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University of Phoenix Consequences of Being Uninsured Discussion Board

University of Phoenix Consequences of Being Uninsured Discussion Board.

Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. The United States has over 28.3 million people without health insurance. The uninsured rate dropped from 16% to 8.8% in 2018.Although most uninsured individuals are young, healthy, and elect not to have health insurance coverage, there are those needing coverage who do not meet poverty eligibility and remain uninsured. Focus your discussion on the following:Should the uninsured be insured? Be sure to provide 2–3 scholarly resources to support your discussion.
University of Phoenix Consequences of Being Uninsured Discussion Board

Gender Studies homework help. Assignment 2: LASA 2?Conflict Management ReportThe workplace can be an especially stressful environment. Personal conflicts between coworkers, fear of layoffs, and heavy workloads can be causes of negative stress. This stress can be carried to our homes and after-work activities, impacting personal health. Allowing these stressors to build and intensify will only further impair the work environment. For this assignment, you are required to review a scenario regarding a woman (Kate) who has experienced negative stress stemming from her work environment. Then, you will compare your own conflict management skills and experiences against Kate?s experiences. Follow the directions below to write an 8?10-page report on conflict management.Review the following scenario:Kate has been employed by a well-known manufacturing company for 12 years. She is the only female on her line and the fastest worker. She has been promoted several times through mergers and acquisitions, but has always been looked over for a senior management position. Kate believes she is qualified for advancement but thinks her manager has a problem with her personally. To top it off, Kate did not receive a semiannual or annual review, which would have resulted in a raise. Her coworkers (all males) have urged her to go to management and report what she believes to be discriminatory behavior from her immediate manager.Now, complete the following tasks:Discuss a situation you have been in where you felt you were passed over for a promotion, made to feel indifferent, or were discriminated against. Compare and contrast your story with Kate?s.Compare the possible ethical breaches of Kate?s manager against your own manager?s behavior. Utilize scholarly research on leadership theory as justification.Compare the possible legal breaches of Kate?s manager against your own manager?s behavior. Utilize scholarly research on leadership theory as justification.Recommend an approach Kate could have used to manage the negative risk both personally and professionally.Evaluate the advice Kate received from her coworkers.Referring to the conflict resolution strategies taught in this course, determine which one is best suited to resolve Kate?s conflict. Justify your position.In the chart below, evaluate your conflict resolution skills from the past five years. Rate yourself on a scale from 1?5, where 1 represents low performing and 5 represents high performing.Select one conflict resolution approach in which you ranked the lowest and develop an individual improvement plan for that approach.Explain how the mediation process could strengthen your conflict resolution and management skills.Discuss how the arbitration process could strengthen your conflict resolution and management skills.Implement some portion of your plan. Provide a detailed summary of the changes that occurred in your development as it relates to your ability to handle conflict.Write an 8?10-page report in Word format. Utilize at least four scholarly sources (in addition to your textbook) to complete your research, referencing them within the text and at the end in a reference list. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A2.doc.Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship through accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.By Wednesday, February 15, 2017, deliver your assignment to the M5: Assignment 2 LASA 2 Dropbox.Gender Studies homework help

EDP URHR Nutritionist Menu Prototypes Discussion

EDP URHR Nutritionist Menu Prototypes Discussion.

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Objetivo de la actividadMediante esta actividad los estudiantes aprenderán a identificar y hacer una síntesis de un artículo o de un capítulo de un libro relacionado con el tema que el estudiante ha seleccionado para el trabajo final. A través de esta actividad, desarrollarán destrezas asociadas a la capacidad de investigación.InstruccionesEsta actividad está relacionada a su trabajo final. Tendrá la oportunidad de poner en práctica sus destrezas de síntesis y resumen, elementos asociados a la capacidad de investigación. Necesitará tener a la mano el tema seleccionado anteriormente.Identifique el artículo o capítulo de un libro relacionado con el tema del trabajo final. Utilice fuentes académicamente fiables para su búsqueda. Recuerde que cuenta con las bases de datos y recursos bibliotecarios.Lea el artículo o capítulo y resuma en un documento el tema con las ideas principales del autor/a. Recuerde las normas de citación y estilo APA.EL TEMA QUE SELECCIONE PARA MI TRABAJO FINAL ES :CONSEGUIR UNA DIETA SANA Y EQUILIBRADA.Debe tener un mínimo de 500 palabras y un máximo de 550.
EDP URHR Nutritionist Menu Prototypes Discussion

Trigonometric Question

essay writing help Trigonometric Question.

In a
triangle, when given two sides and the included angle there is a formula
for finding the area of the triangle. Find the measure of the angle that
maximizes the area of the triangle.
Trigonometric Question

I need to write an essay (intro-body-conclusion format) based on an excerpt from Storm of Steel (I’ve attached it)

I need to write an essay (intro-body-conclusion format) based on an excerpt from Storm of Steel (I’ve attached it) and the prompt is as follows: Based on this excerpt, why might this book have been so attractive to Nazis? How might this text and its popularity help us understand the appeal of fascism? Would you label it fascist? Why or why not? Base your argument on the excerpt and support it with the relevant theoretical frameworks. A clear thesis must be made and the essay must include techniques used (rhetorical devices, appeal, descriiption of nature) because it has to close read the excerpt and answer all the questions above (e.g., why the Nazis might find it attractive, how the text might help understand the appeal of fascism, if the text is fascist). Support from relevant sources must be from the one’s I attached below (minor references are fine, no need long quotes). No outside sources are required.

Organizational Change: Group Dynamics Exploratory Essay

Whether driven by competitive pressures, expansion needs, technological advances, industry restructuring, workforce demographic shifts or geopolitical realignments, organizations have continued to invest heavily in planned change processes aimed at enhancing organizational performance and competitiveness. Although such change processes tend to be initiated and planned by top management, they unavoidably involve emergent features as people and groups at manifold levels of the organization make sense of the intended changes, renegotiate their content, and react to underlying issues and interests, resulting in a multiplicity of unintended ramifications (Stensaker