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University of South Florida Ozen Mall Business Plan Discussion

University of South Florida Ozen Mall Business Plan Discussion.

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Individual Business Plan Written with Business Model Canvas will include a maximum 20-page single space written business plan and a minimum of 15 pages, including all appendices, and grading will be assigned as follows:1. Executive Summary, including Business Model Canvas – 20%2. Industry and Market Analysis (Competition and Competitive Analysis) – Includes Porter Five Forces Analysis – 20%3. Why and How Your Company will compete – Blue Ocean Strategy Analysis, Better/Cheaper/Faster Analysis – 20%4. Organizational Plan – Discussion of Attributes of Key Members of Management – 20%5. Financial Analysis – Projections and Financial Model – 10%6. Exit Strategy Discussion – 10%
University of South Florida Ozen Mall Business Plan Discussion

Write a critical review.

Write a critical review of the major ideas in the Roger Martin’s book: “The Design of Business” and discuss how these ideas impact managerial decision making. In your essay you should compare the ideas of the book that you choose with other material that we have covered during the course, particularly where this provides an alternative view.Assignment instructions:Goal: Apply and synthesise material covered in the course and apply this tomanagerial decision making.Word limit: 2000 – 3000 words. Late submission penalties will be applied.Element Details:Evidence of broad reading:Ideas from a wide range of writers accurately reflected in the assignment.Correct referencing as appropriate.SynthesisIdeas from different writers and different perspectives are compared, contrasted or combined.Ideas from readings are applied to decisions managers make in an organisational environment.Well writtenClear writing style. Convincing argument; well organised; good flow.Appropriate layout including paragraphs and page numbering.Correct spelling and punctuation.Additional instructions:The Connection of the book to the pdf attached must be clear Please contact me because there are more PDF material that must be make paralell to the book in the assignment.
Write a critical review

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In this project you will be programming toward a solution of a problem using decision making blocks such as if statements. Your project must contain the use of if, else, elif blocks.
You will write a program that will prompt the user for the total change amount as an integer input, and your program will output the change using the fewest coins, one coin type per line. The coin types are dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Use singular and plural coin names as appropriate, like 1 penny vs. 2 pennies.
Example of a sample run:
Enter the change amount as integer:123_x000D_
1 dollar_x000D_
2 dimes_x000D_
3 pennies_x000D_

Enter the change amount as integer:45_x000D_
1 quarter_x000D_
2 dimes_x000D_

Enter the change amount as integer:-45_x000D_
No Change_x000D_

Enter the change amount as integer:100_x000D_
1 dollar_x000D_

Enter the change amount as integer:125_x000D_
1 dollar_x000D_
1 quarter_x000D_

23.1.1: PROJECT 1 : Finding the Exact change using Decision Making blocks0 / 100
Load default template…
print(“This program asks the user to enter a change amount using integers only,”)
print(“and outputs the change using the fewest coins.”)
input_val = int(input(“Enter the change amount as integer:”))
”’ Type your code here. ”’
Develop mode
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PHIL201 intro to philosophy

essay writer free PHIL201 intro to philosophy. I don’t know how to handle this Philosophy question and need guidance.

There are certain big questions that philosophers have been puzzling over for centuries. Amazingly, many people ask these same questions in daily life. Choose one of the following six branches of philosophy below. Reflect on the central questions as related to the branch you chose.
Write an APA-formatted essay of 2-3 pages explaining the chosen branch and describing a time in your life when you have asked similar questions. Discuss the specific circumstances that brought you to your conclusions.
Outside sources may be used but are not required for this assignment as the material is largely reflective in nature.
Select one of the following branches of philosophy and answer the following questions for your submission:


What is real?
Is the physical world more or less real than the spiritual or psychological world?
Is there such a thing as a soul? If so, how does it survive outside of a physical body?
Do all people have free will, or are their lives determined by fate?


How is anything known?
What is the basis for knowledge? Is it innate reason, experience, or something else?
Is all knowledge subjective, or are there some universal truths?
What is the relationship between faith and reason?
What can artificial intelligence teach people about knowledge?
What are the limits of human understanding?


What is the “right thing to do”?
What does it mean to be a “good person”?
Does virtue lead to happiness?
Do the ends justify the means, or is a virtuous action virtuous in and of itself?
How does living in a society affect morality?
Is morality culturally based or individually based, or is there a universal morality?


