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University of Memphis Samson v Federal Express Case Study

University of Memphis Samson v Federal Express Case Study.

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CHAPTER 9Samson v. Federal Express, 746 F.3d 1196 (11th Cir. 2014)Samson applied for a job with Fed Ex as a Vehicle Technician. He was an experienced vehicle mechanic, and also a Type-1 insulin-dependent diabetic. Since FedEx is a motor carrier, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (“safety regulations”) apply. Samson was offered the job conditional upon his passing a physical exam, as required by the safety regulations, but because of his diabetes, he failed the medical exam. The job offer was withdrawn, and Samson sued. 1. What was the legal issue in this case? What did the appeals court decide?2. How do courts determine whether particular tasks are “essential functions” of jobs? What was the evidence that test-driving was an essential function of the Vehicle Technician job? Why does the court nonetheless conclude that a reasonable jury could find that test-0driving was not an essential function of this job?3. Why do the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations requiring medical certification of drivers not resolve the case in favor of Federal Express? 4. What argument does the dissenting judge make? Is it persuasive? Why or why not? CHAPTER 11Kellar v. Summit Seating664 F.3d 169 (7th Cir. 2011)Plaintiff Susan Kellar worked as a sewing manager for Summit Seating, a small manufacturer of seating for buses, trucks and vans. Although she worked on an hourly basis, she supervised seven or eight other employees. After Kellar resigned, she sued Summit under the FLSA and also Indiana’s wage payment law, seeking back pay. While she worked for Summit, her shift began at 5 am. She alleged that she regularly arrived at the factory between 15 and 45 minutes before the start of her shift and spent most of that time working without pay. She said that she did so in order to get her subordinates up and running close to the start of their 5 am shift. Kellar admitted that no one told her to arrive early, but claimed that she had done so for the benefit of her employer. Kellar’s sister, Mamie Spice, disagreed, testifying that her sister did not work during the pre-shift period, but chatted and drank coffee with her until their shifts began. 1. What was the legal issue in this case? What did the appeals court decide?2. What uncompensated work did the plaintiff claim she performed? What should the district court have done with the statement of another employee – the sister of the plaintiff, no less – that the plaintiff did not engage in work prior to her official start time? 3. Why does the appeals court find that the work in question was nonpreliminary? More than de minimis? 4. Why does the appeals court find for the employer even though it failed to pay the plaintiff for compensable time? 5. Do you agree with the decision in this case? Why or why not? What if she had told the owners that she was doing this extra work, they told her not to do so, but she continued coming in early because it was the only to get started on time? Would the outcome of the case be different? Why or why not? APA format:REQUIRED TEXTBOOKEmployment Law for Human Resource Practice6th EditionDavid J. WalshISBN-13: 9781337555326Cangage Publisher
University of Memphis Samson v Federal Express Case Study

ERM University of the Cumberlands Effectiveness of ISO 27001 Essay.

PAPER: The required article readings this week give a good discussion and look at some of the frameworks that are used to manage risk within organizations and enterprises. One of the readings this week provided an introduction and comparison of different frameworks. As with anything, there are going to be strengths and weaknesses to all approaches.For your week 6 research paper, please address the following in a properly formatted research paper:Do you think that ISO 27001 standard would work well in the organization that you currently or previously have worked for? If you are currently using ISO 27001 as an ISMS framework, analyze its effectiveness as you perceive in the organization.Are there other frameworks mentioned has been discussed in the article that might be more effective?Has any other research you uncover suggest there are better frameworks to use for addressing risks?Your paper should meet the following requirements:Be approximately four to six pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.Follow APA 7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.
ERM University of the Cumberlands Effectiveness of ISO 27001 Essay

Politics Paper Assignment.

