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Electronic Medical Records Many health care facilities have a hard time keeping up with claims and payments in medical records. Some facilities hire people just to handle these tasks. If not properly monitored, it can cause problems in patients’ accounts. Health care facilities use electronic medical records to improve profitability while reducing the time it takes to submit and receive payment for claims. Many of the facilities purchase software with billing and claims. Some of the advantages of using the EMR system is that they can improve patient care.

There is less potential for medical errors as well as improved quality and safety in patient care. Another advantage is that it allows more time to spend with patients Physicians and nurses have more time to spend with patients rather than wasting entirely too much of valuable time searching for, waiting for, and correcting information EMRs create more time for the work we are trained to do. Currently, as healthcare professionals, we spend as much time performing administrative tasks as we do caring for our patients.

Some of the disadvantages are the expensive start-up costs and the costs of training that is involved. Another disadvantage is that there are many EMR systems and many facilities may use a different system other than the patient’s primary care facility, and those records may not be available to at the time of the patient’s visit. An example of a challenged faced when implementing a universal EMR system is choosing a proper systematic approach to the identity problem and training health care personnel to work with a paperless system.

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