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University of Nairobi Insulin Regular Intermediate and Short Acting Paper

University of Nairobi Insulin Regular Intermediate and Short Acting Paper.

The pamphlet should be designed to educate a new diabetic who has been prescribed “your assigned insulin”. The pamphlet should be designed not for medical personal, but for a client. Try and limit medical jargon. The pamphlet needs to include:
An overview of the drug
Generic name/trade name/ and general effects on the person
Need to address onset, peak, and duration

Sign and symptoms of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia

Choose how to administer an insulin pen or drawing insulin from a vial – this instructions have to be detailed and specific

Answer the follow questions about the effects of nutrition and the diabetic client.

Management – what are the dietary expectations/restrictions the client needs to follow – provide examples?
What are the effects of nutrition for the diabetic patient how will managing your diet effect blood glucose?

Answer the follow questions about the effects of exercise and the diabetic client.
Management – what are the activity/exercise expectations/restrictions the client needs to follow – provide examples?
What are the effects of exercise for the diabetic patient how will exercise effect blood glucose?

Include the following:
Bold and eye catching title and headings
At least one graphic illustration
Need at least 3 Scholarly References – Scholarly sources have to be 5 years old or less

Cite within the pamphlet
Cite Reference in APA

There is a template available for the medication pamphlet. Template can be found as an attachment at the top of this page. Here is a link of ‘How to create a pamphlet in Word” – this provided detailed instructions on how to develop and create your own pamphlet.…
University of Nairobi Insulin Regular Intermediate and Short Acting Paper

strength of the correlation coefficient Discussion, statistics homework help

strength of the correlation coefficient Discussion, statistics homework help.

Pick any two variables that you feel may be related and estimate what you think the strength of the correlation coefficient would be for those two variables.  In your response, estimate the value of r.  For example, specify a strong (.7 to .9), medium (.4 to .6), or low (0 to .3) value for r.  The value of the coefficient can be positive or negative.  For example, consider an increase in police patrols in a neighborhood and the number of burglaries that occur in that neighborhood.  I would say that would be a strong inverse relationship with an r value of -0.8; as one (patrols) increases, the other (burglary rate) goes down.  Describe the factors that you think would contribute to why the variables would have the relationship that you estimate it to be.Please write this response in 100 words or more. 
strength of the correlation coefficient Discussion, statistics homework help

PSY 3738 RC Psychology of Social Media Dita Detergent Company Social Media Plan

term paper help PSY 3738 RC Psychology of Social Media Dita Detergent Company Social Media Plan.

I’m working on a psychology project and need support to help me understand better.

Assignment Content Analyze the evolution of social media standards and practices and how it relates to the potential need for regulation of social media, along with ethical concerns.Evaluate psychological theories and their insights into the widely varying opinions and attitudes that are expressed through social media.Compare and contrast new social media marketing trends with more traditional forms of advertising.Assess the development of societal standards in relation to social media and how this can alter social norms in everyday life.Integrate the positive and negative effects of social media making global communication easily accessible.Design a personal plan to use social media to benefit the student both personally and professionally as well as minimize online mistakes and their impact.Instructions Social media use is critical to a dynamic and competitive brand, whether that brand is something you sell, a group home, a non-profit organization, or your self-image. This project will get you thinking about effective ways to shape your social media tools to make the most of your brand, to keep consumers talking and thinking about your brand, and to get interaction from those you seek to sell to or to help. You will take a look at what you post to social media, possible responses or reactions you will receive, as well as use social media trends and society controls to keep your brand meeting your goals.Your final project should include a plan for the following: how you will utilize a minimum of four social media sites; what your target audience will be; your use of contacts, outreach, and advertising best practices; your posting do’s and don’ts; and explanations of your choices using the sources from the course and others you find.If you have a real business, brand, or site to work on, you can start by putting the site profiles into the four social media sites you have chosen (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Screenshots will work for these that you have really made. If you don’t really have a business or brand, you do not need to create faux profiles. However, you should write the information you would include in your profile for each one.In summary, your plan should contain:An introduction to your brand or companyYour social media goals and general goals for the brandAn analysis of the market comparables — similar businesses/nonprofits/brands, including what has been successful and what hasn’t worked for at least 3 good comparable brandsDiscussion of societal norms for those comparables. What seem to be the “rules” they follow? Is there open or tacit regulation you’ve noticed? Include how you can expand your influence globally by overcoming potential language and culture barriers.An analysis of advertising and its necessity along with the type of advertising you would do and whyAn outline of the audience you intend to reach and how to reach them. Be sure to take into account the factors that are in play when attempting to reach an audience that includes a wide range of ages (consider generational differences)A plan for how to use your contacts and add new ones when publicizing and staying connectedA plan for each of four social media sites, including profile information and posting ideasAnalysis of any of the theories you would useA conclusionYour project lengths will depend on how much depth you put into your analysis of each section, but to give you a general idea, several paragraphs for most of the bullet points is a good length, and should result in a total of around 10 pages. Be sure to use at least 2 credible sources. Requirements/grading rubric 1.Outstanding job of providing a clear introduction to your brand or company along with stating your social media and general goals. 2.Provided a solid analysis of market comparable along with the societal norms of each. Went into great detail in your analysis. 3. Analyzed the necessity of advertising and included the type of advertising you would do to reach your target audience. Your planning and analysis look extremely professional. 4. Provided a thorough and specific description of how you would make and keep important contacts through social media. Your plan could easily be implemented immediately. 5. Included a solid analysis of the theories you would use through critical thought and a conclusion that tied your project together. 6. Paper, lists, and explanations were formatted correctly. 7. Provided a correctly formatted APA formatted reference page with at least 2 credible sources to support research. 8. Demonstrated effective usage of English grammar and mechanics. 0-2 errors in English grammar and mechanics observed
PSY 3738 RC Psychology of Social Media Dita Detergent Company Social Media Plan

