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University of Miami Webster Hospital Operational Strategic Costs Benefits Discussion

University of Miami Webster Hospital Operational Strategic Costs Benefits Discussion.

High-quality, thoughtful, and appropriate responses to the discussion question prompts are expected. For complete, high-quality analysis, each of these written work products should approximate 6 pages using 1-inch margins, double-spacing, and a 12-point font, and APA formatting. Paper must include a cover and a reference page. You should properly cite any material sourced from research. Learning Activity 4: Addressing strategic concerns of the Webster Health System CEO in your new executive role (Middleboro Case 5)Congratulations on your promotion to Vice President of Strategic Planning for Webster Health System! You’ve worked hard to get “here”. Now you will have the opportunity to have an even bigger impact on the strategy of the organization. Way to go!!The CEO has asked you to provide a written summary by next week of your analysis of the following three issues of concern to the organization considering all the facts described in the Case Study: OHA AffiliationShould Webster Hospital remain affiliated with OHA? This analysis should consider the operational and strategic costs and benefits associated with this affiliation. Why or why not?Medical Service AnalysisAll indications suggest that, when the new highway opens between Capital City and Jasper, Webster Hospital will lose between 15 to 50 percent of its inpatient admissions and patient days and the ability to provide hospital-based services to the Jasper community. We anticipate equal or more serious losses in our outpatient visits. We are in the process of considering alternatives to compensate for this intended loss. Prepare two strategic alternatives for board consideration.Purchase of PCSWe understand through confidential sources that PCS is for sale for $750,000. Should Webster Hospital purchase PCS? Consider and report the strategic as well as market, financial, and operational implications associated with this decision. (You may use any/all of the “intelligence” you have about the Community/market in Case Study 1 and about PCS in Case Study 3.)
University of Miami Webster Hospital Operational Strategic Costs Benefits Discussion

Kean University Rebuilding Police Relations with the Community Research.

The final paper will be about 4-5 pages in length. The paper will be submitted into at the beginning of class time on the due date. All papers should be Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, APA format, with a title and reference page. Section I: Problem Area, Proposed Strategy to Fix Problem, Research Question1. Describe your proposed prevention/mitigation strategy Identify the
issue, including how serious the issue is and which individuals or locations it
most affects. Remember – this should
be connected to your literature review & original topic area/research
Give a brief
synopsis of the program to address the issue. Here you can discuss an existing
program that you know of, or invent one. Whichever you choose, give it a name
and location, and discuss your target population. Discuss the specifics of how
the program is supposed to work. 2. Research
questions and variablesProvide a
research question. It will be the same, or very similar to, the question from
your literature review.
Identify and
define your independent and dependent variables. Use the exhaustive literature
review to support why you would choose these variables. (How have these
variable been used by other authors discussed in your literature review &
lit review build? How have they been measured? Be specific.) Include citations
from your lit review articles as needed.Section II: Assessing Whether or Not Your Proposed Strategy Will Work3. Sampling DesignIdentify the
population from which you will sample, your desired sample size and the
composition of your sample, and sampling technique to be used (i.e., describe
the specific type of probability or nonprobability sample you will use, and how
you will do it). Be specific and make the case as to why your chosen sampling
method is appropriate. Tie in with what you wrote in Part I, Section A. 4. Proposed Data Collection Technique – original dataDescribe the
method you will use (i.e., survey, interviews, focus groups, content analysis,
etc.) and the data collection instrument you will use. Explain why this is a
good method to use. When discussing your instrument, tie in with what you wrote
in Part I, section B (i.e., how you will measure your variables, how other have
measured these variables). 5. Human Subject ProtectionsIdentify issues
related to the use of human subjects/respondents (i.e., possible harm) and how
you will address them (i.e., keep from harming people). Discuss things like
informed consent, the voluntary nature of research, subjects being able to
withdraw as needed, confidentiality of data provided, debriefing forms, etc.6. Measurement QualityIdentify threats
to validity inherent in your study’s measures and describe what efforts your
study will take to control for these threats. 7. Reference page for whatever in-text citations you list throughout the proposal.
Kean University Rebuilding Police Relations with the Community Research

Capella University Paul and Elder Model Discussion.

