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University of the Cumberlands Walmart Integration of Big Data Analytics Paper

University of the Cumberlands Walmart Integration of Big Data Analytics Paper.

This week’s article provided a case study approach which highlights how businesses have integrated Big Data Analytics with their Business Intelligence to gain dominance within their respective industry. Search the UC Library and/or Google Scholar for a “Fortune 1000” company that has been successful in this integration. Discuss the company, its approach to big data analytics with business intelligence, what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and how they can improve to be more successful in the implementation and maintenance of big data analytics with business intelligence.Your paper should meet the following requirements:• Be approximately 4-5 pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.• Follow APA guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.• Support your response with the readings from the course and at least five peer-reviewed articles or scholarly journals to support your positions, claims, and observations. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.• Be clear with well-written, concise, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.
University of the Cumberlands Walmart Integration of Big Data Analytics Paper

a minimum 200 word response to the prompt; and then write a 100 word response to one of your fellow students’ posts.

a minimum 200 word response to the prompt; and then write a 100 word response to one of your fellow students’ posts.. Turing devised the ‘Imitation Game’ as a way to answer the question ‘can a machine think?’ Is Turing right that someday there will be machines, or very human-like androids, which think or are conscious like humans? How will we be able to tell (if they are ‘thinking’ or if they are indeed ‘conscious’)? .a minimum 200 word response to the prompt; and then write a 100 word response to one of your fellow students’ posts.

Analyse The Cotton Industry Of Pakistan Economics Essay

best essay writers Pakistan is the fourth largest cotton producer in the world. This creates a wide market for the prosperous growth of the textile industry since cotton is one of the most abundantly available raw materials in the country which will lead towards industrialization. Textile Industry is, therefore, central to the Pakistan’s economy. It also helps create employment and is source of earning foreign income. Textile and clothing are the two major industries of Pakistan and contributes majorly to the total export. These industries are accounting round about 46% of the total manufacturing and also providing employment to over 28% of the total manufacturing labor force. The Pakistan textile industry contributes more than 60% to the country’s total exports, This amounts to around 5.2 billion US dollars. The manufacturing sector contributes to around half of the total exports and textile sector contributes around 46% of the manufacturing sector’s contribution. The negative growth of 2.6 % declining from $ 16.4 billion to $ 16.0 billion in July-April 2008-09. (Asian Social Science, Vol. 6, No. 11; November 2010) There are approximately 1,221 ginning units, 442 spinning units, 124 large spinning units and 425 small units which produce textile products. In Asia, Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products. The contribution of this industry to the total GDP is 8.5%. The annual volume of total world textile trade is US$18 Trillion which is growing at 2.5 percent. However, Out of it, Pakistan’s share is less than one percent. (Horizon securities, Report on textile industry of Pakistan) The textile industry of Pakistan is made up large-scale organized sectors as well as a highly fragmented cottage and small scale sector which include many small businesses. Distribution of textile Industry The textile industry consists of five major stages: Cultivating and Harvesting Preparatory Processes Spinning Weaving Finishing The various sectors that are a part of the textile value chain are: Spinning, most of the spinning industry operates in an organized manner with in-house weaving, dying and finishing facilities. Weaving comprises of small and medium sized entities. The processing sector, comprising dyeing, printing and finishing sub-sectors, only a part of this sector is operating in an organized state, able to process large quantities while the rest of the units operate as small and medium sized units. The printing segment dominates the overall processing industry followed by textile dyeing And fabric bleaching. The garments manufacturing segment generates the highest employment within the textile value chain. Over 75% of the units comprise small sized units. The knitwear industry mostly consists of factories operating as integrated units (Knitting processing making up facilities). The clothing sectors both woven and knits are mainly clustering in Karachi- Lahore and Faisalabad where sufficient ladies labor is available. Exports of Textiles Pakistan has recorded exports worth $19.3 billion which not only exceeds the target set for exports in 2009-10, i.e. $18.8 billion. Textile exports fetched a lion’s share of 51.8% in value terms out of the total exports for the financial year 2009-10 Exports of textile and clothing, which crossed the $10 billion mark, recorded a growth of 7% as compared to the last year. The textile exports recorded a substantial increase to existing market but also to markets like Turkey, Portugal and Singapore, which broadened the customer base. (Pakistan Textile Journal) The above table shows that the textile industry has been able to retain its exports at the same level in the last five years. The cotton denim fabric has seen a stead rise over the years, while other products have maintained their position more or less the same. One of the main reasons for this is the shift from China to other countries for importing goods. China Vs Pakistan Rising Labor Costs: according to a source, The labor cost used to be as low as GBP 30 /month – about 350 Yuan and now is as high as GBP 470 ($760 or 5ooo Yuan) in some places .Though the actual labor rates will fall somewhere between, it is still a huge increase. This exceptionally high increase in labor cost has driven the cost of manufacturing higher for the Chinese people. It has proven very damaging for the industry as many companies are said to not have made a profit for a very long period of time. Also, the labor class is unable to get the price they want to survive in expensive South China, they are moving towards inland China where large construction projects are coming up and the cost of living is cheap. This has led to a reduction in availability of labor for production. This has led to a higher labour cost as well as reduced availability of labor. Table: Cost of Doing Business in Textile Sector (China

Suny Old Westbury Business Continuity Plan Report

Suny Old Westbury Business Continuity Plan Report.

A business-wide BCP should be developed to prevent the interruption of normal operations and to allow for the resumption of business processes in a timely manner.
You are a manager for a small auto-parts manufacturer in a hurricane zone. The company is only five years old and specializes in manufacturing brake parts. It has a contract with a major automobile company in the southern region of the United States. You are concerned about what will happen if your company faces a natural disaster or critical incident. The company does not have a BCP, but since you brought up the idea of developing one to the owner, you have been asked to coordinate a small team to explore whether the company should draft one. The business owner is not convinced, since the company already has business liability insurance, asset replacement insurance, and natural disaster insurance. They are not certain that time, money, and resources need to be allocated to developing a BCP. They also want more information about what components should be considered when defining the business continuity strategy.
The owner of the company has asked you to produce a short report justifying the need for a BCP and explaining its benefits. The report should contain the following:

Rationale: Reasons why a BCP is necessary. Describe its benefits, especially considering that the company is sufficiently insured.
Components: What components will be considered when defining the business continuity strategy and developing the BCP
Goals: The long- and short-term goals and objectives of a BCP

Suny Old Westbury Business Continuity Plan Report

Rasmussen University Contemporary Social Cultural Issues in Nursing Infographic

Rasmussen University Contemporary Social Cultural Issues in Nursing Infographic.

I’m working on a nursing writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

You have been selected by your colleagues to be the nursing representative on the Hospital Diversity Committee. The annual nursing symposium is coming up, and this year the focus is on contemporary issues in nursing. The members of the committee have asked you to develop an infographic or poster and to represent the group by presenting it at the symposium.Instructions:Your infographic/poster needs to include the following elements:One contemporary cultural issue present in nursingAddress at least two implications of the cultural issues on current nursing environments.Identify one credible source to provide attendees with more information on the issue.One contemporary social issue present in nursing.Appraise how the social issue impacts the consumer within healthcare.Identify one credible source to provide attendees with more information on this issue.Two resolution strategies to support each identified cultural and social issue.Define what the nurse’s role would be in supporting these strategies.
Rasmussen University Contemporary Social Cultural Issues in Nursing Infographic

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