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University of Phoenix Observation and Teacher Conference Essay

University of Phoenix Observation and Teacher Conference Essay.

I’m working on a education & teaching project and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Wk 3 – Observation, Conference, and Mini-Lesson^ Summary [due Mon]Assignment ContentObserve a special education environment in which there is at least one learner who has an IEP for intellectual and developmental disabilities or TBI.Meet with the teacher to prepare for planning and teaching the adapted mini-lesson due in Week 6.Use the Observation and Conference Guide to guide your observation and conference with the cooperating teacher.Write a 275- to 350-word summary of your classroom observation and what you learned from the teacher conference to prepare you for planning and teaching the mini-lesson.Submit your assignment.Document your field experience hours in My Time Log.
University of Phoenix Observation and Teacher Conference Essay

CJ 101 Westchester Community College Corruption Within the Legal System Discussion.

I’m working on a criminal justice report and need support to help me understand better.

I attached what I completed so far. I need you to help me complete the research essay. I already did 2 pages but it has to be 6 pages with at least 5 sources. I think I used one source already though. It’s a free topic essay so I decided to discuss the unfairness in the legal system. If possible in the next paragraph could you mention Daunte Wright because I wanted to use his case to represent the poor training in officers. Then throughout the rest of the paper, I was thinking of acknowledging the demand for changes, requirement changes to become an officer, and how more black people are joining a predominantly white legal system in an attempt of change. Thank you.
CJ 101 Westchester Community College Corruption Within the Legal System Discussion

Since a long time it has been the consensus that mobilization of resources is a sine qua non for the planned economic development of a country. Optimum resource mobilization ensures increase in output, income and employment in an economy. Thus, it has been considered as the means to attain a high and rapid economic growth. The case of India is no exception. The development plans in India have been giving highest priority to the optimal mobilization of resources. In India the role of taxation as a source of resource mobilization is very significant. In 1950-51 when the planning process was initiated, the ratio of total tax revenue to Gross Domestic Product was as low as 6.22%. Since then it has been rising steadily and it was 19.52% in the fiscal year 2008-09. For a developing country like India which started its development effort with a very low per capita income and has recorded an extremely modest rate of growth, this record in mobilising tax revenue is remarkably good by any standard. In India, tax revenue refers to the compulsory transfers to the central government for public purposes. But it excludes certain compulsory transfers such as fines, penalties, and most social security contributions. The government collects tax revenue by imposing both direct and indirect taxes. Direct taxes include income tax, estate duty, wealth tax, gift tax, land revenue, hotel receipts tax, and expenditure tax. Similarly, indirect taxes include customs duty, union excise duties, service tax, state excise duty, value added tax, taxes on vehicles, taxes on electricity and taxes on goods and passengers. In 19990s, the gross tax revenues as a ratio of Gross Domestic Product remained stagnant at around 8 to 10% level in the face of reforms of the tax structure that entailed reduction in indirect taxes and which was not fully compensated by the rise in direct taxes. But in last five years ending 2007-08, the gross tax revenue grew at an average annual rate of 22.4% which was composed of an annual average growth of 16.3% in indirect taxes and 29% in direct taxes. From 2007-08 onwards there has been increase in direct tax collections relative to indirect tax collections. In the class of direct taxes, the main contribution came from corporate income tax and within indirect taxes, while excise revenues remained less buoyant, customs revenue grew somewhat steadily, and service tax emerged as the main driver of revenue growth (See Table 1). It is very important that the proportion of gross tax revenue to total government revenue which was 70% in 2003-04 increased to 81% in 2007-08 and to 82% (approximately) in 2008-09. Table 1: Sources of Tax Revenue in India # includes taxes referred in (a)
Savannah State University European Law Against Face Covering Discussion.