Each Question minimum 750 words 4- Suppose you are hired by a think tank as a foreign policy analyst. For your first assignment, your boss asks you to write a short brief discussing the rise of China in the Eurasian continent. Write this brief and make sure that the following issues are discussed in your brief: 1) how Chinese statemen envision the future of Eurasia from a geopolitical and geoeconomic standpoint; 2) How Russian-Chinese relations shape their regional approach to politics and security; 3) what issues and challenges will be China’s long-term security concerns; 4) what options Chinese statemen have in dealing with these security issues.5- In traditional International Relations debates, “idealism” or liberal ideas are usually introduced as the counterpoint to IR “realism”. These perspectives often seek to identify conditions to create more peaceful international arrangements and society. Discuss some of the ideas/concepts/paradigms (at least 2-3) that are presented by these “idealist”/”liberal” perspectives. Explain how they formulate the causes of conflicts/problems in contemporary international society and how they seek to solve them. As always, using examples to demonstrate your knowledge is highly recommended.
Politics Paper Assignment

SMC Freedom of Speech Discussion.

I need this done by tonight eta I have 10 hours to turn inAround 20 slides !!!!and please in a conservative American view And please have it done on google slides or power pointPlease accept this if you know you can finish by tonight and can follow the instructions. I had someone else do it from here and they did a bad job. My topic for the assignment I was assigned to is Freedom of Speech: Pure Speech in public My professors instructions below Unit 5 of American Government focuses on our individual freedoms. Your assignment will require you to look beyond the textbook and find details about a particular liberty and share how it has been interpreted and applied over the years. You also will include details on how this freedom is debated and applied today. You will share your new knowledge using a PowerPoint style presentation (google slides).Your assignment will be divided into three parts. Part 1: Teach the Freedom is worth 100 points. Parts 2 & 3: The Freedom Beyond the Textbook and Connect to Modern Issues are each worth 50 points. You should expect to spend an equal amount of time preparing for Part 1 and then for Parts 2 & 3. Please pay close attention as we review the guidelines for this assignment.Part One: Teach the SectionYou will be assigned 1 civil liberty from the texbook (or within the Bill of Rights) on which to do your presentation. For example, Freedom of Religion: Establishment Clause. Your goal is to teach this freedom utilizing a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation incorporating photographs, maps, graphs, documents, and other visual aids that you discover. Expect to spend 8-10 slides on this information. You will need to decide what to include and also what not to include for example: What does the constitution say about this freedom? How has this freedom evolved over our history? Explain major S.C. cases that shape this liberty. (100 points)**Additionally, you must include 1 political cartoon about your assigned freedom. Be sure to fully explain the cartoon’s meaning including symbolism, satire, or other techniques used by the artist. This can be in any section of the presentation.Part Two: Tell the Story Beyond the TextbookGo Beyond the Textbook to deepen our understanding of your assigned freedom in a unique and interesting manner. Include information the text does not. Research further, find something of the history or in court cases that add more detail or a story/stories relating to the freedom that you find worthwhile.Example: We all know Brown v BOE ended discrimination in schools, but “Who was Brown”? Did you know there were many other plaintiffs in the case, but Brown was alphabetically first on the list? Thurgood Marshall who argued this case for the NAACP became the first African American on the Supreme Court. Again, the use of photos, documents, political cartoons, and other visual materials will make the presentation more interesting. You should expect to spend 4-6 slides for Part II (50 points)Part Three: Connect to Something ModernIn order to complete your assignment, you will need to find a modern issue(s) or topic(s) that in some manner relates to your freedom. Ideas could include, “Since the Brown v. BOE decision, what is the current state of race and discrimination in education?” or “How is the Covid 19 quarantine impacting various socio-economic groups differently in terms of access to education?” Again, the use of photos, documents, political cartoons, and other visual materials are essential. Expect to spend 4-6 slides on this section.
SMC Freedom of Speech Discussion

Animal Testing

Animal Testing.

Assignment 2: Discussion—Animal TestingAnimals have long been used to study learning and behavior. However, over the past couple of decades, the use of animals in research has become quite controversial leading to a debate on whether we should continue to conduct research with animals as test subjects or simply stop research into the different areas where there is no viable alternative.As part of your research for this discussion, conduct an Internet search to see what you can discover about animals in research. Use the following phrase for your Internet search:“Ethical guidelines for using animals in research”By placing quotation marks around the phrase you are searching for, your search engine will be more effective in locating relevant results.Based on your readings in Module 1, address the following questions:Identify a few of the advantages and disadvantages in employing animals in this area of research.Highlight the ethical issues that have been a cause for concern when dealing with the use of animals for research purposes. Describe what a behavioral psychologist must do in order to ensure proper ethical and physical care of their research animals.Suggest a few alternatives to using animals in research. Write your initial response in 3–4 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.
Animal Testing

You are a healthcare consultant/administrator advising the client/employer in each scenario. Read both scenarios and then answer each of the questions as if you were advising your client/employer in writing.

professional essay writers You are a healthcare consultant/administrator advising the client/employer in each scenario. Read both scenarios and then answer each of the questions as if you were advising your client/employer in writing..

