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University of The Cumberlands Organization Leadership Discussion & Replies

University of The Cumberlands Organization Leadership Discussion & Replies.

Discuss what performance management is and how it influences effective teams.
Review table 11.1, define leadership behaviors (in your own words) and note which behaviors are beneficial at specific organizational activities (example: project planning, leading coworkers, etc…).  Please note at least five organizational activities and be specific when responding.
Note at least two organizational capabilities and compare and contrast each.

Please be sure to answer all the questions above in the initial post.
Please ensure the initial post and two response posts are substantive.  Substantive posts will do at least TWO of the following:

Ask an interesting, thoughtful question pertaining to the topic
Expand on the topic, by adding additional thoughtful information
Answer a question posted by another student in detail
Share an applicable personal experience
Provide an outside source
Make an argument

iscussion 1:

1. Discuss what performance management is and how it influences effective teams.
Performance management is about aligning all the employees work, their measures and KPI is the development plan it’s what the organization wants to achieve their strategies, their themes and their outcomes. After done that it’s important to access over time how well this alignment is working assessing one employee performance is not the same as an appraisal. It allows the management to develop opportunities to asses and reward team members[ CITATION Sur16 l 1033 ]. It allows mangers to create practical goals and it should meet the specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. It leads to building an engaged team by welcoming open conversation. Asking them a full feedback on regular basis provide a post task reviews. It creates a transparency; it tells how employees prepare and how to deliver a positive outcome.
2. Review table 11.1, define leadership behaviors (in your own words) and note which behaviors are beneficial at specific organizational activities (example: project planning, leading coworkers, etc…). Please note at least five organizational activities and be specific when responding.
These leadership behaviors consist of different roles in delivering organizational activities. Organizational activities and type of leadership behavior appropriate are follows:

Planning: It is a process of creating goals for the company, in this stage the leadership behavior needs to bring the employees together; it is the place where all the stakeholders of the organization should meet and discuss about how to move the organization forward.
Staffing: for a significant staffing in the company, the leadership need to build the trust between him/her and employees can lead to organization performance.
Budgeting: It is the platform to use the organization resources effectively, leaders should have decision making behavior since there is a need to weigh among the alternatives while budgeting.
Reporting: delivering the result to stakeholders is a crucial process, the leaders need to have participant behaviors, since it need to combine different communication channels for effective communication to relevant stakeholders.
Directing: Delegation of duties is crucial for any organization, the management delegates duties to mange the mangers who later delegate to work force. In this stage it need behavior of respect and code of ethics.
3. Note at least two organizational capabilities and compare and contrast each.
There are many organizational capabilities and two of them are Innovation and Change. Innovation, it is the capability of the organization to generate new models which create a competitive advantage in the market[ CITATION Gur15 l 1033 ]. It consists of come up with different ideas and convert the ideas into a product or service into practical for the organization. On the other side, change is also the ability of the organization to adopt the new trends in the market; it includes adopting the new technology. Innovation is beneficial for organization to have a significant profit in long run. Change consist of a level of negative, since it copes with change in government regulations an increase in Taxes.
Inan., G., & Bititci, U. S. (2015). Understanding organizational capabilities and dynamic Understanding organizational capabilities and dynamic . Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 210, 310-319.
Noronha., S. F., Aquinas., & manezes, A. d. (2016). IMPLEMENTING EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A SCOPING REVIEW. International Journal of Management and Applied Science, 2(5), 85-89.
Rashida., I. M., Samah., I. H., Razali., R., & Sham, M. (2016). The Importance of Perceived Leadership Elements in Strategic University. Procedia Economics and Finance, 39, 422-426.

