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Within this time continuum, we find the media attempting to focus voters’ attention on specific issues, sway public opinion, and influence politics. From a present-day perspective, imagine that you are the owner of a large multimedia group and want to increase voter turnout in an upcoming presidential election; therefore, you develop an Expanding Voter Turnout Plan to accomplish this goal using the various media sources at your disposal. Your case study must include the criteria below.Include a title page, which should contain the following elements:your name,title of the paper,course name and number,your instructor’s name, andthe submission date.Provide an introduction.Include a brief overview of the Expanding Voter Turnout Plan and why it is important.Your plan must identify a specific turnout percentage that you will set as your goal.Provide background information.You must set the stage for your essay by providing a brief overview of both the nomination and general election stages that are present in all elections.Determining the public’s opinion about elections and voting is critical to successfully targeting your media plan to increase turnout; therefore, you must describe what type of poll you will use to gather the public’s opinion about voting (e.g., how will you determine why individuals do not vote).Include the following information to develop your Expanding Voter Turnout Plan.The goal for your plan is to increase voter turnout by using modern media outlets, including traditional print media (e.g., newspapers, news journals, and magazines) and broadcast media (e.g., television and radio) as well as Internet-based media (e.g., podcasts, social media, email).In your plan, you must clearly identify specific efforts to increase voter turnout.Your plan must also specify which media types you will use and how you will use them to increase voter turnout. The media should be used in ways that not only publicize voter turnout efforts but also expand turnout, such as using smartphone apps for voting.In addition to targeting voters directly to increase turnout, you must work through the two major political parties. Your plan must include how you will do this.While some political campaigns for elected positions, such as the president, may be national in scope, voting is always local. Citizens vote locally at a neighborhood school, church, or civic center. The overall plan may incorporate broad national-level programs, but some features of the plan must have local components.Provide a conclusion.Identify possible hindrances to the media working as a vehicle to expand voter turnout (e.g., fake news).Include a brief overview of the Voter Turnout Expansion Plan.Include a references page.On the references page, list all sources used, including the textbook, using APA Style.Your completed plan must be 2–4 pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. Make certain to double-space, apply 1-inch margins, and use 12-point font. Utilize headings to separate major sections of your plan. Cite all sources on the references page using APA Style.

Fulton Market district Chicago

Fulton Market district Chicago.

Identify a city or a neighborhood within a large city (eg: “Corktown”) that you believe has potential for future business growth. Then select a product or service that you believe could be successfully introduced as a new business in this city. Investigate the business environment of the city as well as the market structure of the business and the potential market demand for the product. Prepare a recommendation stating whether there is justification for opening a new business of this type in this city. You must cover each of the four main categories listed on the next page, covering at least two distinct points within each category. Some possible points are listed under each category. You are not limited to the points listed under each category, but you must cover each category. Your final paper will be 6 to 10 pages in length (not counting title page or references). The paper must be in APA format with sources clearly identified using in-text citations and a final reference page. Include an introduction and a summary. Summarize and paraphrase information from outside sources, being sure to cite those sources. There will be a substantial reduction of points if word-for-word quotations from outside sources total more than 5% of the paper. Include your own interpretation and analysis based on theory, concepts, and language that we have explored throughout the course. Future Business Potential: Main Categories Market Demand: Nature of the Product or Service Is there a need for this product or service in this city? What is the evidence? Are there similar products or substitutes available? Is it possible to observe prices of similar products? Does demand appear to be relatively elastic? Are there related products or complements that might affect demand for this product? Is this a necessity? Luxury? Do consumers appear to be sensitive to price changes? If you were to estimate a demand equation, what factors would you include? Do these factors appear to be conducive to high demand? Market Demand: Characteristics and Behaviors of Consumers Who would be the “demanders”? Households? Individuals? Other businesses? How many of them are there? Does the business environment in the city suggest that business will grow from a consumer perspective? What types of businesses exist (Finance, manufacturing, service, cultural)? Are any businesses entrenched there? Are new businesses/industries considering location there? Does the social environment support a strong consumer base? Is there entertainment? Medical care? Housing? Restaurants? Shopping? Do macroeconomic conditions suggest that the timing is right for consumers to purchase? Market Supply: Production Are physical resources for production available? What labor market skill sets are needed? Are they readily available in this city? Are education and training networks in place? Does production of the product or service depend on outside suppliers? On weather? On other uncontrollable risks? How would you minimize the risks? Are there potential gains from economies of scale or economies of scope? Is city infrastructure suitable for this business? Are transportation networks sufficient (labor transit, product distribution, supply acquisition)? Does the business environment in the city suggest that business will grow from a supplier perspective? Are there business-to-business services available? Are there government regulations or standards for this business? Is there government support? Are there financial incentives or tax breaks for businesses? Market Structure: Choose one of the following: Monopoly or Oligopoly: What characteristics suggest that this is a monopoly or an oligopoly? Are there barriers to entry? If so, what are they? Would you be able to overcome them? How would you strategically enter the market given the existence of the other firms? Monopolistic Competition: What characteristics suggest that this is a monopolistically competitive market? Is product differentiation a factor? If so, what characteristic(s) might you use to differentiate your product? How would you advertise them? Competitive Market: What characteristics suggest that this is a competitive market? Is price the major determinant of demand? Do there appear to be above-normal profits? Do you believe the price is currently high enough to cover costs? (Recall that in a competitive market, you would need to accept the current price.)

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Contemporary Corporate Report – to the company “Land and Houses Public Company Limited (Thailand)”

US Government Contemporary Corporate Report – to the company “Land and Houses Public Company Limited (Thailand)”.


Contemporary Corporate Report – to the company “Land and Houses Public Company Limited (Thailand)” You are required to produce an individual assignment report (In business report style) with a view to evaluating its suitability for a major investment by a client Main requirements that you should meet in this assignment: • Undertake an in-depth research into the company by evaluating a range of financial and non-financial information, taking into account impression management. • Present a critical analysis of the company’s performance. Base your analysis on the most recent five years performance of the company. You can use financial ratios and undertake trend analysis and industry analysis and/or comparison analysis • Include in brief strategies of impression management that the company has used • Present a final recommendation to the client on the suitability of his/her future investment in the company

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Social Deviance inside NYC Homeless Shelter

Social Deviance inside NYC Homeless Shelter.

Encouraged to use mixed sources (books, journals, and reliable internet sources). Wikipedia is not to be used as sources. Make sure to provide enough information.
For example the crimes inside homeless shelter are drug use ex K-2, Herion, Marijuana/overdose, alcoholism, robbery to trade what they have for drugs. Violating shelter rules for instance smoking inside the facility violating rules and policies of the shelter. Trying to enter with contraband when it is not prohibited, etc.
Also make sure to use statistics of the usage of drugs,alcholism etc homeless people use as well how many homeless people there is throughout NYC, and the amount of shelters available (if able to be located).


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