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UOM Ethical Management Business Ethics & Shareholder v Systemic Fairness Case Essay

UOM Ethical Management Business Ethics & Shareholder v Systemic Fairness Case Essay.

You are to put yourself in the shoes of the division president and make a recommendation to the board on how to proceed. You will immediately recognize multiple ethical issues in the facts that contain questions across all of the areas we have studied including employment ethics, environment, cultural relativity, conflicts between virtues and utility, justice and rights, shareholders and stakeholders of all other stripes, etc.What I want you to do is write a paper of at least four pages (no more than 6) that evaluates these issues using the philosophers, writers and thinkers we have studied. Contrast what you see as the two biggest moral value conflicts (systemic justice v human rights, shareholder rights v. systemic fairness, virtue v. utility, etc) and make a recommendation to the board. Cite your authority from our materials. Incorporate in your analysis what a Christian business manager would find most compelling in a realistic business sense as well. It can be challenging. I need for you to practice your best writing skills, analysis, logic and persuasive skills. Tie the salient facts as you see them to the moral value you think is most important and show how that logically leads to your conclusion. Keep in mind the shareholders are in it to make money and the board is fully devoted to keeping them happy. Still, what is the right thing to do. SELL IT!I suggest you use the brief format as a guide to the structure because it helps organize your thoughts. This is the brief format: Format for Briefs: Issue: A statement of the pertinent facts and the primary business ethical issue presented by the case or article. This may include references to the ancillary issues to highlight why the student has chosen the primary issue to be the issue of importance. Rule: A statement of the conflicting moral standards or “rules” as presented by the applicable portion of the course texts, or the videos or other materials presented by the professor citing the applicable chapter and page or presentation subject where the rules are found, as well as the full text of the rules. One standard is the rule the student recommends for solution of the issue. The other standard is an alternative rule that could generate a different outcome. Analysis/application: The student’s independent analysis/application of the issues presented and the rule to be applied to that issue. In addition, the student may wish to include references to other issues or rules that he or she considered in preparing the analysis. Conclusion: The student’s personal conclusion as to the reported facts in the article and the application of the rule selected. What ethical conclusion do you draw from the preparation of the brief concerning the article or situation? This conclusion may or may not agree with the statements found in the article selected.Textbook: Donaldson, T., & Werhane, P. H. (2008). Ethical issues in business: A philosophical approach. Pearson Publishing Inc. (8th edition)
UOM Ethical Management Business Ethics & Shareholder v Systemic Fairness Case Essay

Health Sciences homework help. Analyze how business practices(i.e. visiting hours, easy access to their medical records, best practice policies, parking) regulatory requirements (i.e. joint commission, centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, or hospital quality initiatives like HCAHPS/core measures) and reimbursement (i.e. survey, Medicaid/ Medicare/ private, ability to help community?) impact patient-family-centered care within a healthcare organization. ,Part 2; Discuss how cultural diversity within the team supports patient-centered, culturally competent care., ,Analyze how business practices(i.e. visiting hours, easy access,Part 1), This section should be at minimum 3 well-developed paragraphs, each thoroughly addressing each of the 3 parts, supporting citations must be included., – Analyze how business practices(i.e. visiting hours, easy access to their medical records, best practice policies, parking) regulatory requirements (i.e. joint commission, centers for ,Medicare, and Medicaid services, or hospital quality initiatives like HCAHPS/core measures) and reimbursement (i.e. survey, Medicaid/ Medicare/ private, ability to help community?) impact patient-family-centered care within a healthcare organization.,Part 2, 1) Firstly, Discuss how cultural diversity within the team supports patient-centered, culturally competent care., 2) Secondly, Using one of the leadership theories below, discuss the leadership style you would utilize in developing a successful healthcare team: • transactional leadership, • transformational leadership, • emotional leadership, • traditional leadership, Additionally, this section should be at minimum 2 well-develop ed paragraphs, each thoroughly addressing each question, supporting citations must be include d.,Part 3, 1) Firstly, Why would it be beneficial to healthcare organizations to allow patients/families to participate in interview teams/search committees?,2) Secondly, Create a strategy to increase patient-centeredness in the organization that will support the participation of patients/families on interview teams/search committees? Would you apply system theory or change theory in the development of your strategy? *2 paragraph for this*,3) Finally, Discuss how the team will work together to implement the strategy., This section should be at minimum 4 well-developed paragraphs, each thoroughly addressing each part, supporting citations must be included.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Health Sciences homework help
Law homework help. This is a paper assessment that discusses the importance of sustainability in the construction industry in the context of environment.,Importance of sustainability in the construction industry,This assessment will take the form of a 2000 word report your report will need to cover the following areas:, Firstly, why is sustainability important to think about in the construction industry? • what is the environmental context for sustainability in the construction industry?,Secondly, what is the legislative and policy context for sustainability in the construction industry?, Thirdly, discussing the role that your specific discipline plays in addressing ,environmental sustainability, in new construction and existing construction,Fourthly, what recommendations would you make to improve professional practice?, •        Include achievable short and long-term recommendations, •        How compatible is sustainability with the need for companies to make a profit?, All of these questions should be answer in this coursework., Lastly, marks will be awarded for:, A well written report structure, format & visual presentation .This will result to (10%) of the total marks of the assessment., Clear answering of the assessment questions, depth of knowledge, understanding, content & recommendations. This will result in (30%) of the total marks of the assessment., Relevant and updated use of references sources & precedents & accuracy of referencing. This will result to (10%) of the total marks of the assessment., This marks will be a total 50% of overall mark.,There are Intended learning outcomes for the assessment that  are expected from the student at the end of the report., Clear understanding of environmental sustainability and context, A clear understanding of role played by your professional discipline in being sustainable, • The ability to use examples to illustrate ideas and key points in your report, • Use of critical thinking & analysis in every aspect of the questions in the report.,This assessment requires the student to come up with a 2000 words report equivalent individual coursework.Law homework help
University of Miami Political Science Pandemic Management Question.

