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This paper identifies upper classes and their distinct features by providing ideas and theories of various thinkers as references.
“The term, upper class, in definition, is superior or the topmost class in the hierarchies of the social classes. The members of upper classes usually constitute the smallest proportion of population in any society. They are usually property owners and able to control capitals or big companies either directly or through their positions within these organizations. These individuals also have leading positions in the spheres of politics, public and social life. Although the term, upper class has been defined differently by many scholars and thinkers so far, traditionally the term, upper class can be considered as an equivalent to the aristocracy in a hereditary context in feudalism or the capitalist class in the contemporary capitalist societies.”

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Paragraph 2
Summarize at least 5 qualities that psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says are characteristic of a flow state (see Kotler “Chapter 2: The Wave of Flow” p 23-40). Use your own words. Please be careful to avoid plagiarism, which can lead to a “0” grade.
Next, provide a personal example of a flow experience of your own in the form of a detailed story. The flow experience does not have to be about a sport.
Paragraph 3
On pages 29-30 of Rise of Superman, Kotler describes 10 flow state characteristics identified by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. These include
Having clear goals
A high level of concentration on a small field of attention
Loss of self-consciousness
Distorted sense of time
Direct and immediate feedback
Balance between ability level and challenge
The paradox of control where you feel like you can control a situation that is highly complex even though you actually can’t control many dangerous factors.
Intrinsically rewarding
Lack of awareness of bodily needs

Begin your third paragraph with a one sentence thesis that fully answers this question: Of those 10 flow qualities on pages 29-30 in Rise of Superman, analyze which 2 specific flow qualities you think are the most important for helping extreme sport athletes succeed at death-defying challenges.
Then support your thesis by providing examples from the stories of at least 2 of the athletes featured in assigned chapters of Kotler’s Rise of Superman: Danny Way, Laird Hamilton, Dean Potter, Doug Ammons, and Shane McConkey.
End your main post with an interesting question for the class that stems from the ideas in your post.