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UP Utilization of EHR to Improve Medication Administration Research Paper

UP Utilization of EHR to Improve Medication Administration Research Paper.

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Assignment ContentCreate an 8- to 10-page Practicum Project Proposal. It should provide a thorough explanation of the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, and why) and H (how) in regards to your project:Why is there a need for the projectWhat is the project and what do you intend to accomplish with itWho will be participants in it and who will be impacted by it (stakeholders)Where will the project take placeWhen will it take placeHow will you implement the project and how will the intervention address the needThe aim of the proposal is to secure the buy-in of your project. The proposal should sell itself. The more comprehensive a plan you present in the proposal the greater the odds of buy-in. You will want to use this at your kick-off meeting to gain consensus among all stakeholders and to set the expectations and common objectives for your project.Your final practicum proposal should contain the following elements:Title PageTable of contentsIntroductionAlign to organization’s vision and mission statementBackground of project’s impetusLiterature reviewGap analysis/needs assessmentProject charter, scope, and objectivesImplementation planDefine the processes and procedures involvedWork units, tasks/activitiesDefine project deliverablesDefine the metrics that will determine success. How will you know that change is an improvement?Timeline and scheduleBudgetCost-benefit analysisIdentify all resources needed (tangible and intangible)Risk management planReference PageAppendicesNote: The expected length of the final practicum proposal document is 8 to 10 pages, not including the title and reference pages or appendices. You may incorporate some of the tools you completed in order to strengthen your proposal. All remaining work that you completed for your project should be included as appendices to the proposal.Provide in-text citations and references for all sources cited.Format your paper, including the reference page, according to APA guidelines.
UP Utilization of EHR to Improve Medication Administration Research Paper

Activist Reflector Theorist And Pragmatist Education Essay

First of all, activists learning style engage oneself totally without unfairness in fresh ideals. It makes them passionate concerning everything new. They like to have a go, plenty of variety and try things out and participate. Theorists always like concepts and models. They choose to be perfectionists who will not take it easy until things are well organised. They like to see the overall picture and structure. Moreover, pragmatists are eager on experimenting ideas, skills and theories to see if that will work in practice. They completely look out for new ideas and acquire the first chance toward testing applications. Lastly, reflectors are fond of reserved to deliberate on experiences and examine them from numerous perspectives. They gather information first hand and like to reflect about it carefully prior to conclusion (Honey and Mumford 2006). Furthermore, majority of people have a preference in relating to participating in, taking in and processing report to permit individuals to learn. People take on diverse learning styles where best allows them to learn more excellent way. So far, there has been a huge test with the aim to change a person’s learning style. Conversely, students and a lot of professionals note down that, learning achieved from practical experience are far better than in lectures. Making certain that, any student that has a good learning outcome, it is imperative that the learning setting is sensibly and competently helpful to everyone learning within it. Nursing training adds high price on knowledge in the clinical environment; the quality of these clinical setting has a considerable influence on learning process for student nurses (Fritz 2002). Honey and Mumford (2006) added that, though lots of individual had two or more learning styles, they may also have a one preference style. To guarantee myself a good learning experience on placement, it is essential for me as student nurse to be conscious about all preferred learning style, as this is crucial element for nursing program. When I was in placement, I observe my mentor, like to work as an activist and as student nurse, I adept her learning style. Seeing that in placement, the mentor acts as a teacher. It is then required for a student nurse to mature into the progress of their learning needs (Morton-Cooper and Palmer 2000). Having said that, the Honey and Mumford questionnaire score’s me as someone with a high reflector mindset. I consent with the greater part of the report of a reflector, which totally confirms me. For Reflectors, before action is taking, they think about things very cautiously. Due to the style of my learning, I like to listen and observe my colleagues in groups but would not get myself involve with any kind of group’s sessions. For me to learn effectively and successfully on this programme, I have some assurance that, if I change some of my ways and practice a style likes an activist, it will help me approach things differently and overcome some of my weakness. Hence, encourage me to get involved in any forms group sessions (Honey and Mumford, 2006). In spite of my weakness, I am a very attentive person, as this is one of the potentials of a reflector. I totally consent along this because I constantly akin to pay attention to each person in the group attentively. The opportunity of gaining from diverse viewpoint and different angles has help with my findings. Nonetheless, a likely weakness that I have found within me as a reflector is that, I take too long in doing certain duties. For instance, all through my previous assignment, I spent lengthy time to finish it, because my preparation stage took me a long time to get ready. I used up a long time in searching for ideas prior to starting my assignment, this may be due to me, being extra careful on how am going to write this assignment. Even though, this brings out my careful mindset, I do not have the same opinion with the report that someone who is reflector does not take risks. I sometimes like to tread out of my ease to experience new things I have never done before to expand my knowledge. For instance, I chose to leave my home and common environment in London to study in Hertfordshire. The more relaxed and secure a student feels inside the surroundings, there is expectation that the learning outcome, become successful (Kenworthy and Nicklin 2000). On the other hand, as a student nurse, it is essential to know that, at present we have diverse learning theories and styles to think about. There has been writing down concerning the means in which people learn and many theories on the ways of effectively learning. The talk was that, Behaviorism, Cognitive and Humanism are the key theories. In terms of Humanistic theory, it is build on faith that individual possess two essential desires, a call for development and a call for good view through others. It also shows as the most holistic approach because it is interested in the way in which it compels and inspires a person to learn. These theories too relay on largely on the pressure of the surroundings that might hold back or assist the learning path. Behaviorism theory, the learning surroundings is essential to knowledge, and if these surroundings are perfect, learning comes, as links are made with encouragement, feedback and support. The Cognitive theory indicate learning like an internal procedure that include high order rational actions like remembrance, thoughts, analytic, insight and way of thinking (Reece and Walker 2003). However, as it is vital for me to enhance my learning skill as a reflector. I have planned a number of ways to help me succeed on this programme. As my weaker style is activist, the initial part of my plan is to create opportunities to initiate and to participate and have fun in group discussion in class. These will give me a head up, as to situation that will possibly require action without planning in lectures. It has been noted that discovery of learning strategies in union with person learner preferences is key action in keeping and developing the value of learning programme. The improved potential learning opportunity and result gain from such discovery might have a supportive impact on me as a student nurse (Bastable 2003). Besides, when I become conscious of my preferred learning style and the teaching style of my mentor in practice is different. I work out an action plan to support myself and to go on to succeed in this practice, I have to support my weaker style to get used to classroom environment by accepting my preferred learning style, though I am Reflector learner. Nevertheless, research establishes that, growing variety of tuition means used, have not been connected with an enhancement knowledge result. However, the truth is that, throughout developing students’ understanding of their individual learning style, student are enhanced to take charge for their own learning, which improved their learning results (Fritz 2002). Upon reflection, I think learning styles assist me to recognise myself and allow me to identify how to develop myself. With the assessment outcome, I discern and know myself better and have learned from different learning styles. This has thought me why understanding of learning styles is useful to me as a student nurse. Reflection can be use to evaluate, realisation and study through our live experience. Reflective practice is another means you can gain knowledge from experience. In terms of training for healthcare professions, it is identified as a fundamental instrument intended for students to build the relations connecting theory and practice. As a student nurse, it is important for me to realise the worth of reflecting upon my experiences in learning to enhance my prospect studies (Jasper 2003). In conclusion, all the way through this module, I boast of higher comprehension and important consciousness of different learning styles. I have been confident towards my own prefer learning style; hence enable me toward completely support myself in my weaker style. Understanding learning styles has undoubtedly revealed the force that it can have on me as student nurse. I currently believe that, I am more prepared to incorporate my preferred learning styles into practice.