Please answer the following question in preparation for the chapter exam:From Current Events (15 points)1.Israel held it 4th general election in 2 years on March 23. What were the results of the election? Which 2 political parties won the most seats? What were the issues in the election? Also, what is a coalition government and how is it different from a grand coalition?2.Why are some Human Rights Organizations working to pressure the IOC to move the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing, China? What is your opinion on a possible boycott of the games? (5 points)3.This week the class discussed a change in generational leadership and protests in many countries around the world. Identity two of the following leaders. Alexiei Navalny of Russia and Bobi Wine of Uganda. (5 points)From “Pandemic 2020” (25 points total)1.How do pandemics spread? What lessons can be learned from the 1918-1919 “Spanish flu” pandemic? (5 points)2.How could the coronavirus impact global hunger? (5 points)3.How has the global pandemic sparked innovations around the world? (5 points)4.From the video “Covid Update: Coronavirus news from around the world” what is the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic in Germany, EU, China, India, and the Middle East? (5 points)5.Why are some people reluctant to take the coronavirus vaccine? (5 points)From the module “Essentials of Geopolitics” (20 points total)1)Answer the following questions from the video “A Geopolitical Tour of the World”(2 points each—10 points total)a)What are the political units that make up the United Kingdom? (2 points)b)What is the Eurozone? (2 points)c)What two countries claim Gibraltar? (2 points)d)What two countries claim Kashmir? (2 points)e)What is the Antarctic Treaty? (2 points)2)According to the YouTube video “This is Atoms for Peace and Development” what are the goals and responsibilities of the IAEA? (5 points)3)According to the video “What does the World Bank Actually Do” when did the World Bank begin, what are its two main goals, and what are their primary concerns? What is their position on the issue of “enforced resettlement?” What are the similarities and differences between the World Bank and the IMF? (5 points)From Social Impact Module (5 points each—15 points total)1.From the YouTube video, what are the 5 principles of social impact described in the Ted Talk? (5 points)2.From the YouTube video, what are the pillars of sustainability? Discuss the goals of sustainability outlined in the video. What are the responsibilities of consumers for sustainability? (5 points)3.According to the Ted Talk by the author of “The Bottom Billion” Paul Collier, what strategies can be used to help the bottom billion reach economic parity? What examples can be used from history? What are the benefits for the developed world in aid to the countries of the bottom billion? (5 points)From the Essentials of Geopolitics:Geopolitical Affairs PowerPoint (5 points each—10 points total)1)What are the “Four Pillars of Power?” (5 points)2)What is “soft power?” In what ways can this policy be carried out? (5 points)From POL 100 Notes (25 points total)1.Define geopolitics. (5 points)2.Why was the United Nations formed? (5 points)3.Answer the following questions about the United Nations: (5 points total)a)What is the mission of the Security Council? Who are the permanent members of the Security Council?b)Where the International Court of Justice located and what is are its primary responsibilities?c)List and explain the functions of three UN specialized agencies. 4.What is the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights? Describe the documents origin and comment on three of the rights guaranteed by the document. (5 points)5.List the five countries with the largest economies in 2020. What is the G8? What do they represent? What country in the G8 was suspended in 2014? (5 points)From Supranationalism and Devolution (5 points total)1.Define supranationalism and devolution. Provide an example of each. (5 points)From Terrorism by Walter Laquerer1.Write a two-paragraph review of the article “Terrorism: A Brief History” by Walter Laqueur. (5 points)2.Write a paragraph about the following groups discussed in class: The Irish Republican Army, and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) (5 points)
University of Miami Political Science Pandemic Management Question

