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Elliot in the last stanza ofthe first section of “The Waste Land” gives us the whole image of London in the aftermath of World War L He calls it the “Unreal City” because he sees the true value of this city as no longer existent It becomes a dead city as a result of the destruction of the Second World War _ This war makes the city lifeless. Although London Is one of the most beautiful cities In winter, the poet gives It an ugly description when he says it has “brown fog” instead of using white or snowy ob It Is a hint of how much the smoke of Industrialism affects the city’s beauty. hen he said -crowd flowed”, he moves to describe the citizens of London while they a resemblance reduces their humanity. They are like machines, “each man fixed his eyes before his feet” there Is no human connecuon nor eye contact between those people. Their only purpose Is to go to their workon the exact time. The poet was against all these materlallstlc orientations In London because It destroys the human and splrltual values of Londoners. He personifies the sound ot the church as a dead person.

This Is an Indication to the church’s position at that time. The morality ot the church becomes worthless and religion is about to die because ot capitalism. Then, the persona imagines that he meets a hero who died centuries ago in the battle ot Mylae. Actually, Eliot brings this historical event to indicate that history repeats itselt. All wars took place because ot economic aims. In this poem Eliot uses London as a symbol of all cosmopolitan cities affected by wars.

What is the impact of the Three Gorges Dam on the environment?

What is the impact of the Three Gorges Dam on the environment?.

What is the impact of the Three Gorges Dam on the environment? At the same time, how much economic benefits does the Three Gorges Dam bring to China? And ,how the Chinese government is taking steps to improve these impacts.

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