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University of North Carolina at Greensboro Porters Diamond Theory Discussion

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Porters Diamond Theory Discussion.

Q. Define each of the four factors in Porters Diamond Theory using examples fromoneof the following global Industries to illustrate your definition? 30 points(300 Words)Automobile Industry Dress Footwear /Leather IndustryGaming Software 2.Explain Porter’s view of the role of Governments in helping to create a competitive advantage for domestic firms. (20 points150 words2018, the US announced it would place large tariffs on Aluminum imported from China as a way of stimulating the growth of the US Aluminum Industry. Q. 3a. What, if any, impact did these tariffs have on improving the competitiveness of US Aluminum firms? Was there substantial new job creation because of these quotas? (20 points 200 words)What, if any, impact did these tariffs have on the price of Consumer Goods using aluminum (Like Canned Soda and Energy Drinks) as a component of production? (10 points 100 words)Explain why Porter would say protectionist tariffs are counterproductive for creating a competitive advantage for the Nation’s firms within any industry. (20 points 150 words)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro Porters Diamond Theory Discussion

The play Hamlet portrays Hamlet as a character who is slow to act due to his convictions. He sometimes makes rash choices, which make him to commit bad mistakes leading to his own downfall. His personality led to delay in revenge and caused more harm both to himself and to his country. Hamlet has five acts, which help to develop its plot and it is set in Denmark. The events in the play surround the highly esteemed royal family in the country. The first act starts with the events taking place in Denmark’s Elsinore Castle at night. King Hamlet’s death has forced prince Hamlet to leave school and come home to mourn for his father. His mother begged him not to return to school and he agreed saying, “I shall in all my best obey you, madam” (Shakespeare, Act 1, Scene 2, line 120). The prince is not only disturbed by his father’s death, but also his mother’s remarriage to King Claudius barely a month after his father’s death. Hamlet’s father ghost revealed to him that King Claudius killed King Hamlet and requests Hamlet to revenge, which he agrees eventually. The second act shows Hamlet leading a disturbed life and a life of isolation. This makes his mother and the king to think that he is mad. The Queen explains that Hamlet has been disturbed by the recent happenings in the palace. Hamlet decides to prove whether Claudius really killed his father and in act three, he uses the play “The Murder of Gonzago” to get the truth. Hamlet is convinced that the play will be an important tool “wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king” (Act 2, Scene 2, line 607). Hamlet is religious and his philosophical convictions prevent him from killing Claudius immediately when he finds him praying, and, instead, he confronts his mother and scolds her for her actions. The queen cries in fear and Polonius, who is hiding behind the tapestry, echoes her cry. Consequently, Hamlet stubs him thinking that he is Claudius. Hamlet blames Polonius for his intrusion and claims that “I took thee for thy better, take thy fortune” (Act 3, Scene 4, line 33) It is evident that King Claudius is living in fear of Hamlet. He decides to send Hamlet to England where he plans his murder so as to spare him all the fears he has. Laertes returns and inquires about the whereabouts of his father from the king. The king explains Polonius’s fate and they both agree that they have a common enemy. Hamlet returns from his journey to England and witnesses Ophelia’s burial. In the fifth act, both Laertes and Hamlet are determined to revenge their Father’s killing. A fencing match between Laertes and Hamlet bring to an end the entire royal family. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hamlet is the son of the deceased king Hamlet and queen Gertrude. His personality seems to develop as the play progresses. At the beginning of the play, Hamlet is an emotional character and he has a lot of thoughts disturbing him (Delano para.2). When he meets the ghost and learns of his father’s murder, his anger further boils and he sets out for revenge. Hamlet portrays contrasting characters and personality throughout the play. He does not rash in revenging and so looks for prove that Claudius is guilty of the murder. Even when he finds the truth about his father’s murder, Hamlet still wanted accurate prove. He is also philosophical and believes in religious views. This further makes him delay in fulfilling his revenge mission. However, the way Hamlet kills Polonius, without even checking to be sure who is behind the tapestry, portrays him as being emotional and quick to respond to his emotions. More about This Topic What is Hamlet’s Opinion About Theater? 5 25 What does the first soliloquy reveal about Hamlet? 5 27 What Does the Ghost Tell Hamlet? 5 58 Which Details in Hamlet Reflect Elizabethan Society? 5 230 In What Sense is Hamlet Wrong in His Plotting Against and Killing of Claudius and in What Sense He is not? 5 289 Which line would most likely be written by a reader analyzing Hamlet through the formalist lens? 5 63 Therefore, Hamlet’s mixed personality makes him emotional, rash, thoughtful, obsessed, generous, loyal, noble, philosophical, religious and humorous. He is loyal to his friends even when he knows that they are against him. Hamlet’s personality makes him delay his revenge mission and causes more harm as many people die due to his actions, including himself. Hamlet loved his father and this is why his death disturbed him very much. He was determined to revenge for his father’s death in order to get peace of mind; however, he purposed to do it with full prove of the killer’s guilt. His mother grieves him through her decision of getting married to King Claudius soon after his father’s death. According to hamlet, her mother’s action portrays her as a whore and makes him hate all women. She does not set a good moral example for her son. Claudius is Hamlet’s enemy, even though he is his uncle and king of Denmark. He killed Hamlet’s father and made his mother whore by marrying her (Mabillard, para. 11). Due to this, Hamlet got determined to fight Claudius not only for revenging his father’s death, but also for honor. Hamlet loved Ophelia but the turn of events made him to develop a negative attitude towards her. At the end, Hamlet says during Ophelia’s burial that he loved her more “than forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quality of love make up my sum” (Shakespeare, Act 5, Scene 1, line 270-272). The ghost plays a major role in this play (Egan, para. 7). It informs Hamlet of Claudius’ act of killing King Hamlet and asks Hamlet to revenge. The ghost also tells Hamlet of Claudius act of making the Queen a whore. Even if Hamlet agreed to fulfill the ghost’s request, he initially doubted its authenticity and sought for a prove first. We will write a custom Essay on A Play “Hamlet” by William Shakespear specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Shakespeare used symbolism in his play to convey various messages. The object symbol used is Yorick’s skull. He used it to bring out the fact that death is inevitable and unpredictable to all people. In Gertrude’s bedroom, Hamlet hurls abuses on her and at last, he kills Polonius. Hamlet called the queen an “unweeded garden” symbolizing her lustful behavior in marrying the King aft her husband’s death (Kern, 139). In conclusion, Shakespeare used Hamlet’s character to develop the plot of his play Hamlet. The play, whose setting is in Elsinore Denmark, portrays Hamlet as having various and sometimes conflicting characteristics. Shakespeare explored various themes, such as like politics, uncertainty, incest, revenge, fate, religion in this play. Works Cited Delano, Pamela. “Literary analysis: Hamlet, by William Shakespeare.” Helium. Helium, Inc, n.d. Web. Egan, Maurice F. “The ghost in hamlet.” TheatreHistory, n.d. Web. Kern, Diane E. CliffsTestPrep Praxis II: English Subject Area Assessments. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing,Inc., 2006. Print. Mabillard, Amanda. “Hamlet Plot Summary.” Shakespeare Shakespeare Online, 20 Aug. 2000. Web. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Logan Iowa: Perfection Learning Corporation, 2004. Print.