MBA6400 Wilmington University Investment Banking Paper

best essay writers MBA6400 Wilmington University Investment Banking Paper.

It has to be plagiarism-free. Please read the instructions in the attached file really carefully. Every single instruction is very important.Business-professional quality is expected. The case will require a qualitative analysis supported by quantitative data. Prepare the case using Word, and embed your spreadsheet analysis into your case report.Students will submit two files for the assignment:a. One Word fileb. One Excel fileP.S: You can use ZACKS.COM for data.MBA 6400 Case 2Investment BankingU.S.-based investment banks have undergone what many would consider substantive changes in the last eleven years, over the period 2007 to 2018. This period coincides with the Great Recession, which was a significant driver of changes to investment bank business and characteristics. Such changes include wider fluctuations in mergers and acquisitions, reduced initial public offering underwriting, reductions in staffing, and associated impact on investment bank balance sheets.For this case study, address the following items:1. Identify one of the top ten investments banks as of 2018.2. Provide a concise description of the bank’s core competency with examples of recent activities or transactions. Be sure to provide specific $ data on the magnitude of the bank’s recent activities.3. How has the size of your selected investment bank changed in the last decade? Use $ valuations to illustrate the change. In which investment bank functions did their overall business increase and/or decrease?4. Prepare a balance sheet analysis of the bank, comparing 2007 B/S $ values to the most recently published B/S (either 2017 or 2018). Be sure to include the following items, in Excel spreadsheet formata) % change in total assets, liabilities, and equity positions over this periodb)Past and current leverage position of the investment bank, and % change over thisperiodc) Comparison of book to market value of the bank, 2007 to current value5. Refer to the following short article and address the question in detail:a) Article: Edelmann, C., & Hunt, P. (2017). How the Great Recession Changed Banking.Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–9b) Question: Compare the financial analysis completed in item #3 above to the main pointsin the article, including changes in B/S valuation.Answer the following questions for a fictitious public offering, and show all calculations:An investment bank offers underwrites an IPO of up to 18.5m shares for ABC Company at a price of $12.50 per share. Show the $ return to the investment bank under both scenarios:The 18.5m shares sell at $13.25 per share.What happens if the IPO price is overstated and the shares sell for $12.25 per share?RUBRICCase study rubric Maximum PointsProvides a concise introduction (1/2 page)For scenario-based case the primary issue clearly and concisely defined (1/2 page)/10Provides thorough analysis of all case characteristics (2 page min)/30Embeds financial analysis throughout the narrative, and applies pertinent financial and quantitative data to support research and conclusions/30Conclusion summarizes/synthesizes key issue/characteristic of case (1/2 page)Provides recommendation if requested/10Provides Excel spreadsheet analysis that supports case and addresses financial-question/10Flawless spelling, punctuation, grammar, APA formatting, concise business-style writing**mistakes of this nature repeated throughout the research paper could result in a greater than 10% deduction/10Total/100
MBA6400 Wilmington University Investment Banking Paper