In 2011, France became the first European country to impose a ban on full-face veils in public areas including schools. It is illegal to wear a face covering veil or other masks in public spaces. Penalty can go up to 30,000 Euro ( $35,000). The rationale behind this law is that face covering prevents the clear identification of a person. This poses a security risk as terrorists may use face covering to kill people. Another rationale is that forcing women to cover their faces is sexist. Those who are against this law argue that the ban encroaches on individual freedom and is against Islam. Given the fact that Europeans travel everyday across borders, should this ban be enforced in all European countries or should this law be revoked? Does France have the right to pass such a law that targets Muslims? Does the rationale of the French government make sense to you? Please answer any of the above questions
Savannah State University European Law Against Face Covering Discussion

TUTA Wk 12 The Redesign Heuristics to Propose a Set of Changes Discussion

TUTA Wk 12 The Redesign Heuristics to Propose a Set of Changes Discussion.

-Utilize the diagrams and information above to identify 2 process improvement areas for The Studio-Document any assumptions necessary-Word document with screen shots to convey understanding.Apply the redesign heuristics to propose a set of changes to this process. For each change, specify:1) Issue(s) addressed: Which issue(s) are being addressed by the proposed change?2) Description of the change: What will be introduced or dropped in the process? What will be done differently? Explain very specifically the changes that you propose to introduce, making it clear how will the process change from the perspective of: (i) the customer; (ii) the photo studio; and (iii) the stakeholders.3) Impact on performance measures: Which performance measure(s) do you hypothesize will be improved thanks to the proposed change
TUTA Wk 12 The Redesign Heuristics to Propose a Set of Changes Discussion

University of California Personal Academic Background and Goals Discussion

cheap assignment writing service University of California Personal Academic Background and Goals Discussion.

1.WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO ATTEND COLLEGE? DISCUSS YOUR CAREER AND PERSONAL GOALS. ARE THERE ANY PARTICULAR CIRCUMSTANCES, SCHOOL EXPERIENCES, OR PERSONS THAT INFLUENCED YOUR PREPARATION OR MOTIVATION TO ATTEND COLLEGE (E.G., CULTURAL/FINANCIAL BACKGROUND, FAMILY, TEACHERS, SCHOOLS YOU ATTENDED)? PLEASE EXPLAIN.2. Briefly discuss your academic background. Did you utilize any additional support at your high school, such as tutoring? Do your grades in high school and/or college reflect your academic ability or potential? 3. List any volunteer, extracurricular activities, or work experience in which you are or have been involved in the past two years.4. Is there any additional information you would like EOP to consider in determining your admission to the program?
University of California Personal Academic Background and Goals Discussion

Complete Neoron 200 Word Worksheet

Complete Neoron 200 Word Worksheet. Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Complete the Worksheet and add the following
Complete BOTH PARTS I & II of the Neuron Worksheet (see grading rubric below).
Open the worksheet and you will see a depiction of a neuron with “fill in the blanks.” Use the following terms to complete Part I of the worksheet:

Axon hillock
Myelin sheath
Node of Ranvier
Terminal button

Complete Part II: Using APA style explain the process a neuron undergoes when going from a resting potential to an action potential to the release of its neurotransmitters within 100-200 words. Be sure to include references and to include separate title page and reference page.
Complete Neoron 200 Word Worksheet

APUS How Social Status Impacts an Individual Physical Well Being Responses

APUS How Social Status Impacts an Individual Physical Well Being Responses.

