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University of the Cumberlands The Four Phases of The Product Life Cycle Essay

University of the Cumberlands The Four Phases of The Product Life Cycle Essay.

This activity/assignment will help students understand the product life cycle concept better and also give them an insight into the importance of marketing decisions that are to be taken during the market decline phase.Activity: Find four different products that are in the four different phases of the product life cycle. Give your opinions on the product in the market decline phase: whether the company should divest, harvest, or rejuvenate the product and the reasons behind your choices.The assignment is to answer the question provided above in essay form. This is to be in narrative form and should be as thorough as possible. Bullet points should not to be used. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins and utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to marketing management. The textbook should also be utilized. Do not insert excess line spacing. APA formatting and citation should be used.
University of the Cumberlands The Four Phases of The Product Life Cycle Essay

Southern New Hampshire Univ Technology Plays Huge Role in Businesses Today Discussion.

Learning the terms, acronyms, and technologies of your business is imperative when trying to understand how technology can help your business. In this discussion, we will examine these technologies, terms, and organizational strategies.The role of the business analyst or systems analyst is to help develop the systems that will solve problems using the business needs or requirements gathered from employees at various levels. As an informed user, you should understand the value that these systems bring to an organization, including staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, and making informed decisions on new and improved technologies so management and the business/systems analysts can understand business needs/requirements.You will read the closing case “IBM’s Watson”. After reading the case study and completing additional independent research, address the following:What is the role of technology in business?Provide an example (or examples) of a technology from the glossary being used in business.Respond to two of your peers’ initial posts and consider the following:What are some strategic advantages that the technology described by your peers can provide to a business?Provide examples of companies using the same technology, and explain how they use it to gain a competitive advantage. Post the URL of the company you use.To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.Reading for this week was Chapters 2 & 7 of the textbook that can located here: – please let me know if you have trouble accessing it.I am also including the final project information and rubric so that you know whats coming down the line as we work on assignments together.
Southern New Hampshire Univ Technology Plays Huge Role in Businesses Today Discussion

MATH 140 Glendale College Exploring Relationships Between Two Variables Report

MATH 140 Glendale College Exploring Relationships Between Two Variables Report.

Math 140 Project: Exploring relationships between two variables In this project, you will search two quantitative variables that may have a linear correlation. You will describe and analyze the relationship between the variables the way it is explained in Chapter 4 (4.1-4.2). You will, then, create a written report including all 4 parts below and turn in by the stated due date according to the guidelines provided in this paper. Required components:1. Understand the Problema) Search for two quantitative variables that may have a linear correlation from the internet, in Canvas or any other media. You may also get the data by surveying 15-20 people. Possible websites to look for data:
You may obtain the data in Click explore and click Data. for demographic information about cities for academic performance index.… for pollution burdens.
Website where you found the data: b) Use your intuition and/or experience to predict and write down the descriptions of the possible relationship: Form, Direction, Strength, and outlier, etc. c) Develop a question that address a possible linear correlation between two variables. State the question(s):Identify two variables from the data that are relevant to answer the questions: 2. Analyze the paired Dataa) What is the likely explanatory variable in the paired data?b) Draw a scatter plot of the data. Does the graph show a linear relationship between the variables? Comment on the direction and strength appeared on the scatter diagram.c) Compute the linear correlation coefficient between the two variables and interpret the meaning specifically for your data. d) Find the equation of the least-squares regression line.e) Interpret the slope and y-intercept, if appropriate. f) Use the equation of the least-squares regression line to predict the outcome (y-value) for one of the x-values in your data.g) Find the residual for the x-value you chose in part (f). Explain what it means when a residual is positive or negative.3. Draw Conclusions a) What do the results indicate about the relationship between two variables? b) Do you think there is a causal relation between the variables? Explain. c) Relate the comments you made in step 1b before analyzing the data by commenting on both of the following: How your expectation differs (or do not differ) from the actual results? If it is relevant or meaningful in context, think of a way that these results could be used in practice.4. Summarize Write a short summary of the main findings that you discovered. Math 140 Project: Exploring relationships between two variables -Score Sheet (Total 50 points)Name:________________________________________ Date:__________________________________Title of the project: ____________________________________________________________________Website where you found the data:_______________________________________________________Project Grade: __________________________________
MATH 140 Glendale College Exploring Relationships Between Two Variables Report