How has increased divorce rates changed over time and how does it affect the current generation’s development?

How has increased divorce rates changed over time and how does it affect the current generation’s development?.

PSY 230 PROJECTPROMINENT SOCIAL ISSUES AND THEIR EFFECT ON DEVELOPMENT You are to turn in a TEN PAGE, DOUBLE-SPACED(12 FONT MAXIMUM) paper (Not including the title page and reference page.) Choose ONE current social issue that is prominent in American culture and society today that you believe has had a major influence on development in children and young adults today. Examples might be: immigration, racism, sexism, increased longevity, terrorism and national security, increased divorce rates, single parent families, the economy and unemployment, gay rights, reproductive rights, social networking, technological advances, etc.,etc.You may choose your own topic,subject to your instructor’s approval. Be prepared to turn in a description of your topic and a partial list of your sources by MARCH 6. (the topic I chose was increased divorce rates.Think about how the issue you have chosen has changed over time and affects the current generation’s development in a manner different from their parents and grandparents. Then seek out at least three FORMAL, ACADEMICALLY DERIVED sources of information on this topic other than your textbook. If you use on-line resources, remember that Wikipedia does not count for a primary source, although it may lead you to primary sources. Primary sources could include scientific articles or chapters of books. Formal sources can be supplemented by (BUT NOT REPLACED BY) newspaper, magazine, or online blog articles. This is meant to be an exercise in reflective and critical thinking about the subject matter of the course. The more you demonstrate an understanding of the basis and application of the concepts of social and psychological development, the more likely you are to receive a high grade. Your paper should include an introduction in which you briefly describe the point of your paper, a discussion of your findings from outside sources (this will represent most of the body of the paper), and a conclusion section that highlights the main points and ties them together. Relevant personal experiences may be includedONLY IF they can be related to the research articles you have found. If you are able to relate your findings to one or more of the theories we are studying this semester, that will earn you additional points.Make sure you correctly cite any information taken from the text as well as from any other sources used. Use APA format, i.e. immediately after the cited material you would write: (source, date of publication, page number); e.g. if citing your textbook it might be (Santrock, 2018, p.216) For a complete tutorial on using APA format, go to and click on “Learning APA style”.At the end of the paper, include a list of references using APA format:(Examples):Book:Whitbourne, S.K. (2017). Abnormal Psychology: Clinical Perspectives on Psychological Disorders(8th edition). New York: McGraw-Hill.Book chapter:Hayslip, B. (1996). Hospice. In J.E. Birren (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Gerontology(2nd ed.) San Diego: Academic Press.Journal article:Helmuth, L. (2003). The wisdom of the wizened. Science, 299, 1300-1302.Online article:Helman, B. (2008). Inside T. Boone Pickens’ brain. Forbes. Retrieved April 7, 2013, from last date for acceptance without penalty will be MARCH 27.Counts for 20% of your final grade.You are to turn in a hard copy in class and ALSO submit a copy in Word format under the Course Materials tab in Blackboard.
How has increased divorce rates changed over time and how does it affect the current generation’s development?

Changing social and medical attitudes affect ill health

Health was defined by The World Health Organisation in 1948 as, ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Varying definitions of health can be found depending on an individual’s perspective. Medics will focus on biological cause while sociologists argue that health is a product of social and environmental factors. (Naidoo