WRT 391 University of Maryland Global Campus Chinas One Child Policy

WRT 391 University of Maryland Global Campus Chinas One Child Policy.

For this discussion, you’ll learn about the annotated bibliography, which will be the first assignment you’ll submit.For your WA #1, you’ll gather five (5) scholarly sources on the topic that you’ve chosen and write an annotated bibliography.An annotated bibliography consists of APA-formatted citations and written paragraphs that summarize, describe, and evaluate the referenced articles.In evaluating the article, you’ll ask questions like: Does the source seem reliable? Is it current? What limitations have you noted in the study? How does the material relate to your topic? Will you find the material useful for your work?For this discussion, here’s what you need to do:Review the sample, student annotated bibliography attached in Content: Sample Student Annotated Bibliography:China’s One Child Policy Student A –(Please note that this example uses APA 6th edition.)Answer the prompts below. After reading the sample student annotated bibliography, choose one of the annotations and answer the following questions. If the annotation does not offer a clear answer to the prompt, be sure to state this in your response:(1) Identify the claim made by the author(s) of the article (1-2 sentences) (e.g., “The authors claim that China’s one-child policy…”)(2) Identify the main strength(s) in the study, according to the student (1-2 sentences). (e.g., “According to the student, the main strength is…”) (3) Identify the conclusion(s) reached by the author(s) of the article (1-2 sentences) (e.g., “The author determined that…”)(4) Are there any limitations in the study, according to the student? (1-2 sentences) (e.g., “The student states that the study was not current…”)(5) Did the student find the source useful/not useful for his/her own work? Why or why not? (~1-2 sentences) (e.g., “It’s unclear if the student found the source useful…”)(6) Post a comment or question on one or two of your classmates’ threads.
WRT 391 University of Maryland Global Campus Chinas One Child Policy