Discussion 2:

Performance Management
Performance management is a kind of management tool which helps managers to monitor the entire works of employees and their performances. The terminology of performance management is a kind of goal for the betterment of an environment where we can perform our best abilities to reduce the efficiency of work. The performance management program will help most of the managers and employees to check out all the goals programs and expectations which are related to the company goals and visions. In general, performance management provides a particular view of the workplace (Basuki et al., 2020). With the help of this performance management, we can completely have a motivator environment within the organization and can also complete every task within the provided time.
Leadership Behaviours
Leadership behaviors are a personality and action which will create an effective response towards a leader. It is also a behavior that can be processed as a person who guides and teaches all the ethical rights and procedures under a business. Effective leadership behaviors will increase the productivity of the team and will also help to retain people as employees will be less active in living the organizations and also will perform best with successive results. The best behavior switch has to be e considered to be a leader are they must be honest they must be confident in their decisions they must be approachable to every employee they must be treated as an example. Better and best suggestions for the employee. If a decision is taken related to the project then the leader must not change the decision so he must have to be confident through his decisions and must be focused during the decision making (Wu et al., 2021). Under regular meetings within the organization, a leader must have to provide objective feedback ok with the employee performance and also with the project representations. If any employee finds difficulties in performing or in creating any sort of activity then a leader must give them a chance to approach him and discuss his difficulties. A leader must also provide a regular reward program to the employees for their performance.
Organizational Capabilities
Talent and accountability are two types of organizational activity that are somewhere similar to each other. The main importance of talent is the employee of the candidate must be innovative and constructed in their skills whereas accountability must include all types of skills within an organization or a project to innovate a new kind of development. Talent is a terminology that refers to an individual skill that is required by the technology and the organization (Louro et al., 2019). Accountability is a process in which all those individual skills and methodologies have to be implemented within the organization. Talent refers to the individual skill whereas accountability refers to the employee performance within the organization.
Basuki, Zulfikar, R., Khuzaini, & Widyanti, R. (2020). Warranting Increased Operational Performance of Pharmaceutical Firms of Indonesia through Collaborative and Calculative HRM Practices: Mediating Role of Employee Engagement. Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy, 11(2), 516–524.
Louro, A. C., Brandão, M. M., Jakli?, J., & Sarcinelli, A. (2019). How can Customer Analytics Capabilities Influence Organizational Performance? A moderated mediation analysis. Brazilian Business Review (Portuguese Edition), 16(4), 369–382.
Wu, M., Zhang, L., Imran, M., Xu, J., & Yu, R. (2021). Impact of differential leadership on innovative behavior of employees: A double-edged sword. Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal, 49(2), 1–12.
University of The Cumberlands Organization Leadership Discussion & Replies

New Mexico Indigenous Teachings Website Questions.

Jennifer Wemigwans says, in her book (p. 118) that she would “never propose that the Internet become a repository for Indigenous Knowledge….[because] people must go into their own communities and engage with their Elders and Traditional Teachers and languages and ceremonies to truly grasp Indigenous Knowledge. In this case, what is the purpose of a site like…2. The Belarde-Lewis reading includes this quote: “Your pictures and recordings are for your own use and enjoyment….don’t put our ancestors on the internet!” Why would this announcement needed to be made? What is the history behind this?… 3. 1. WHY we need protocols in the first place. Use this space to share your thoughts on the need for this kind of document. Do you think it would be useful? Who benefits from protocols? 2. What sections do you want to include in our protocols? If you could create an outline of what our protocols should include, what would it look like? Which model do you like best, and why? What other thoughts do you have right now about the need for protocols for Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the Digital World at the School? Who should be invited to collaborate with us?I attached the pdf for question 3
New Mexico Indigenous Teachings Website Questions

Critical Incident Manual. I need an explanation for this Law question to help me study.

Assignment Content

Write a 300-word critical incident manual that could be provided to responder personnel for use in an incident.
Create an incident and command response structure for all emergency or public service agencies in your state of
TEXAS, such as police, fire, medical, and so forth. Ensure the minimal components of operations, planning, administration, and logistics are included and fully developed to four levels. Be sure the manual contains all general information personnel would need for rapid activation and deployment.
Include the following in your manual:

The personnel or positions for each function.

Format your manual consistent with APA guidelines.

include a title page, proper grammar, in text citations,reference page

Critical Incident Manual

Rasmussen College Nurses Are Leaders of Powerful Change Discussion.

