments and rebuttals in support of each part of your thesis, i.e., all of the claims you make in the first paragraph of the paper must be proven with credible evidence.2.Note: Fewer paragraphs than eight usually indicates inadequate support of the thesis; however, this is not always true.Conclusion1.A minimum of two paragraphs in which you provide:a.A clear restatement of the thesis, in new language, and a summary of the best evidence you presented to prove your thesis.b.In the case you did not prove your thesis or found it lacking, you should discuss this here.c.If relevant, a personal testimony or anecdote, which has its connection to your thesis explained well.d.Recommendations for future research; additional questions to consider; calls to action; solutions to problems presented; and, any other materials deemed relevant to the topic and your thesisWorks CitedMLA-formatted Works Cited or APA-formatted References page:1.All sources organized alphabetically by author’s last name, then title. 2.If there is no author, then alphabetical by the title.3.A minimum of six book/eBook and/or database sources — this number does not include the citations for the required images.4.Citations for any image used in the paper.Note: You may use as many sources in excess of the required number above. You may not use Wikipedia or these resources for additional support in preparing your research paper:1. Writing a Research Paper2. Library–Citing Sources — APA (APA style), and 3. Sample MLA Formatted Paper(MLA style).
University of Wisconsin Psychological Impact of Workplace Discrimination Essay

College of Saint Benedict Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Discussion.

Part AFor this assignment choose two sub-disciplines of psychology from the list provided by the American Psychological Association. (Google: American Psychological Association Divisions). Click on the two you want to review to find out more information.Briefly describe each discipline.Explain why you chose each discipline.Part BPrimary sources are the actual articles written by the individuals doing the study.Secondary sources are articles written about the study (e.g., newspapers, magazines, blogs, Wikis, and trade journals).South University online library has extensive databases that should be used to find primary source articles. For help in finding articles, please click on the link to the Library where you will find research guides and information about how to ask for help.The difference between Primary vs Secondary resourcesHow to do an article search (Library Search Quick Guide)Video guide to finding Scholarly/Peer Reviewed articles
Locate one primary source study article that deals with behavior or psychology in general.The article should not be more than 5 to 6 years old.For your report, please provide a summary of the article that includes the purpose of the study (usually located in the beginning of the study), participants, methodology, and results. Conclude your report with your thoughts on the study.Submit your essay in a Microsoft Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Cite your sources, if any, on a separate page using the APA format.
College of Saint Benedict Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Discussion

Harvard University Health Self Tracking App Discussion

Harvard University Health Self Tracking App Discussion.

In the project, you will be asked to conduct a literature review on anytopic of interest that isrelevantto biomedical and health informatics. In the project, you will need to: 1.Identify a problem originating from implementation and use of an existing health IT system, or opportunities for developing future technologies; 2.Conduct a reasonably comprehensive but not necessarily inclusive literature search on the topic(suggested range of numbers of papers to review: 15 to 30); 3.Analyze the body of the literature identified;4.Report findings and provide recommendation for future work based on the findings.The final project report shall contain,at the minimum,the following sections:1.Background and Significance2.Literature Search Methods3.Findings4.Discussion of the Findings5.Conclusion6.ReferencesPaper Size, Margin, and Font Size•Standard letter (8 ½” x 11”).•1-inch margin (top, bottom, left, and right) on all pages•Font size 11 point or larger•Single spaceFor writing examples, please see systematic review studies published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association.Topic: What design features enhance the likelihood of long-term user adoption of a health self-tracking app?Materials related to the topic:1: Self-tracking, health, and medicine…2: The use of self-tracking technology for health…3: Motivation and User Engagement in Fitness Tracking: Heuristics for Mobile Healthcare Wearables Use of mobile health applications for health-promoting behavior among individuals with chronic medical conditions…5: Consumers’ continuance intention to use fitness and health apps: an integration of the expectation-confirmation model and investment model…7:…8:…9:…10: Health App Use Among US Mobile Phone Users: A National Survey Mobile Health Apps: Adoption, Adherent, and Abandonment The impact of post-adoption beliefs on the continued use of health app only need the part 4&5&6. Part 4&5 should be one to two pages long at least.
Harvard University Health Self Tracking App Discussion

ITS 532 Morgan State University Working with Data Chapter Summary

i need help writing an essay ITS 532 Morgan State University Working with Data Chapter Summary.

As you develop and move through this course it is important that you are able to reflect on, report and assess your learning throughout your educational journey, using weekly reflection papers. Your reflection journal is due at the end of weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 during this course. All weekly reflection papers should be a minimum of two full pages of prose (for each chapter), double-spaced, in proper APA formatting using citations when appropriate. Please use Microsoft Word for all writing assignments.Each Chapter Reading Reflection should address the following prompts:Summarize the content of the chapter addressed.What were some of the highlights in this chapter and learning opportunities?Share some new ideas and/or thoughts that you developed from the reading of the chapter.How do you think you can apply this chapter’s concepts into your home, school, personal-life or work environment?**NOTE a template is provided for this assignment. It is recommended that you download the template and save it to your computer so that you can submit your reflections during the weeks in which they are due.Please make sure that you look at the example that is also attached!!Samples are attached;;;;Requirements: Chapters Journal review
ITS 532 Morgan State University Working with Data Chapter Summary

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Some research suggests that men see their virginity as something shameful and stigmatizing, whereas women see their virginity as a gift that is given to someone special. Do you think this view has changed at all in recent years? Explain your answer. 150 words
Should men be circumcised? Choose one side of this debate and present a cohesive and compelling argument for your perspective. Be sure to pick at least one opposing side to your response. 150 Words
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BUS 101 Strayer University Week 3 Intentional Tort Discussion

BUS 101 Strayer University Week 3 Intentional Tort Discussion.

This week, we’ll be examining how our legal system protects persons who are injured by the purposeful act of another. These types of injuries are called intentional torts. The legal claims of assault, battery, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and defamation are examples of intentional torts.For this discussion, choose one of the scenarios listed below and determine the intentional tort that you think applies. Make sure to explain your answer, including the elements of the claim, why you think those elements are or are not present, and what other information you would need to make this determination.A group of people protesting a company’s employment practices in the lobby of a building is surrounded by private security guards hired by the company.A teenager sends a joking message to his best friend telling him that there is a bomb in his basement.You accidentally leave your personal journal at the local coffee shop. Another customer finds it and shares your innermost secrets on his blog, but never identifies you as being the writer of the journal.At a family reunion at your parents’ home, you see Dave, a second cousin, take a very expensive bottle of wine from the wine cellar, place it in a duffle bag, and hurry out the backdoor. You quickly go to your father and tell him that Dave stole the bottle, and your father calls the police. In reality, your mother told Dave he could pick any bottle of wine from the cellar as a belated birthday present.
BUS 101 Strayer University Week 3 Intentional Tort Discussion