Individual Assignment: There are two case scenarios below.You are a healthcare consultant/administrator advising the client/employer in each scenario. Read both scenarios and then answer each of the questions as if you were advising your client/employer in writing. Make sure to explain your answers.Use the course reading to answer the questions.You may also add additional research. This is an individual assignment. You may not discuss your answers with your classmates. The report should be at least 2 full pages double spaced, 1 inch margins. DO NOT REPEAT THE SCENARIO IN YOUR ANSWER. Scenario #1: Your client/employer ABC hospital enters into an agreement with Novarmints pharma company to participate in a drug study. To conduct the study at the hospital, ABC asks physician Dr. No to serve as the principal investigator to conduct the pharma study for ABC.Dr. No is not a hospital employee but is on staff at the hospital. As part of the contract negotiations his contract negotiations with the hospital, Dr. No asks the hospital to pass along to him 50% of the contract fees that Novarmints has promised to ABC for conducting the study. Would Dr. No’s proposed split be lawful under the Stark law? Explain your answer. If not, explain the potential consequences of a violation. Scenario #2: Dr. No is invited by Novarmints to take part in a study involving a recently FDA-approved drug that it is in the process of marketing to the public. Dr. No would be required to prescribe the drug for his patients and then complete a brief questionnaire about each patient’s experience with the drug. The questionnaire for each patient is expected to take about 20 minutes to complete.Novarmints will pay Dr. No $3,000 for each completed questionnaire. Dr. No sees this as “easy money” and a great way to increase practice revenues. Would this arrangement be lawful under the Anti-kickback statute? Explain your answer. If not, explain the potential consequences of a violation. Hint: Is this a real drug study?
You are a healthcare consultant/administrator advising the client/employer in each scenario. Read both scenarios and then answer each of the questions as if you were advising your client/employer in writing.