Grantham University Filter Design Op Amp Application and Datasheets Discussion

Grantham University Filter Design Op Amp Application and Datasheets Discussion.

1) Filter DesignQuestion ADiscuss the various compromises that must be made in order to use “quick filter design” techniques. What are some advantages of using this design approach?Question BDiscuss some items that are critical to understand prior to any modern filter design effort.2) Op-Amp Application and Datasheets.Question ADiscuss why it is important to consider the Gain Bandwidth Product (GBW) and the Slew Rate (SR) when selecting an op amp for a particular application. What other factors are important and why? Question BDiscuss why it is important to understand how interpret data from op amp datasheets. How might this skill be used when designing op amp circuits?
Grantham University Filter Design Op Amp Application and Datasheets Discussion

NPU Evidence Collection Policy Discussion

cheap assignment writing service NPU Evidence Collection Policy Discussion.

Project Part 10: Evidence Collection PolicyScenarioAfter the recent security breach, Always Fresh decided to form a computer security incident response team (CSIRT). As a security administrator, you have been assigned the responsibility of developing a CSIRT policy that addresses incident evidence collection and handling. The goal is to ensure all evidence collected during investigations is valid and admissible in court.Consider the following questions for collecting and handling evidence:1. What are the main concerns when collecting evidence?2. What precautions are necessary to preserve evidence state?3. How do you ensure evidence remains in its initial state?4. What information and procedures are necessary to ensure evidence is admissible in court?TasksCreate a policy that ensures all evidence is collected and handled in a secure and efficient manner. Remember, you are writing a policy, not procedures. Focus on the high-level tasks, not the individual steps.Address the following in your policy:▪Description of information required for items of evidence▪Documentation required in addition to item details (personnel, description of circumstances, andso on)▪Description of measures required to preserve initial evidence integrity▪Description of measures required to preserve ongoing evidence integrity▪Controls necessary to maintain evidence integrity in storage▪Documentation required to demonstrate evidence integrityRequired Resources▪Internet access ▪Course textbookSubmission Requirements ▪ Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible)
▪ Font: Roman, size 12, double-space
▪ APA Citation Style▪Length: 2 to 4 pages
NPU Evidence Collection Policy Discussion