Discussion 1 Critical thinking involves the ability to be in control of one’s thinking. It includes the ability to consciously examine the elements of one’s reasoning, or that of another, and evaluate that reasoning against universal intellectual standards of clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, and logic. It also involves the structured examination of sources of information. For your initial post: Review Paul and Elder’s Critical Thinking Model media piece from this week’s What You Need to Know. You may recall that you were introduced to the Paul and Elder model in your first course at Capella. Since that time, you have used critical thinking to develop your coursework as you considered problems in the field of psychology, reviewed research, applied theories, and worked toward recommended solutions.Reflect on the eight elements of thought in the model and on the intellectual standards. Describe some specific ways you have implemented some of the elements and standards into your academic work. To give your peers and instructor a good understanding of your application, as you compose your post, name specific elements and standards. Discuss ways the elements and standards have applied to your everyday thinking and behavior as you interact with people in your personal and professional life. Discussion 2 Crowdsourcing for Your Assignment Find one scholarly article on the history of the area of applied psychology that interests you. Then, in your post, do the following: Attach the article as a PDF or include the link.You can use these resources on your assignment next week.Summarize your article in one paragraph.Describe the aspects of the article that are most useful to you.What questions do you still have about the development of this area of applied psychology?
Capella University Paul and Elder Model Discussion

Special Directions: Your task here is to standardize the arguments as discussed in the Powerpoint lecture for 1.1, so you must read the section and do the lecture activity BEFORE you do this assignment. Make sure that each premise and conclusion is a com

Special Directions: Your task here is to standardize the arguments as discussed in the Powerpoint lecture for 1.1, so you must read the section and do the lecture activity BEFORE you do this assignment. Make sure that each premise and conclusion is a com.

EXERCISE SET #1:Each of the following passages contains an argument. Break each argument down into its standard format. Pay attention to any indicator words, then omit them in your standardized argument. Also, watch for any nonworking propositions, making sure that they do not end up in your standardized argument either. Remember to type and print your answers…this is arequirement of homework assignments.Sinceyou’rebeginningyourcross-countryroadtriptomorrowmorning,you ought to have the oil changed in your car tonight.This bottle of Opus One wine must be good, because all expensive wines are good, and this bottle of Opus One wine is expensive.Mike is hardworking, intelligent, and honest, and given that he has owned two successful businesses in the past, it makes sense to conclude that Mike would be a good person to go into business with.Theskateparkmustnothavebeenvandalizedlastnight,becauseiftheskate park got vandalized, then it would be closed, and it’s not closed.I most likely got food poisoning from Acme Sushi. First, I had been feeling great until a few hours after I ate there. Second, I found out that they onlygot a “C” rating from the county health department. Last, the spicy tuna rolls did smell a little funny.Either my keys are at your place or I locked them in the car. Since we just turned your place upside down looking for them with no success, it must be the case that they are locked in the car.Michelle and Sarah both love surfing. They both love skateboarding, and they both love the snow as well. Michelle has really started to love snowboarding, hence Sarah will probably love snowboarding as well.Physician-assisted suicide ought to be legal. Terminally ill people are autonomous agents capable of deciding when they have suffered enough. Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would spare many people from prolonged battles with excruciating pain. Furthermore, it would sparerelatives the agony of having to watch a loved one suffering an undignifieddeath, not to mention the fact that it would cut social costs.9. A traditional college education can train you for a career, but it can also train you to be more focused and disciplined as well. Also, a traditionalcollege education gives you the opportunity to be exposed to people you may not have sought out on your own, and to concepts that most likely have never even occurred to you. And, considering the fact the cost of an education is going up and admissions to four-year universities are becoming more competitive, you ought to take your college education seriously.10. Mike has probably tried alcohol, seeing that 71% of 10th graders have tried alcohol and Mike is a 10th grader.11. Drugs are harmful and they are addictive and therefore ought to remain illegal. Forget these worthless junkies! Plus, it has been shown that once a drug is legal, its use is increased, and addicts are more likely to stick with treatment when compelled by the law.12. If you had been living within your budget, then you would have no problempaying the rent. But seeing that you are short again this month, it’s obvious that you haven’t been living within your budget.13. Smoking is detrimental to your health because the Surgeon General of the United States has said so.14. Handgun licensing should not be more restrictive, seeing that if there were a ban on handguns, criminals would still find ways to arm themselves, but law-abiding citizens would not.15. All of the musicians in the orchestra are highly skilled players, and some musicians in the orchestra are deaf, so some highly skilled players are deaf.
Special Directions: Your task here is to standardize the arguments as discussed in the Powerpoint lecture for 1.1, so you must read the section and do the lecture activity BEFORE you do this assignment. Make sure that each premise and conclusion is a com

