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Name: Danielle Title: Unknown Lab Report Introduction: There are many reasons for identifying an unknown bacterium. The reasons range from medical purposes, such as determining if the unknown could cause ailments in living things or knowing what microorganisms are needed to make antibiotics. The experiment was done by applying methods in order to identify an unknown bacterium. An unknown bacterium was handed out by Dr. Honer. The appropriate tests were prepared and applied.

The first procedure that was done was the gram stain. Under a microscope, if the gram stain is purple, the bacterium is gram positive, if the stain is red, it is gram negative. The next test was the fermentation tests for glucose, sucrose and lactose. If an organism is able to ferment the carbohydrate, there will be acid produced, which will turn the broth yellow. Homofermentation shows that only one product was produced-acid. Other organisms will carry out heterofermentation, the presence of acid and gas.

If the organism is unable to ferment the sugar in the tube, there will be no change in the orange/red color of the broth and will be considered alkaline. The following tests that I performed were tests for methyl red and vogues proskauer in SIM media. A positive methyl red test indicates a mixed acid fermentation and would turn the organism’s broth red, if no color presents, it is negative. A positive vogues proskauer test indicates fermentation to neutral products and will turn the broth red, if no color presents, it is also negative.

Stab inoculating the SIM media for these tests will also show if the organism produces sulfur or indole and if it is motile. If sulfur is present, then the medium will be black, if it produces indole, the medium will be red, and if it is motile, there will be growth throughout the tube. I also grew the organism on MacConkey agar. After inoculation, visible colonies may or may not be present. Objective: The objective is to identify the unknown organism. Hypothesis:

The roles of Aaron in the Exodus story The story of genesis

The roles of Aaron in the Exodus story

The story of genesis is one of the most organized bible stories and which also brings out the orderly record of events just as they unfolded. It describes several phases from Moses’s calling through the arrival at the Promised Land. Moses and his brother Aaron were the main leaders of the mission assisted by Milcah and a few others. However, the brothers gave counsel and instructions on behalf of God and represented the people by presenting their grievances to God. Aaron was a very phenomenal figure in the story of exodus. This journey precisely involved not only the crossing of the red sea but all the other activities that took place as from the time that Moses, Aarons brother was called by God to go rescue his children until the time they got to the promised land about forty years later. A lot of activities took place during the journey and different people had different roles to play. Aaron being a very serious religious leader called specifically by God himself had a lot of responsibilities and duties to perform as the rescue mission continued. The children of Israel had stayed in Egypt all their life and hence had been exposed to the Egyptian culture, lifestyle and ways of worship and this meant that there had to be someone to monitor them keenly as they went onto the jungle towards the promised land. The work was quite overwhelming for Moses to carry it out alone and therefore there was a need to have another responsible guy to help out with the responsibility to oversee the events of the changeover of events. As Moses was the chief overseer of the mission, his brother Aaron had assignments under the chief leader of the operation. This ensured that there was hierarchy and good flow of command. Some of the roles that Aaron played are described, studied and well elaborated to bring out a clearer understanding of the story of Exodus. These are simply the duties that he performed as a pries as well as an assistant to Moses.

Offering sacrifices

Aaron was the high priest and the servant of God who had been selected to carry out religious rituals during the journey. The ancient way of worshiping God was through offering of burnt sacrifices and this was to be frequently done so as to please God and to show appreciation. It was also a way of reminding the children of Israel that they had a God of their own and should not attempt to worship any other form of authority. These offerings were not just offered by anyone, but the designated priest who what the permission to do it as he was chosen by God to do it. It was then Aaron who was tasked with the responsibility of presiding over thanksgiving and offering giving ceremonies. He was the chief priest and it is also important to remember that he had been selected by God to do this together with his sons. In those days, priesthood was selected from lineages. A priest would pass on the responsibility to his son and so on.


The children of Israel had been exposed to many different lifestyles in Egypt and this made them very vulnerable of getting back to sin. In many cases, they could turn away in protest thinking that God had forsaken them. The challenges they encountered in the journey also made life difficult for them and therefore needed Gods intervention from time to time. Aaron as the high priest would then go before the Lord to pray on their behalf. He would ask for their forgiveness as well as ask God to guide them into righteousness. When things got tough, it was Aaron who together with Moses performed prayers to seek Gods help. For instance, when they lacked water to drink, they duo prayed and God answered by providing a solution. Manna was also sent down when Moses and Aaron interceded for the people who were starving and angry. God was linked to his servants and therefore Aaron acted as the bridge between God and the people.

Assistant to Moses

The first time Moses was called by God, he had one excuse. He told God that he could not do it effectively because he was a person of slow, distorted speech. God on the other hands did not care much about the excuse as he already had a solution. The solution was to let Moses go with his brother Aaron who was to assist him in talking to the pharaoh. Aaron’s role was to assist Moses to carry out the assignment in the ways that he could not do on his own including translating the speech and presiding over religious activities. Another case that we see Aaron acting as an assistant to Moses is when they went to pray for victory. The battle continued to bring victory on the side of the children of Israel as long as Moses was lifting his hands in worship. However, when Moses got tired and could not hold his hands up anymore, it was Aaron who assisted him by providing support and this ensured that their side went on to win the war.

Custodian of the Ark of Covenant

When God took the children of Israel from Egypt, he made an agreement. The agreement was that he would never lead them into captivity again as they were to worship him all their lives. The details of this promises that God gave to his people were stored in the ark of covenant. This was termed as the holy of the holiest of all the places in the entire history of Israel. It was to be kept holy at all times and only the priests were allowed to access it. This is because it was the presence of God and the priests were the only people allowed to see, touch or handle it. Aaron being the first priest was instructed by God to protect it and these instructions made him the sole custodian of the ark. It should be noted that even Moses was not allowed to perform the rituals that Aaron performed with the ark of covenant.

Officiating Passover

This was a religious ritual that was celebrated to mark the day that the angel of the Lord passed over their doors and saved them from death. Aaron being the priest was the man in charge of directing this event as well as managing the holiday. Its celebration involved prayers and meditative study of God’s word as a way of reminding the children of Israel of where they had come from and what God had done for them so far. It also helped in encouraging them to keep their faith firm for soon they could get to the Promised Land. Aaron ensured that all these were done and took the record for future reference.

Acting as a judge

At this time, there was no organized judicial system as the children of Israel were not in any form of government. God was their leader represented by his servants Moses and Aaron. Therefore, it was Aaron’s duty to settle disputes among the Israelites. He would listen to both sides of the story and counsel them accordingly and in relation to God’s will for the people. Some of these disputes originated from the family disagreement, stealing, adultery to normal quarrels and there was need for a mediator. Aaron then ensured that a fair verdict was given and if need be, the offender was punished to avoid reoccurrence of the mistake and also to serve as a warning to the rest of the people to avoid making the same mistake. This provided an order of existence and justice for all people.

An elder

The children of Israel as well as other communities that existed in those times relied on elders for guidance and the education of values. The elders passed on important cultural beliefs and practices on to the future generations to ensure that they are practiced by future generations. Those cultural practices included religious values, family values as well as important events that required to be remembered. It was the role of Aaron as wan elder, to educate the people on these values and the importance of preserving them for future reference and use. This was done during special sittings as well as from the family level perspective. This has ensured that even today, the people of the world know the details of these values and important occasions despite them having happened a long tome ago.