Value Strategy Analysis of Apple Company Term Paper

essay writing help Value Strategy Analysis of Apple Company Term Paper. Introduction Any business entity in the world must use an appropriate customer value strategy in order to be successful in the current competitive market. Customer tastes and preferences are often subject to continuous changes. A company that would like to retain and attract additional customers should be able to change the value of its products according to changing customer tastes and preferences (Adcock, Halborg, and Caroline, 2001). Customer value strategy enables business entities to provide products of high value to their customers. In the end, such customers will develop brand loyalty on the products of the organisation. One of the companies that employ appropriate customer value strategies in the world is Apple Company. Since the company offers high standards and quality goods to its customers, Apple Company has a huge customer base in America and the world. The essentiality of this paper is to provide customer value strategy value analysis of Apple Company and offer recommendations on how the company can improve on its current customer value strategy. Customer value strategy analysis of Apple Company Currently, Apple Company is under the management of highly skilled board of directors. Apple Company offers a range of products to its consumers including computers, Itunes, iPads, Iphones, and Ipods among other electronic products. The company’s sales revenue in the year 2011 was over $5.30 billion. Currently, the average growth rate of Apple Company’s sales stands at 3% of the previous year’s sales revenue. The main information in the vision of Apple Company includes the fact that the company dedicates itself in activities that help in strengthening and promoting the value of its brands. The company is continuously improving on the quality and value of its products. Apple Company also strives to create strong awareness of its brands in its existing and new markets (Dediu, 2013). It aims at promoting consumer confidence in its brands in order to facilitate repeated purchases both in new and existing markets. According to the former CEO of Apple Company (Steve Jobs), the company achieves its objectives and goals by exercising and giving attention to efficient product development programs, employing innovative marketing techniques, and employing modern manufacturing strategies (Dediu, 2013). Market survey rates Apple Company as one of the companies that always efficiently understands and acts on the needs of their customers. In most cases, innovations launched by the Apple Company aims at addressing one or more issues that affect the consumers of their products. The company designs its products in simple, attractive, and easy to use manner compared to the products of their competitors. Apple Company’s product development involves the usage of a variety of branded partners. Apple company uses different partners to enable it give quality products to its customers. For instance, Apple Company often partners with different companies including Microsoft, ATI, and Intel to it give both software and hardware solutions to its electronic products. Apple Company also segments its markets according to the purchasing power of its customers. Consequently, the company offers a variety of differentiated products for a particular brand that are differentiated by storage capacity in order to suit needs and purchase power of different classes of their customers (Dediu, 2013). How Apple Company can improve on its current customer value strategy The company should continue improving on their product’s value and quality. It will increase the competitiveness of Apple Company in the mature and competitive electronics market. Apple Company should avail quality products to its customers at relatively cheaper prices. The culture of the Apple Company involves engaging in activities that aid in the provision quality services and products to customers. The management of Apple bar should consider using the principle of total quality management to reduce the operational costs and increase the provision of quality products and services as they seek to offer quality goods to customers at affordable prices. To reduce operational costs, Apple Company should purchase quality supplies in bulk at reduced prices (Chekitan and Schultz, 2005). In the end, they will incur reduced marginal costs per product. Consequently, Apple Company will be able to sell such products at cheaper prices as compared to their competitors. Apple Company should maintain a quality service delivery system to place them ahead of their competitors. As a customer value strategy, the management of Apple Company should only employ qualified, skilled, and experienced employees to facilitate efficient service delivery. The employees should be empathetic to the customers they interact with in their daily activities. The management should only hire employees obsessed with customer satisfaction. The management should always involve their staff in employee training to in order to improve on their service delivery. Finally, the company should beware of the increasing technology. As a result, they should invest a lot in increasing technology to improve on the quality of their products, operational, and marketing strategies (Chekitan and Schultz, 2005). Conclusion The value and quality of a product influence people to buy a certain product as opposed to the other. Products with high-quality standards and value have high market demands. Consumers like quality things that are safe to consume. Every business entity must develop an appropriate customer value strategy to enable them prosper in the current competitive market. Apple Company is one of the many existing companies that enjoy the fruits of developing appropriate customer value strategy. The company needs to adjust a little bit on its customer value strategy as highlighted above in order to be the most valuable business entity in the world. References Adcock, D., Halborg, A., and Caroline R. (2001). Marketing: principles and practice (4th ed.). London, UK: McGraw-Hill Book Company. Chekitan S. and Schultz, D. (2005). Customer-focused approach that can bring the current Marketing mix into the 21st Century. Marketing Management 14(1), 14-34. Dediu, H. (2013). A closer look at Apple’s competition. Web. Retrieved Value Strategy Analysis of Apple Company Term Paper

