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US Involvement The US started to get involved in other countries during the Industrial Age, and we started using imperialism, which lead to World War 1. During the Industrial age, we were focused on getting more and more goods so we could run our factories. Trade was very important during this time because we couldn’t sell enough goods to the American public, so we traded them to other countries. When the US realized they could just take over another country and make them trade, this seemed a lot easier.

Imperialism was partly based on, “My backyard is my business. ” Also known as, the Monroe doctrine. We invaded Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, and we created a revolution in Panama against Columbia, and that is where we built the Panama Canal so we could use it for as a trading route, and a two ocean navy. World War 1 was caused by militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism. The US entered World War 1 because of three things.

The Russian Revolution threatened the US because we didn’t want them to drop out of the war. The sinking of the Lusitania was another cause because not only did some Americans die, but we had goods on the ship and if we couldn’t trade with Europe because the Germans were sinking our ships with U-boats, we wouldn’t be able to run our factories because we had no one to trade with. And last, but not least, the Zimmerman telegram was given to us a month after it had been sent to Mexico.

Germany was trying to get Mexico involved in the war by telling them if they won they would be able to get back Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona if they attacked the US. We realized that we had to take action fast so we entered the war. All of these were times when the US had to step out of their bubble and see what was going on the other side of their borders. The industrial age, imperialism, and world war 1 all made the US involved with someone outside of America.



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