Is Rap Poetry? Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Rap Is Poetry Rap Is Not Poetry Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Poetry can be defined as a unique Art that is created and designed using sounds. Poetry as an Art uses sounds to create an expression of what is intended (Ntozake 1). Poetry has unique features that make it stand out as a form of Art. For example poems are popular for their application of rhyme, stress and meter (Ron 150). These features play a big role in enhancing sound patterns. The expression is thus brought out clearly when the poem is recited aloud (Randall 60). The question that arises is therefore whether the rap music is poetry. Rap Is Poetry Just like poetry, rap music uses sound to drive the intended message home. Rap artists play with their words to produce sounds that carry the intended message (Alan56). It is therefore evident that rap uses the same process as poetry to achieve its ultimate goal. Stanzas and verses are other features that make rap to be classified as poetry. Rap music produces its sounds in beats in a line. These lines create a verse (Jace 2). This is the same case as in poetry. The physical appearances of both genres do not bring out any difference and this leads to conclusion that rap is poetry. Poetry is associated with lyrics as in ‘lyric poetry’ of American poets (Timpane and Watts 20). Rap just like this poetry derive song lyrics from a renowned instrument called lyre that was used by poets of ancient times (Nelson 130). Rap as music has lyrics. This usually creates rhyme. Rap is poetry as it is composed from happenings of day to day activities (McIver 219).This resembles poetry which depicts the literature and culture of people at a given period (Jimmy 478). Poetry is a language used to express a certain idea, this is similar to rap. It tells a lot about the age and culture of the people using the message it delivers (Bertice 12). Rap Is Not Poetry From linguistic point of view rap music is not poetry. This is because even though it looks like poetry, it takes the ill formed nature of poetry. That is, rappers usually manipulate their wordings to form a metrical pattern (Mel 43). In addition, if you take the other way round and read a poem containing blank verse will result to blank verse poetry and not a rap (Alonzo 602). In order to create rhyme, the rap music keeps on repeating the same phrase (Perkins 1).This is especially in the mediocre rap music. Even in the so called good rap music the complex lyrics provides a single rhyme pattern which in most cases is intended to create emphasis (Language Arts Higher Standards 6). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Linguists also argue that rap does not use Standard language in terms of wording and sentence structure (Toni 3). For example they argue that Fifty Cent a rap artist pronounces ‘fifty’ as ‘fitty’. According to them ‘f’ cannot be substituted with a‘t’. Conclusion Rap music is poetry. This is because even the points argued against it such as the non- standard use of language in rap music do not hold water. Traditional poetry employed poetic devices which is non standard form of language. In summary, rap music is poetry and the opposition given lack viable support. Works Cited Ash, Mel. Beat Spirit: The Way of the Beat Writers as a Living Experience. Penguin, 1997. Berry, Bertice. The Haunting of Hip Hop. Broadway Books, 2002. Blackman, Toni. “The Influence of Rap on Spoken Word.” 2001. Web. Clayton, Jace. “Hip-Hop’s Radical Roots.” 1999. Retrieved from George, Nelson. Hip Hop America. Penguin, 1998. We will write a custom Essay on Is Rap Poetry? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More James, Jimmy. “The History of Rap.” 2005. Web. McIver, Denise L. Droppin’ Science: Straight-up Talk from Hip Hop’s Greatest Voices. Crown, 2002.Language Arts Higher Standards. New Haven Public Schools, 2002. Light, Alan, ed. The Vibe History of Hip Hop. Three Rivers Press, 1999. Padgett, Ron. Handbook of Poetic Forms. Teachers and Writers Collaborative, 1987. Perkins, William Eric, ed. Droppin’ Science: Critical Essays on Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture. Temple University Press, 1995. Randall, Dudley, ed. The Black Poets. Bantam, 1971. Shange, Ntozake. Nappy Edges. St. Martin’s, 1978. 50-51. John Timpane and Maureen Watts. Poetry for Dummies. Hungry Minds, 2001. Not sure if you can write a paper on Is Rap Poetry? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Westbrook, Alonzo T. Hip Hoptionary: The Dictionary of Hip Hop Terminology.Broadway Books, 2002.

Dangers and Opportunitiees of Online Dating

Dangers and Opportunitiees of Online Dating. “Online Dating: Dangers or Opportunities” Today, especially in the United States, people believe that online dating is one of the quick and convenient ways to find real love or just overnight love. There are many media warnings about “Catfish” or phishing attacks via websites Online dating. However, people don’t seem to care about the potential dangers behind this way. According to a study partially supported by the 2013 Roosevelt University summer grant, it has been shown that 61% of romantic Internet users are not bound to agree that online dating is good to find a mate. Among online dating users, 79% reported that it was an excellent way to meet people. Furthermore, only 30% of internet users believe that people who use the internet for dating are struggling – this means that those users have no choice for love, and the only way they have is Search online. With about one hundred million single adults in the United States, the online matchmaking industry is booming, with $ 2 billion in revenue calculated for 2016. Also, besides clarifying the dangers, there are still some opportunities and improvements that need to consider the online dating system. In the article “How has dating changed in recent years?” Vasilenko states that “One of the biggest differences between young people today compared to earlier generations, is that they are getting married at later ages.” (2012). In other words, she believes marriage age is rising to alarming levels in the United States, and the average age at first marriage has never been higher for both sexes. The internet developed in the age of information technology has broken the barriers of distance and connectivity, giving people more choices in relationships, and of course, it is difficult for both men and women to make a decision. So, dating, in a way, influences the decision to get married. In this essay, a lot of people feel that online dating is not safe because it’s completely different from traditional dating – the way people can meet face to face, talk face to face, eye contact. However, by online dating, people can choose criteria, find like-minded people, and communicate online before feeling fit to meet. Writing in the Atlantic article, the problem is not just online dating, and it’s an extreme problem from the general online market: They lack adequate friction, and paradoxically, this is not is a good thing (LudlowDangers and Opportunitiees of Online Dating