Assessing Strengths And Weaknesses Of Vietnamese Spas Tourism Essay

online homework help Vinpearl Resort and Spa with 485 rooms with beautiful architecture, the resort can satisfy the objects visitors by bringing them the comfort, privacy and convenience and perfect service. Natural beaches best 700m long Nha Trang, fine sand, blue sea make visitors just want to enjoy the waves in the region. System of modern outdoor swimming pool with an area of over 5700 m2 largest Southeast Asia, are arranged between coconut garden, lawn, garden trees. Services of health care, beauty and spa in entertainment programs, sports travel combined for many ages. Restaurants diversity here to satisfy all your culinary needs of your specific style to the style of Vietnam Asia, Europe. Guests will also meet health and fun shopping at Vinpearl Street shopping, recreation park, water park Vinpearl, Music Theater of packs or explore the beautiful ocean Water supply Vinpearl splendid. To meet the demand for MICE tourism as well as organizing events, Vinpearl Land also has a full conference room system, the center of Event 1500-seat theater and outdoor undercover seating 5000. After we analysis of Vinpearland we summary strength and weakness : Yasaka Saigon Resort Hotel

Socrates argument in Crito and Apology, consistent or contradicting?

Socrates argument in Crito and Apology, consistent or contradicting?. Help me study for my Philosophy class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

” In the Apology , Socrates seems to insist that even if ordered to by the court he would not give up the practice of Philosophy. Moreover, he points to cases where he disobeyed orders of Athenian rulers. In the Crito, on the other hand, he argues that to escape from prison would be to wrong the Laws of Athens and so would be itself wrong. Outline what you take Socrates to be committed to in each case and discuss the relations between them. Are these two stances consistent with one another?”
2350 words minimum.Cite Apology and Crito.
Use following outline: Para 1- intro, para 2- outline argument in apology, explain commitment, para 3- outline argument on Crito, explain commitment, para 4- discuss relation between them, para 5- are they consistent with each other, para 6- why/why not.
Add any extra paragraphs you may deem necessary, I just need those 6 for sure in the essay.
Socrates argument in Crito and Apology, consistent or contradicting?

Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice. Paper details   Requirements: Post a written response in the discussion forum to EACH threaded discussion topic: As discussed in the lesson and assigned reading for this week, EHRs provide both benefits and drawbacks. Create a “Pros” versus “Cons” table and include at least 3 items for each list. Next to each item, provide a brief rationale as to why you selected to include it on the respective list. Refer to the Stage 3 objectives for Meaningful Use located in this week’s lesson under the heading Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act. Select two objectives to research further. In your own words, provide a brief discussion as to how the objective may impact your role as an APN in clinical practice. Adhere to the following guidelines regarding quality for the threaded discussions in Canvas: Application of Course Knowledge: Demonstrate the ability to analyze, synthesize, and/or apply principles and concepts learned in the course lesson and outside readings. Scholarliness and Scholarly Sources: Demonstrates achievement of scholarly inquiry for professional and academic decisions using valid, relevant, and reliable outside scholarly source to contribute to the discussion thread. Writing Mechanics: Grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation are accurate. In-text and reference citations should be formatted using correct APA guidelines. Direct Quotes: Good writing calls for the limited use of direct quotes. Direct quotes in discussions are to be limited to one short quotation (not to exceed 15 words). The quote must add substantively to the discussion. Points will be deducted under the grammar, syntax, APA category. For each threaded discussion per week, the student will select no less than TWO scholarly sources to support the initial discussion post. Scholarly Sources: Only scholarly sources are acceptable for citation and reference in this course. These include peer-reviewed publications, government reports, or sources written by a professional or scholar in the field. The textbooks and lessons are NOT considered to be outside scholarly sources. For the threaded discussions and reflection posts, reputable internet sources such as websites by government agencies (URL ends in .gov) and respected organizations (often ends in .org) can be counted as scholarly sources. The best outside scholarly source to use is a peer-reviewed nursing journal. You are encouraged to use the Chamberlain library and search one of the available databases for a peer-reviewed journal article. The following sources should not be used: Wikipedia, Wikis, or blogs. These websites are not considered scholarly as anyone can add to these. Please be aware that .com websites can vary in scholarship and quality. For example, the American Heart Association is a .com site with scholarship and quality. It is the responsibility of the student to determine the scholarship and quality of any .com site. Ask your instructor before using any site if you are unsure. Points will be deducted from the rubric if the site does not demonstrate scholarship or quality. Current outside scholarly sources must be published with the last 5 years. Instructor permission must be obtained BEFORE the assignment is due if using a source that is older than 5 years.Writer’s Choice