ScenarioWhile attending a conference sponsored by a national nursing organization, you were captivated by the keynote speaker, a nurse currently employed as a lobbyist advocating for local and state healthcare legislation, who recently announced her candidacy for a position in the State Congress. Meeting this individual was the moment you realized you wanted to impact the healthcare of your local community through participation in her campaign for office. You expressed interest in opening her local community campaign office if she would provide mentorship.She responded, “Absolutely I would be your mentor. Political advocacy begins with understanding the needs of your community, so research your community’s needs, develop a solution for a priority issue you would champion as a political candidate for local office, and present your ideas in a White Paper next time we meet.”InstructionsResearchUsing your zip code, investigate areas of interest in your local community, and identify a gap in services that you believe is a priority need for resolution.Review evidence in professional journals and information on the internet available from local, state, and national government organizations, major news entities, political parties, and professional healthcare organizations. Research political issues in healthcare.White paperWrite a succinct summary of the proposed solution for the gap in services within the local community (no more than two paragraphs)Provide detailed background information with an explanation of the priority need, including identified health determinantsOffer thorough descriptions of the proposed solution, including:Phases of implementation withSpecific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely (SMART) goals for each phaseDetailed explanations for these considerationsFinancialPolicyLegalEthicalStrategies for collaboration with external and internal stakeholders to gain buy-inA detailed plan for initial and ongoing communication and dissemination of informationUse of images such as tables and graphs recommendedWrite a concise, powerful conclusion to convince the reader the proposed solution is necessary (no more than one paragraph)Include relevant, comprehensive evidence from credible sourcesUse professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammarResourcesClick here for a Library and Learning Services page on writing a Summary.Click here for a Library and Learning Services page on creating a White Paper.Click here for a Library and Learning Services page on using the SMART Method.Click here for a Library and Learning Services page on Credible Sources.Click here for a Library and Learning Services APA Guide.
Rasmussen College Nurses Are Leaders of Powerful Change Discussion

WVU Botulinum Toxin Injections Associated with Suspected Myasthenia Gravis Case Study

WVU Botulinum Toxin Injections Associated with Suspected Myasthenia Gravis Case Study.

Below is the case stuyd I need you to answer it: Watch this video first before you answer the questionsHeres is the video: is the case:Samantha is a 40-year-old Amazon warehouse worker. Over the last ten months, she experienced diplopia and eyestrain when she read for longer than 15 minutes. She became tired after chewing her food, brushing her teeth, or drying her hair. She also became extremely fatigued at work. Despite her strong work ethic, Samantha had to excuse herself from work activities because she simply could not carry the heavy equipment.Samantha has myasthenia gravis.1.Why does myasthenia gravis cause muscle fatigue? What are the types of muscle fibers and which fatigue the fastest?2.Which receptors are involved in initiation and propagation of the muscle action potential? How do ions (like sodium and potassium) move across (inside/outside the cell) the sarcolemma during an action potential?3.Explain why the following drugs may not be appropriate for treating myasthenia gravis.a.Botulinum toxinb.Curarec.Hemicholinium
WVU Botulinum Toxin Injections Associated with Suspected Myasthenia Gravis Case Study

Physics homework help

cheap assignment writing service Physics homework help. Explain, with examples, why it is important to human health to pay attention to environmental incidents caused by chemicals, infectious agents, or radiation. How do these agents cause global environmental health incidents?,Why it is important to human health to pay attention to environmental incidents,Choose ONE of the following:,1.  Explain, with examples, why it is important to human health to pay attention to environmental incidents caused by chemicals, infectious agents, or radiation. How do these agents cause global environmental health incidents?,OR,2.  Explain the human right ,“freedom from hunger.”, Do you believe that all people living in the world should have this right? Why? In your opinion are their global solutions to this problem?,More details;,Environmental Agents | The NIEHS provides information about chemicals or factors in the environment to which humans are exposed that may cause adverse health effects,AcrylamideAcrylamide is a chemical widely used during the manufacturing of paper, dye, and other industrial products. It can also be formed when certain foods are cooked at high temperatures.,Air Pollution and Your HealthAir pollution is a familiar environmental health hazard. We know what we’re looking at when brown haze settles over a city, exhaust billows across a busy highway, or a plume rises from a smokestack. Some air pollution is not seen, but its pungent smell alerts you.,Algal BloomsA harmful algal bloom (HAB) occurs when toxin-producing algae grow excessively in a body of water. Algae are microscopic organisms that live in aquatic environments and also use photosynthesis to produce energy from sunlight, just like plants.,Allergens & IrritantsInformation on allergens, asthma, and also pulmonary research performed at NIEHS | Additional resources for managing allergies,Aloe VeraAloe is a succulent plant widely used in alternative medicine. There are at least 420 different plant species of Aloe. Aloe vera specifically refers to the Aloe barbadensis Miller plant, which is the most common form used in Aloe-based products.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help

