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I’m a pessimist, so I want to go to college to make a difference. Pretty optimistic right?

Let me explain. The way that I view the world I don’t initially see good things, especially in people. Why am I this way? For starters when I was very young I was one to those kids who was the target of bullying. In fact I don’t think I’ve really ever not been bullied at some point. I also experienced the betrayal of a friend, a few actually. So at a particularly young age I experienced a form of cruelty people can expose each other to. I suppose as time went on my poor view of people broadened. I’d witnessed the volatile relationship of my parents diminish, and end. I also steadily learned of conditions in other countries. Africa particularly has special meaning to me. Pictures of displacement camps, children with severed arms and stories of rape made my stomach churn. The endless display of terrorism and genocide and selfishness among people had caused me to lose hope in humanity. I’d seen what people were doing to each other and to the world and I didn’t want to be apart of it. Fortunately I suppose I’d realized that I was very much apart of these things and that my actions may some how indirectly relate to them. Now here lies the point which relates to my college endeavors. Educating myself has brought me to the first step of making my existence and actions ethically sound. The nest step is to further that education. To learn something that will make a change. Whether by developing my skills in environmental science to help farmers increase crop growth for the possibility of sending supplies to the impoverished. By developing evacuation plans or even becoming a teacher myself to educate others. That’s where I find hope. By taking an action that will directly or indirectly result in something positive in the glass half-empty world.

Intermediate Accounting 1: Answer questions about following company

Muscat Security Market has 114 listed companies which are divided into three sectors, financial, services and industrial. Choose one company from industrial sector and get a copy the financial statements (Income Statement, and Balance Sheet) of 2020.
The chosen company: Oman flour mills company, (Year: end of 2018)