Please choose at least two of the following prompts to discuss in your reply posts:Find a classmate and discuss how and why does social class affect people’s health? Please explain by including examples from the article.How does social class affect health separately from ethnicity? Please explain by including examples from the video. How does ethnicity affect health separately from social class? Please explain by including examples from the video on breast cancer. What solution does the doctor offer in the report? Do you agree? post 1:In practically every society and since the beginning of societal development, there has always been a division of people based on social and economic standing. Generally speaking, those with more money tend to do way better in life than those with less. According to Janny Scott’s Life at the Top in America Isn’t Just Better, It’s Longer, not only do those in the upper social classes tend to do better, but they tend to live longer as well. This is not anything along the lines of a causational relationship because rich people can still die of randomly tragic accidents like the rest of us, but this statement is just a general observation of the way things generally work. As mentioned throughout this class and all over the world, people who belong to the upper social classes are able to afford as well as take advantage of the better quality insurances and medical aides in comparison to those who belong to the lower social classes. Scott’s article in the New York Times compares the situations of three people from three different social classes who all endure a heart attack. These three people were an architect (higher social class), a utility worker (middle social class), and a maid (lower social class). Although they all had very similar medical horror stories (a random heart attack), we are able to see just how large of a role a person’s social class plays in their medical treatments and in turn, life. Comparing the architect to the maid, one had a choice in treatments as well as where they were treated, one had a team of people working towards their recovery, one was able to take off from work, and one was truly privileged throughout as well as after the experience. This one person was most definitely not the Polish maid.Usually, we are told and/or taught that ethnicity and race has a lot to do with health and how you are treated. While ethnicity has played a large role in health and medical treatments in the past, a large part of this role is really affected by social class. Minorities, especially black people, are more likely to belong to a lower social class than their counterparts. As mentioned previously, the people that belong to a lower social class generally do not have the access they should to treatments and aides that may even the playing field. After watching this report, I have realized that people like Nikia are important in the destruction of social class effects on health. Nikia’s research and experience led her to conclude that the lack of care access, lack of care received, and lack of the sense of being valued or heard all played a role in the generational acceptance of less than quality health care. Access to quality health can assist in eliminating the idea of ethnicity playing a role in health and amplify the fact that social class plays a larger role than we may address.Dr. Otis Brawley explains that obesity, malnourished/bad diets, and not breastfeeding are all things that may lead to breast cancer in a woman. Mamograms are used amongst both white and black women, but according to Dr. Brawley, black and poor white women are more likely to get fewer quality mamograms. These same women (lower social class) are also more likely to get fewer quality diagnostics as well as less quality treatment in comparison to their counterparts. The way this may be combatted is by doing things to keep your body healthy such as maintaining a good body weight, promoting a good diet, getting a good amount of exercise, trying to breastfeed (when applicable), and doing the best to seek the highest quality care possible. Quite frankly I believe that this is easier said than done, but I do agree that controlling the controllable is a good place to 2:How and why does social class affect people’s health? Please explain by including examples from the article.In the article it states “Class is a potent force in health and longevity in the United States. The more education and income people have, the less likely they are to have and die of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and many types of cancer”. A person’s social class has a significant impact on their physical health, their ability to receive adequate medical care and nutrition, and their life expectancy. While gender and race play significant roles in explaining healthcare inequality in the United States, socioeconomic status (SES) is the greatest social determinant of an individual’s health outcome. They are unable to use healthcare as often as people of higher status and when they do, it is often of lower quality.After watching the report below, explain how social class affects health separately from ethnicity? Please include examples from the video. There is evidence that social class affects health separately from ethnicity. Depending on social class, minorities tend to receive lower quality of care than nonminorities and that, patients of minority ethnicity experience greater morbidity and mortality from various chronic diseases than nonminorities. In the video it states, “Categorizing and diagnosing patients according to their race, is part of American medical practice”. Racial disparities persist, even for black women who are college educated. African American women are more likely to experience poverty and lack insurance which outs them at greater risk for poor maternal and infant health outcomes.The following video explains why “Breast cancer [is] now as common among black women as white.” How does ethnicity affect health separately from social class? Please explain by including examples from the video. What solution does the doctor offer in the report? Do you agree? The social classes are the most pervasive and powerful in their influence. However, ethnic subgroups (defined in terms of religion, race, or nationality background) are also effective, more so at the lower-working-class level than at the upper-middle-class level. Race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status are strongly associated with many health and health care outcomes; thus, these factors should always be considered as demographic variables in evaluating population health. Examples are mammography rates, where black women as well as poor white woman are less likely to receive high quality mammography, once diagnosed, they’re less likely to get high quality diagnosis. The solution the doctor offers is to maintain and ideal body weight, try to get good exercise, diet that’s high in fruits and vegetables. Decrease meat consumption and try to breast feed if you have a child. I agree because this will lower the rates of woman developing breast cancer tremendously.…
APUS How Social Status Impacts an Individual Physical Well Being Responses