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US sanction policy and global finance

Identify the issue/problem/research question you would like to pursue. What are the general  trends? Report some descriptive statistics. Who are the key actors involved? Why should anyone be interested in this topic?Annotated Bibliography of at least 5 sources (more below)Create a uniformly formatted bibliography for these items.Focus on serious scholarly work: peer-reviewed articles, well-researched reports, and working papers from reputable institutions.You should have 5-7 sources at this point. (In your final draft you will have more.)Write a 500 word reflection based on the annotated bibliography.

four (4) countries as part of a mid-sized company’s first global expansion

four (4) countries as part of a mid-sized company’s first global expansion.

You are considering four (4) countries as part of a mid-sized company’s first global expansion. You must decide which of the six (6) possible internationalization methods is the most feasible. In preparation for this initiative, develop and discuss variables and factors to be considered when determining and implementing the global expansion. Your essay should use at least four (4) of the following topics: • the best type of market entry strategy for a mid-sized company (less than 500 employees and annual sales of less than US$5 million); • market size, geographic location, population; • regional difference and the approach to the market; • distance from domestic market; market access; • ramifications of the COO affect and other important and crucial elements required for success; • reasons why companies succeed or fail. The countries selected must include three countries from the following: United States, China, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico and the fourth country can be your choice of any country

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Gallery/exhibition/museum reviews

US sanction policy and global finance Gallery/exhibition/museum reviews.

 Each paper will be a different gallery/exhibition/museums review. Do not combine them! For the 4 reviews write the name of the artist, name of the show/ gallery, how long was the exhibition (from what date to what date), overall description of the works, 2 examples of the art work if possible, compare to another well-known artist. talk about how the part work made you feel. Page number one… The Whitney Museum Located in 99 Gansevoort st, NY, NY 10014. In this museum  chose the art work called “The Acquistion, 2018” located on the 8th floor. (Its big and red) page number two.. The Museum of city of New York located on 1220 5th ave, New York, NY 10029. In this museum  chose the gallery section called “A City for Corduroy” (2nd floor) I  page number 3… The Museum of the City of New York located on on 1220 5th ave, New York, NY 10029. In this museum chose the gallery about The cycling in the city: A 200-year history.  please choose something that is the most recent. page number 4.. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Chose the painting done by AF Klint. The one with the 10 painting from childhood to old age. 

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Definition argument

Definition argument.

 Ralph Emerson elaborates on self-reliance in his essay Self Reliance. Choose the term Self Reliance and write why you believe it is essential to maintaining a free, just, and ethical society, do some research, and write an essay that makes a definition or evaluation argument to explain what makes that term self reliance essential. write a three page (or longer) essay Provide a clear thesis that argues about a definition or performs a categorical evaluation. Use MLA format (Size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, heading ,etc.) Provide three or more criteria that define the term or category Use three convincing sources, quoted and cited in the paper and listed in a Works Cited list Use clear and interesting writing Present your ideas in an organized manner

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Safe injection

Safe injection.

The laws, policies are mostly state/local based, and that they focus on either a piece of legislation (recently passed or proposed) or a social problem area for which several policy solutions have been proposed. Policy topic is NYState & NYC NYC. Safe injection As an example of the topic, The same conditions, 1 part advocacy, 2 research, 1 part For this blog you will post on a report related to your policy topic from a major advocacy group in the area of your policy topic (there will be a narrated lecture on advocacy groups) New York, Brooklyn, could be just in New York area 2 part For this blog please post on research related to your policy blog from an academic source.

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Cyber Security Question

Threat maps illustrate the millions of cyber threats happening every day. In addition to visualizing the attacks, cyber threat maps also provide a limited amount of context including the source and target countries, attack types, and historical and (near) real-time data about threats. If you are working for a company, threat maps can be valuable to help your security team make connections and predictions on future attacks where your company may fall into the mix. Threat maps provide that visual connection that turns information into intelligence.
Imagine you are working for an IT/Cyber company and the cyber threats are one of the most significant threats that the company is facing. Analyze the maps and report your findings in 2-3 pages of Word document. APA format references. Introduce the company (can be an existing one or you can create one) and explain how your report will contribute to prediction on possible cyber attacks.
Feel free to use available free resources (Google, Youtube, GitHub) to explore the maps and their features.
1.Kaspersky Lab cyber attack map
2.Deteque botnet threat map
3.CheckPoint ThreatCoud map
4.FireEye real-time cyber attack map
5.Akamai web monitor
6.Bitdefender live cyber threat map
7.Arbor Networks DDoS Attack Map
8.Fortinet live cyber attack map
9.Talos Spam and Malware Map
10.Sophos Threat Tracking Map



Chanel recently launched its beauty product e-shop and Fendi has announced that it will launch an e-commerce platform in March this year. Small luxury brands are catching up too but with consumers spending more and more time online they will need to create a fluid shopping experience to successfully leverage e-commerce’.

Daniela Cecilio – The Guardian, Feb 6th, 2015

This activity asks you to research and comment on issues in fashion retailing. Some questions you can consider to include, what do you think the future of e-commerce and fashion retailing will look like? How important is Instagram in consumers’ decision making processes? How important is vlogging? How are fashion shows embracing m-commerce? How are retailers incorporating m-commerce into their shopping experiences? Use case studies of fashion retailers to support your points.

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