Anthropology homework help

assignment writer Anthropology homework help. This is an assignment that focuses on the origin of the ideology of nationalism in French Revolution. The paper also discuses the political discourse in the revolutions.,The origin of the ideology of nationalism in French Revolution,Assignment details- Write 6-page essay that answers one of the following questions;,1. This course has addressed the origins of the ideology of nationalism as it emerged at the time of the French Revolution, spread to other states during the age of democratic revolutions and was then embraced by colonized peoples who sought independence from colonial rule. Trace the history of nationalism and its relationship to capitalist expansion, imperialism, and independence. When has nationalism been a force for good? When has it led to oppression and conflict? What other forms of social identities have competed with nationalism? What forces associated with globalization have challenged the notion of the national self-determination of all peoples?,2. Much of the political discourse during the Enlightenment and the political revolutions that it inspired centers on the idea of equality. What types of social inequalities existed before those modern revolutions? Did the economic and political revolutions that began at the end of the early modern period lead to more or less inequality? Make sure you discuss inequality both within specific societies and between different countries. Has globalization increased or decreased social inequalities? 3. The economic changes associated with the modern world are tremendous.,This course began studying societies that were mostly self-sufficient. But commercial or, mercantile capitalism, created networks of trade across the globe and vast accumulations of wealth a‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍mong some, and then industrial capitalism transformed the productive process, creating new types of labor and new types of riches. And now the food and clothing we rely on in our daily lives is the product of a global process. What have been the benefits of this transformation? What have been some of the social and environmental costs?,The origin of the ideology of nationalism in French Revolution,Assignment details continued- The Integrative Paper is a formal essay, and requires that you to integrate into a coherent whole the variety of materials we have studied. You need to develop a thesis, select key ideas and arguments, and put them together in an essay that synthesizes the material. Just as every paper should have a main idea or thesis, so should each paragraph be united around a topic sentence. Transitional sentences that link one paragraph or one section of the paper to the next are also important components of effective essays.,The Integrative Essay does not ask you to do any outside reading. Answer the question using only the materials (textbook, documentaries, primary sources, discussion boards, etc.) that we read in class. And the more of that material you cite, the richer, more nuanced, and more complete your essay will be. The point of this essay is to demonstrate your grasp of the materials covered in this course only. Your essay should be at least 1,800 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins on all sides. Content on the title and works cited pages are not part of the required word count. The format of the essay and all citations need to follow either Chicago Manual of Style or APAAnthropology homework help

HHS 320 Ashford University Wk 3 Diversity Issues in Sexual Orientation Discussion

HHS 320 Ashford University Wk 3 Diversity Issues in Sexual Orientation Discussion.

Gender and Sexual OrientationConsider a time when you, someone you know, or someone with whom you have worked has felt discriminated against as a result of gender bias or sexual orientation. Were there other diverse issues present, such as religion or racial background that made the situation even more difficult, due to family traditions and culture or other related concerns? Describe a scenario, using appropriate citations, that demonstrates how a culturally sensitive human service worker would manage such a situation towards achieving a positive outcome in 250-300 words. Remember that discrimination and prejudice can have many looks and perspectives not just the obvious or publicized. Support your comments with two references and respond to at least two of your classmates.
HHS 320 Ashford University Wk 3 Diversity Issues in Sexual Orientation Discussion

Summary of the research paper

Summary of the research paper. I’m studying for my Computer Science class and need an explanation.

WK5 Peer-Reviewed Paper Summary – APA 6E Guide. To complete this assignment, follow the following instructions:
The Rubric:

Read the attached peer-reviewed research paper in its entirety
In your own words, using the APA 6E guide, prepare a 150 words to 250 words summary about this research paper
The paper will be prepared in MS Word format ONLY — (typically double spaced, 12-font in Times New Roman)
Write-up MUST be original student thoughts following your read and comprehension of this research work
DO NOT COPY and PASTE parts/sections of the research paper to complete this assignment
DO NOT COPY and paste your assignment on the SafeAssign platform when you submit,
ALL Assignment submissions with SafeAssign similarity score reports of 25% or more will NOT be accepted. No Exceptions.
Summary of the research paper