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Uprising of a New Nation: The American Revolution summary and response essay help nursing essay writers

As Britain established a powerful military during the Seven Year’s War, the neglected colonies established a desire for independence, The colonies had many advantages during the American Revolutionary War. The most important of those were that they had home field advantage and they were fighting for a cause. Unlike the colonists who were fighting in their own “backyards”, Britain had to ship their military supplies, orders, and troops across the Atlantic which sometimes took months. Along with home field advantage, the colonists used wilderness fighting.Wilderness fighting was when the colonist HAD or stuck up on the British; consequently, this technique greatly aided the colonist because the British used the technique of standing in straight lines or traditional tactics. The colonist were hard to distinguish during wilderness fighting considering they had no uniform; whereas, the British wore bright red uniforms.

The colonists were fighting for the right to be free and independent. “The Americans also enjoyed the moral advantage that came from belief In a Just cause”, a Just cause that the British could not simply talk their way around (125).Although Britain had an established army and navy’, the generals were second-rate and the soldiers were brutally treated (125). Due to the fighting conditions and resilience of the militiamen, the British soldiers grew weary. The advantage Britain had over the colonies was its ability to raise money to pay for the soldier’s weapons and supplies. The colonists had no money to buy weapons or supplies, “Manufactured goods also were generally In short supply in agricultural America, and clothing and shoes were appallingly scarce” (128). The French extensively helped the colonists when they entered the war, after the defeat ofGeneral at Saratoga on October 17, 1777, by secretly supplying the colonists with “guns, money, immense amounts of equipment, about one- half of America’s regular armed forces, and practically all of the new nation’s naval strength” (146).

The Revolutionary War was made a “world war” when Benjamin Franklin went to Paris to sign a treaty of alliance. Not only did the French enter the war, but Spain and Holland chose to enter the war In 1779. “Spanish and French be at the mercy of hostile warships”, this led to Catherine the Greats idea of Armed Neutrality.

Feminism or non feminism

Feminism or non feminism.


We have been discussing feminism in class. For Critical Response One, I would like for you to select either Steinbeck’s ‘Chrysanthemums’ or Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wall Paper’ and develop a feminist critique. You are welcome to argue that your chosen text presents a feminist argument or is anti-feminist. Your Response should, however, be guided at least one of the central concerns that informs contemporary feminist theory. Remember that your response should be ca. 3-4 pages long, and should take the form of a formal academic essay. You do not need to consult outside secondary texts, but you should provide references to/quotes from your chosen primary text. The Response should be formatted via MLA standards. 

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