The Internet altered the core tendencies in mass media businesses in any part of the convergent media Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Increase in the speed of internet Transformation of media business to digital form Media globalization Enhanced innovation Age and privacy based content restrictions Conclusion References Introduction A lot has changed in the world of mass media since the introduction of the internet technology. In every step of the internet evolution comes a corresponding change in mass media owing to the fact that most people consider the internet to be the best source of information as the prerogative goes ‘if it is not in the internet it does not exist’. This means that many people rely on the internet for information and since information provision is the highest mandate of mass media, they have to be at the same level with their audiences. Convergence in relation to mass media is defined by Benkler (2006, p. 33) as “the interrelationship that has occurred in the development of the internet as a result of association between communication networks, ICT facilities and the media”. This is believed to have played a major role in the recent developments in the media industry as far as communication and broadcasting are concerned. The concept of convergence is better understood when it is dissected into four subsections. The first is in the view of technology which in the words of Benkler (2006, p. 49) involves “the combination of computing, communications and content around networked digital media platforms”. Second is the industrial view of convergence which involves the growth and development of digital media space that has allowed online companies to flourish, some of which include Microsoft, Google among others. The third view is social based which involves the evolution of the social network characterized by the coming up of social media of the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Finally is the textual view of convergence which involves the reproduction of media into what is commonly referred to as transmedia. This according to Benkler (2006, p.50) is a platform where “stories and media content such as sounds, images, written text and so on are dispersed across multiple media platforms”. From this it is clear that the internet evolution has played an explicit role in the development of convergence media in a number of ways as explained in the paragraphs that follow. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Increase in the speed of internet Research findings conducted by Lister (2006, p.125) and documented in his book The Wealth of Networks: How social production transforms markets and freedoms, indicate that “as of December 2010, there were 10.45 million active internet subscribers in Australia, of which 8.15 million were household subscribers and 2.3 million were business and government subscribers”. This figure is considered to be a 17% growth from the previous years’ figure of 8.95 million. Besides, it was discovered that more than 3 million people above the age of 14 used their mobile handsets to access the internet in December 2010, and this is considered to be a rise compared to the previous years’ 1.9 million. From this we can deduce that households which were the highest targets for the mass media have now found another source of information and entertainment which is the internet. These statistics also indicate that in the recent past, the number of internet users has increased partly due to the universal availability, convenience and high speeds. The availability of the internet through mobile devices, specifically phones, has played a major role in the development of convergent media. Most people can now access the internet in the comfort of their homes unlike earlier on when internet services were only available in cyber cafes. The internet speeds have also increased incredibly and the cost reduced to make it even more convenient for households. People are able to get information real time while travelling or when they are in the comfort of their homes. As a result, it has dawned on the media personnel that the best way to transfer information to the public is through the internet, mostly on social networks. This explains why platforms such as twitter broadcast breaking news and it reaches the world over in a matter of seconds after the occurrence. Before it would take a number of hours before the journalists themselves get the information so that they can relay to the public within their region. We will write a custom Essay on The Internet altered the core tendencies in mass media businesses in any part of the convergent media specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For news and information to reach people across boundaries, it would take days and at times even fail to reach owing to logistical complications. From this, it is clear that the internet has played a major role in media convergence and in the alteration of the core tendencies in the mass media business. Transformation of media business to digital form The incredible increase in internet usage among the masses has seen to it that the most valuable and believed information is what is obtained from the internet. Most people seek information concerning various subjects on the internet and they take what they get as the gospel truth. Examples of the most commonly sought information includes slimming tips, body building and exercising tips, ideas on nutrition, medical advice and information on various diseases and health conditions and so on. Earlier on, this information was being sought from magazines and those people offering these services would buy into the advertising space. This however changed with the evolution of the internet; hence indicating that print media is almost becoming a forgotten thing. Digitalization of the media has provided a more convenient platform for obtaining information, since it is just a matter a click and one gets all the information they need. Video platforms such as YouTube ensure that video adverts and other information presented in visual form can be accessed as well. It is even possible to stream television programs from the internet, hence rendering TV’s obsolete as well. The internet in this case is considered more convenient owing to portability and reliability. This is what fits into the lifestyles of most people nowadays: characterized by more things to do and less time to do them. This means that most people are unable to sit down and catch up on the evening news, hence preferring the best alternative, the internet, which they can access while on the move. Media globalization In the recent years, the wave of globalization has been experienced in the world over and this credit is owed to the internet. It is now possible to catch up on the happenings in other continents across the oceans with just a click. Globalization has also encouraged the businesses to be conducted globally, from a focal point. Not sure if you can write a paper on The Internet altered the core tendencies in mass media businesses in any part of the convergent media by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More While carrying out businesses in different parts of the world, it is no longer necessary to make the frequent travels to these regions, thanks to the internet. Conferences are conducted across continents through teleconferencing facilities, orders are made through the electronic mails services and payments made through e-payment platforms such as PayPal. The entertainment industry, particularly, has benefitted from the whole concept of globalization since they are now able to reach the entire world in a matter of seconds. This industry is considered as the backbone of mass media since people are in constant search for relaxation and fun. Recently, mobile devices which allow users to watch movies online and stream music from various radio stations across the continent have been developed. As a result of this, competition in the media industry is no longer local but international. This has led to the increasing rate of international broadcasts as opposed to the local broadcasts done before. In order for the media houses to obtain this information that they need from other regions, they need the internet so that they can be in correspondence with their agents around the globe. This explains the rise and growth of international media houses such as CNN and BBC whose success is greatly owed to the internet innovations. These media houses rely on satellite technology to send and receive information real time such that it can be viewed in many other parts of the world just like it is being viewed at home. In other words, a person watching CNN news from the United States is watching the same thing with someone else in another continent; say Africa, all owed to the internet technology. Enhanced innovation The other way in which the internet has contributed to the development of media convergence is by increasing the rate of innovation. With the introduction of the internet, it is now possible to develop products and test them in a matter of days. Software developers are always coming up with programs to be used in different industries to ease the process of production. The media industry is no exception in this. Earlier on, obtaining information especially in visual form required a travel to where the information is being obtained from. This has however changed since pictures and videos are being posted on the internet in a matter of seconds. These contents are used to make news even on print media, since all there is to do is to obtain permission from the owner and publish the information from the internet. The media is also widely known for using the social network as a broadcasting tool. This is one innovation that has proved successful as far as communication is concerned. Events all over the world are made known to the entire world in seconds. Intellectual property is becoming more and more famous with most countries being forced to adapt to the rules governing this kinds of property. In the bid to explain the extent to which the internet has contributed to media convergence as far as innovations are concerned, Benkler (2006 p. 137) asserted that “there is an interrelationship between developments which include the growing share of intangible capital, growing speed and intensity of innovation and the increasing diversity of sources of innovation, the ICT revolution and the rise of knowledge based communities and global knowledge networks”. All these have contributed to the media evolution over the years and still remain to be the highest ranked drivers to innovation in the media industry. Age and privacy based content restrictions In the earlier years, it was possible for the media people to conceal some information for the sake of underage audiences as well as information that was considered discrete for privacy purposes. This was mostly done by airing adult programs late at night or giving a disclaimer before the program begins and leaving it upon the parents to enforce the rules. This however changed with the internet era since everything on the TV can also be viewed through the internet and even worse, teenagers no longer wait for their parents to go to bed before they sneak into the living room to watch pornographic videos. They have this at their disposal wherever they are with their mobile phone devices, not only for viewing but also sending to other people. This means that the media efforts of maintaining morality in the society have been rendered useless. In the history of the media, there has existed a tighter regulation regarding the widely used media such as television, cinema and video as compared to print media. This is owing to the fact that the latter is more discrete and concise in the information presented therein. As a result, changes related to convergence have affected the former to great extents. In fact a report presented by Lister (2003, p. 78) in his book New Media: A critical introduction book observed that “the public own the airwaves; and since frequencies are scarce, and the broadcast media are influential, to grant a broadcast license is to bestow a privilege. This privilege carries with it an obligation to provide the public with programs which meet the standards it expects”. Since a majority of the viewers are young people in their teens and early twenties, the same generation greatly influenced by the internet technology, the media houses have to be at par with the information available on the internet. The internet in this case might work for them or against them. It works for them in the sense that they are able to get updated information from all over the world promptly. It can however work against them in the event where their potential audience obtains all the information they need from the internet and this can happen if the media proves to be an unreliable source of information. Conclusion From this discussion, it is clear that the major changes experienced in the mass media industry have been as a result of the internet evolution. The internet has influenced the media in both negative and positive ways and despite the damage brought about by this; it has proved difficult to control. The internet is open to the public and most attempts to privatize information on the internet normally prove futile due to the existence of hackers. It is also not possible to have a viewers’ discretion policy since it is mostly controlled by a series of systems unlike human control. The only place where this can be possible is in the cyber cafes which are also becoming irrelevant with the advent of mobile devices. Most homes today are connected to the internet and it has also been proved that people spend more time on the internet than watching their favorite programs on TV. This has therefore forced the media personalities to up their strategies and use the internet for their good before it down plays the industry completely. References Benkler, Y 2006, The wealth of networks: how social production transforms markets and freedom, Yale University Press, New Haven. Lister, M 2003, New media: a critical introduction. Routledge, London.