What is beautiful?
Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder, or are there some things that all cultures find beautiful?
What is the purpose of art?
How can a piece of art be successful or valuable? Does beauty matter?

Political philosophy:

What is the best kind of government?
How much power should the government have?
What kind of people should be in power?
How involved should the common citizen be in government?

Social philosophy:

How should humans behave in a society?
Do people give up certain rights when they choose to live in a society?
How do social values affect individual beliefs? Do people behave differently in a crowd than they would individually?
How does society affect language and other types of communication? Make sure you cite your sources appropriately within your paper, and list them in APA format on your Reference page. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirements, your paper should include a Title and Reference page, should be double-spaced, and include a running head and page numbers.

PHIL201 intro to philosophy

MATH 302 UBC International Expansion of A Marketing Company Executive Summary

MATH 302 UBC International Expansion of A Marketing Company Executive Summary.

Final Project Assignment InstructionsSCENARIO BACKGROUND:A marketing company based out of New York City is doing well and is looking to expand internationally. The CEO and VP of Operations decide to enlist the help of a consulting firm that you work for, to help collect data and analyze market trends.You work for Mercer Human Resources. The Mercer Human Resource Consulting website lists prices of certain items in selected cities around the world. They also report an overall cost-of-living index for each city compared to the costs of hundreds of items in New York City (NYC). For example, London at 88.33 is 11.67% less expensive than NYC.More specifically, if you choose to explore the website further you will find a lot of fun and interesting data. You can explore the website more on your own after the course concludes. cost-of-living-rankings#rankingsASSIGNMENT GUIDANCE:In the Excel document, you will find the 2018 data for 17 cities in the data set Cost of Living. Included are the 2018 cost of living index, cost of a 3-bedroom apartment (per month), price of monthly transportation pass, price of a mid-range bottle of wine, price of a loaf of bread (1 lb.), the price of a gallon of milk and price for a 12 oz. cup of black coffee. All prices are in U.S. dollars.You use this information to run a Multiple Linear Regression to predict Cost of living, along with calculating various descriptive statistics. This is given in the Excel output (that is, the MLR has already been calculated. Your task is to interpret the data).Based on this information, in which city should you open a second office in? You must justify your answer. If you want to recommend 2 or 3 different cities and rank them based on the data and your findings, this is fine as well.DELIVERABLE REQUIREMENTS:This should be ¾ to 1 page, no more than 1 single-spaced page in length, using 12-point Times New Roman font. You do not need to do any calculations, but you do need to pick a city to open a second location at and justify your answer based upon the provided results of the Multiple Linear Regression.The format of this assignment will be an Executive Summary. Think of this assignment as the first page of a much longer report, known as an Executive Summary, that essentially summarizes your findings briefly and at a high level. This needs to be written up neatly and professionally. This would be something you would present at a board meeting in a corporate environment. If you are unsure of an Executive Summary, this resource can help with an overview. What is an Executive Summary?THINGS TO CONSIDER:To help you make this decision here are some things to consider:Based on the MLR output, what variable(s) is/are significant?From the significant predictors, review the mean, median, min, max, Q1 and Q3 values?It might be a good idea to compare these values to what the New York value is for that variable. Remember New York is the baseline as that is where headquarters are located.Based on the descriptive statistics, for the significant predictors, what city has the best potential?What city or cities fall are below the median?What city or cities are in the upper 3rd quartile?
MATH 302 UBC International Expansion of A Marketing Company Executive Summary

Leadership in the Public Sector Discussion Questions

Leadership in the Public Sector Discussion Questions.

1000-words total:First:answer the following in 300-words: Explain each of the four leader behaviors considered in the Path-Goal Theory. Identify the follower characteristics that influence how workers interpret a leader’s behavior.What follower characteristics do you possess?How do you think those characteristics affect how you interpret your leader’s behavior? Then: based on the article in the attached document, write a 700-word paper that covers the following: Describe how, or if, the selected contemporary public leader used the Path-Goal Theory to help their followers along the path to achieve their goals.Describe how the selected contemporary public leader effectively used the Path-Goal Theory to avoid obstacles to the ultimate goal of the public organization.Describe if the selected contemporary public leader has effectively provided leadership to their diverse followers within the public organization they serve.Describe if the selected contemporary leader properly utilized the Leader-Member Exchange Theory by recognizing the existence of in-groups and out-groups within the public organization serve. Please cite, reference, and format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Leadership in the Public Sector Discussion Questions