MDCC Cultural Competency Stages & Principles Pharmacy Profession Discussion

MDCC Cultural Competency Stages & Principles Pharmacy Profession Discussion.

According to the Cultural Development Model, there are six stages towards achieving cultural
competence: Stage 1. Cultural incompetence
Do nothing to increase knowledge of different cultures. Stage 2. Cultural knowledge
Assess cultural attitudes and knowledge. Learn facts about cultures, especially
related to health and health behaviors. Stage 3. Cultural awareness
Understand implications of culture on health behaviors. Stage 4. Cultural sensitivity
Combine knowledge and awareness into individual and institutional
behaviors. Stage 5. Cultural competency
Routinely employ culturally appropriate health care interventions and
practices. Stage 6. Cultural proficiency
Practice with cultural competence and integrate it into one’s research and
scholarship activities. Answer the following parts of this question: ( see chapter attached for information on cultural competency)A. In which stage do you consider yourself to be? B. Give at least two (2) examples of behaviors or perceptions that place you at that
stage? C. In which stage were you this time last year? Explain. D. How has the EPP-1 course contributed to your level of knowledge or skills in this
area? E. Identify two (2) strategies you could use to move to a higher stage? Be specific.
Explain why you chose these strategies. Question #2
Select one of the topics covered in Module 2 of this course that you feel will be most beneficial
to you as a future practicing pharmacist and reflect upon it. Explain why you selected this
topic. ( Topic chosen: Principles & elements of interpersonal communication, see class Power Point attached)Question #3
Explain how the presentation of the above-selected topic ( Topic chosen: Principles & elements of interpersonal communication, see class Power Point attached) either changed your thinking and/or
point of view of past-held beliefs or reinforced what you had already believed or knew. Format: The reflective assessment must be posted before the stated deadline. Your reflection should be
formatted in the same matter as the questions, with the question number listed and the corresponding
answer given below it. You do NOT have to repeat the questions, but you may. The answer to each
question should provide evidence of a deep reflection on the topic asked. Reflections must be posted by the due date using 12-point, Times New Roman font, and 1.5 line
spacing. Please post this EOS Comprehensive Reflective Assessment as Microsoft Word document; do NOT
post in PDF format.
MDCC Cultural Competency Stages & Principles Pharmacy Profession Discussion

Ohio State University Friday Night Lights and Way of Life Discussion

Ohio State University Friday Night Lights and Way of Life Discussion.

I’m working on a sociology multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Title: Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a DreamDirections: You have 6 questions to answer. Answer all these questions in full sentences, using quotes from the book.You MUST use information from the book and include citations for each question.8. References to “values” appear throughout Friday Night Lights, and Bissinger repeatedly quotes statements of Odessans and others, including George Bush (Sr.), in support of “values”-“the most important buzzword,” writes Bissinger, “to be added to the lexicon of American politics in the 1988 election.” (p 187) What does the word values mean to each of those who use it, and how might those meanings have changed since the book was published?9. What differences exist between the two communities of Odessa and Midland, and how do those differences affect each community’s view of itself and the other? How does social class inform those views?10. What incidences of “delusional visions of grandeur [and] the mercenary mercilessness that made every relationship expendable” (p 216) appear in the book? Although Bissinger writes that Midland perfected these traits, what role do they play in Odessa, particularly in relationship to the Permian Panthers? What are some of the consequences for the players, coaches, and families of making every relationship expendable?11. Bissinger writes of team trainer Trapper O’Connell’s end-of-season perspective: “A new set of kids, a new set of faces, a new set of hopes, a new set of heroes would be paraded atop the shoulders of the town as gloriously as the Greeks honored their gods.” (p 285) “That’s mysalvation,” says Trapper. “What’s their salvation?” (p 285) What do you think the kids’ salvation might be?12. What specific examples does Bissinger cite of the roles of fans, coaches, teachers, parents, and school administrators in the treatment of high school football players? How accountable should school officials and parents be for the behavior of players?14. How are the issues examined by Bissinger-for example, community, race, politics, economics, and class-relevant to you, your family, and your neighbors? Which issues play the greatest role in your community, and why?
Ohio State University Friday Night Lights and Way of Life Discussion

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