SO Significant aspects of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Question

SO Significant aspects of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Question.

I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

1.Match each book with their appropriate genres and subjects. Each book has multiple characteristics that work, so feel free to list all that you feel apply.Texts:Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time IndianFeedForeverAristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the UniverseMarch: Book One and Book TwoCharacteristics:FantasyBildungsromanDystopian Autobiographical/Semi-autobiographical RomanceLGBTQ+ Graphic Novel Science Fiction PovertyTechnologyCultural/Racial Identity Adult Authority Sexuality/Sexual Orientation Class StatusSocial Activism2.One of the learning objectives for this course requires students to “Identify literary elements in young adult novels and write critical responses to selected works using terms common to the humanities.” In a well-constructed essay, choose your favorite novel from those we’ve read as a class this semester and discuss from among the following topics. You are welcome to choose up to three of the following topics to talk about in your essay, if you like.The purpose of is to explain significant aspects of the novel to your reader1. The author’s biographical information, including how the author’s life may have influenced his or her writing;2. The author’s method of character development, use of setting, plot structure, and point of view, etc., anything you regard as relevant;3. The author’s writing style as you would describe it;4. The author’s use of and/or lack of symbolism and poetic devices, etc. within the novel; 5. A personal statement as to why you chose this author and work as your favorite.
SO Significant aspects of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Question

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