Guidelines for Designing a Healthy Diet

Guidelines for Designing a Healthy Diet. I’m working on a Nutrition question and need guidance to help me study.

Your first post to answer these questions is due by Thursday (2/6 before midnight). Please respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s posts no later than Sunday (2/9 before midnight):

Based on the information you found on, the video about Choose My Plate, the quizzes, and the information in the textbook, explain why getting a variety and moderation of foods in important in your diet.
Give an example of serving size of food that surprised you.
Using the dietary guidelines, describe a meal that you would be willing to eat that meets all of the dietary guidelines, fits on a Choose My Plate, and follows proper portion sizes.
Identify at 3 no-cost websites and/or apps that you could use to track your physical activity and nutritional intake. Provide a link to them and what are some key features from each of them. This will help you and your classmates for the next assignment.
Explain the differences between these nutrient standards and recommendations:

Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI)
Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA)
Adequate Intakes (AI)
Estimated Energy Requirements (EER)

Guidelines for Designing a Healthy Diet

WGU Pathophysiological Factors that Influence Depression Manifestations & Causes PPT

WGU Pathophysiological Factors that Influence Depression Manifestations & Causes PPT.

For this assignment, you will be developing and presenting an Educational, Narrative PowerPoint. In the presentation of your chosen topic, be sure to examine the pathophysiological factors that influence the incidence and manifestations of acute, episodic, and chronic diseases in populations across the lifespan.Narrative, PowerPoint Assignment RequirementsMake sure all of the content topics of the assignment have been addressed.Cite at least three references in your PowerPoint; this may include peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, or evidence-based practice websites to support the content.All reference sources must be within 5 years.Do not use sources such as Wikipedia or UpToDate as a reference.Design and develop a 8- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation using voice/narrative feature on each slide (the title and reference slides do not count in the slide count, but must be included in the assignment), that will be used to educate the community about one of the following topics:Type II DiabetesAtherosclerosisHypertensionDepressionUrinary Tract InfectionNarrative, PowerPoint Contents to include, but not be limited to:Risk factors and causesPossible consequencesPrevention StrategiesTreatment ModalitiesPowerPoint Format:Follow APA 7th edition format for PowerPoint presentations.Use the slide notes section in the presentation to include information that follows your narration, being sure to follow the conventions of Standard English.Slide content should include brief points that identify the areas that will be addressed in the narration.In-text citations should be included with any brief points that were researched from outside sources, and the narration should fully explain the points.Reference all sources on a separate reference slide at the end of the presentation and cite each source in the body of the presentation using 7th edition APA format.Identify the sources of any pictures you use, being sure to cite them correctly in 7th edition APA style, using in-text citations.Narration Guidelines:Maintain a professional tone by summarizing observations and evaluations for each slide.Ensure that your presentation is highly ordered, logical, and unified.Words should be clearly enunciated and professional tone should be sustained throughout the presentation narration.Audio recording should be free of background noise and interruptions.
WGU Pathophysiological Factors that Influence Depression Manifestations & Causes PPT