University of Cumberlands Organizational Leader and Decision Making Questions

University of Cumberlands Organizational Leader and Decision Making Questions.

Answer the below questions briefly in not more than 250 words. The writing should be related to “Organizational leader & decision making” course and should be in APA format with in-text citation. Please feel free to refer to online resources.Discuss the key components of human resource management. Pick at least four concepts from chapter nine and describe how these concepts interrelate to individual performance on a one of the dimensions from “human resource management” , note why it was chosen and how you relate to this behavior. If you have a personal experience, please share.How do leaders select the best talent? What are some tools they can use to select the best-talent?
University of Cumberlands Organizational Leader and Decision Making Questions

Understanding and Attitude towards Environment: Course Document Review Essay

Table of Contents THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE The Fish Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts Conclusion THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE William Butler Yeats in the poem “THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE” observes the peaceful collaboration and living of nature; nature has different components that co-exist with each other if uninterrupted. He portrays how different element of nature work for the benefit of each other. They have overflowing peace and live for the good of the other. Nature has its own way of providing a life to the other however, when man exploits nature he does so with a selfish mind, he want to use the elements of nature for his own benefit without considering the dangers caused to the same environment exploited. Human attitude towards environmental damage is that the environment exists for human benefit; environment should be exploited for the good of man and at no any one point should exploiting the environment be seen to be destructive. Man from the poem is considered to be taking advantage of existence of nature for his own benefit; he is seen to be ignorant of any benefit that he can bring to nature but his interests are on how he is going to benefit. The Fish Elizabeth Bishop in the poem “The Fish” portrays the picture and the emotional attachment that a fisherman gets after catching a fish. She portrays how cruel human beings are when destroying nature in the efforts of satisfying their need. The environment is portrayed as a source of live hood; the poem brings out three beneficiaries in the exercise, the fisherman, the boat owner and the final consumer. Little was done by either party to restore the environment. The beauty of nature and environment is brought about by the description given for the aquatic life caught. The poem portrays people to have a “don’t care” attitude to the dangers they do on the environment. It shows how selfish human beings are however; it recognizes the need to exploit the environment for food and live hood. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts According to KIRK JOHNSON, article in New York Times; “Energy Boom in West Threatens Indian Artifacts”, exploitation of energy for various industrial use is threatening archeological and historical facts. According to the article, human being are more interested in satisfying their current economic need but are not concerned on saving preserving the environment. When they exploit resources for current need, they are seen to be doing this with little regard of future generation. Environmental problems of current generation was brought about by exploitation of resources by past generation and if the modern generation fails to take appropriate measures to conserve the environment then future generations are likely to suffer. People develop concepts like environmental sustainability and sustainable development but they do not follow them. They have an ignoring attitude to the effects of environmental damage especially for those products that are exhaustible like oil. In exploitation, people are guided by greed and self interests thus are willing to destroy the environment for their own use without any regard of future generations. Conclusion All the three articles have a similarity in that they have portrayed people’s negative attitude towards environmental conservation thus encouraging environmental damage. The writers are of the opinion that environmental damage occurs as man exploit natural resources for his benefit. They acknowledge that exploitation is necessary for live-hood but conservation and restoration measures should be taken.